Potential of application of printer of 3D of level of industry of increase sharply of demand of market of the 3D equipment that print is tremendous

3D is printed as have one of representative forward position technologies, its are paid close attention to in the applied state of many domains all the time by the height of world each country. In last few years, of alive bound each country drive jointly below, 3D prints speed of research and development of forward position technology to be accelerated ceaselessly, these technologies are in the applied rate of each industry is increasingly thorough also. Current, the applied setting that 3D prints has been extended from rehabilitate of handicraft design, cultural relic make to industry, the domain such as biology medical treatment, the development that is relevant domain offerred powerful technology to prop up.

Current, below the big setting that strengthens 3D to print strength of technical research and development in succession in world each country, our country also clutchs to expand opportunity inaccessibly, the development that prints an industry to 3D from the many levels such as policy, capital gives support energetically. In policy benefit is driven well below, the technology of our country 3D that print and industrial development are swift and violent, the own research and development that studies crucial fixture from fundamental theory arrives again those who use a field is ceaseless extend, obtained multinomial positive result.

3D is printed

Growth of demand of 3D printer market is swift and violent

In recent years, development of the estate of our country 3D that print is rapid, the speed of research and development of technology of the 3D forward position that print is accelerated ceaselessly, innovation application mode in succession emerge in large numbers. According to statistic, only 2017, our country 3D prints industrial dimensions to had exceeded 1.4 billion dollar, year all add fast it is about 25% . Arrive from 2015 2017, our country 3D printed industrial dimensions whole to come true to reverse times growth, year all add fast more than 30% .

This year first half of the year, in policy guiding and industry public figure drive jointly below, our country 3D prints continuance overall to good development posture. The domain such as medical treatment, building, aerospace is ceaseless to the market demand of 3D printer grow in quantity, outer view design, inside the 3D printer with the respect outstanding performance such as buy function more became wide suffer recall the star product that hold in both hands.

From on the whole, the 3D that goes out to go up in market now in last few years prints equipment main component to be printer of desktop class 3D and printer of industrial level 3D two kinds. Current, 3D prints an industry to still be given priority to with printer of desktop class 3D, its market share occupies the 70% above of overall market. So, whether do this mean printer of desktop class 3D ” of “ unify all corners of the country, and can printer of industrial level 3D be on brim position only?

Potential of application of printer of industrial level 3D is tremendous

Occupy the personage inside course of study to analyse, although what at present printer of desktop class 3D holds market share is larger, but this one state is in the change will produce inside period of time henceforth. Because 3D prints metallic stuff to develop ceaselessly, and give priority to with laser metal agglomeration should shape the ceaseless maturity that printer of industrial level 3D makes a technology, the printer of industrial level 3D with excellent performance will obtain rapidder development in the domain such as industry, building.

Actually, on one hand, printer of industrial level 3D because its are professional stronger, price is higher, will tell to the individual and not applicable; Come to a few medium and small businesses, buy printer of industrial level 3D to need to spend larger amount, the market sale of printer of 3D of level of this pair of industry and applied promotion created certain obstacle.

On the other hand, although sale of 3 printer market is inferior to industrial level printer of desktop class 3D is so much, but its sales revenue is very rich and generous, the industrial level 3D with all ready, outstanding performance prints a function to be about at every turn tens of 10 thousand, go up even 1 million. Accordingly, printer of industrial level 3D propped up the sales revenue of whole industry, printer of 3D of prospective industry level will become whole industry to realize the main force that income increases.

Printer of industrial level 3D will develop infuse more energy for the industry

As we have learned, domestic and international famous 3D prints equipment manufacturer to include couplet peaceful, EOS, Hua Shu, platinic power special, 3D Systems, GE, Stratasys, HP. Those who be in these enterprises is collective drive below, the printer of industrial level 3D of a variety of types is come out by development, expedite application at many domains.

In fact, in promotion application process, the advantage that printer of industrial level 3D has and insufficient place also are exposed gradually come out, the insufficient part that this also is making 3D print equipment manufacturer to progress to improve a product, drive printer of industrial level 3D to wait for a respect to realize new promotion in the precision that print, speed truly.

Predict according to researcher, inside the period of time henceforth, the application of printer of industrial level 3D in the domain such as industrial machinery, aerospace and car will be more fervent, the industry such as line of business of equipment of national defence war industry, medical treatment, education, manufacturing industry the demand to printer of industrial level 3D will be further grow in quantity, its also will get be releasinged adequately in the applied value of these domains, give infuse of relevant estate development more energy.

Future, in industry the support of the big setting of 4 and each country government falls, the global 3D industry that print will still be in high speed to grow period, have innovation sex and practical new fund 3D to print equipment to will be accelerated come out, the sort of desktop class and printer of industrial level 3D will be more rich. Have the aid of these high-powered printer, people will make the high grade product that him more needs.




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