Ou Silang and company of network of UniCom content couplet sign strategic cooperation agreement

On December 20, 2018, during congress of illume of net of couplet of Shanghai ——2018 content, global illume and Ou Silang of leader of science and technology and Chinese UniCom are wholy-owned net of couplet of subsidiary UniCom content is finite liability company (”) of company of network of couplet of content of abbreviation “ UniCom signs strategic cooperation agreement, both sides will be accumulated by right of respective industry and technical advantage, around raise floor space digitlization, intelligence to change further spread out thorough collaboration, the abidance that pushs industry of content couplet network jointly develops. Before this, the illume of intelligent floor space that Ou Silang already was in center of data of net of couplet of content of Chinese Nanjing UniCom to install a banner to fall controls systematic ENCELIUM® , the project obtained favorable positive result and for this strategy collaboration laid solid foundation.

Ou Silang and company of network of UniCom content couplet sign strategic cooperation agreement

Ou Silang China Mr CFO Wagidinata Halim (left) why is vise general manager not a gentleman with net of UniCom content couplet (right)

Picture origin: Federation of illume of Shanghai Pudong intelligence

Official of presiding finance affairs of Ou Silang China holds area of Asia-Pacific of digital facilities ministry concurrently presiding and financial officer Mr Wagidinata Halim makes an appointment with ceremonially to express in the autograph: “ Ou Silang can offer high quality illume product not only, still can be intelligent office building at the same time eaves offers the integral solution that includes illume control to run a system inside. Future, ou Silang will pass the collaboration with net of couplet of Chinese UniCom content, the digitlization that promotes illume and control management system further changes, build IoT content couplet actively ecosystem. Through big data analysis and floor space dominate the linkage between the system, the means that uses artificial intelligence will satisfy people to be opposite better the dynamic demand of working environment. ”

He Fei of vise general manager of finite liability company indicates net of UniCom content couplet: The ode that “ China UniCom devotes oneself to to make period of interconnection of everythings on earth can person, net of UniCom content couplet will offer high grade platform ability to reach in bilateral collaboration specialization network deploy. We expect move and Europe Si Langjiang are strong together, the market operation new capacity that extends pattern of trade of floor space illume jointly, make the lead product of intelligent monitoring terminal and application, advance an industry to accelerate content couplet net to change upgrade to change transition with the service. ”

Illume serves as the indispensable main essential factor in the building, can utmost contacts all to offer data to collect node for IoT intelligence other people, become the postulate that big data analyses. Ou Silang is having the professional lighting company of more than 110 years of histories as, the illume experience with its rich itself and concept of advanced illume control management also are with China UniCom reachs a when content couplet strategy cooperates main factor.

This year on October 18, on the forum of Chinese indoor illume that Ou Silang holds in Tianjin released formally brand-new ENCELIUM® of system of control of illume of space of generation intelligence floor, center of data of net of couplet of Nanjing UniCom content is this brand-new the first native land item that the system takes after China asks city. This project application reachs 4 floors at the 3 buildings of data center about 5, 000 those who make the same score rice is open model office area, realized advanced automatic illume control for 7 area, include agile software the light of a lamp among them in group, lamplight of human body induction is controlled, and the gradient of dynamic circumstance implementation with outdoors and solar basis of lamps and lanterns relying on a window moves light, built more easy office luminous environment at the same time more energy-saving. ENCELIUM® system still offerred data to collect with feedback function, systematic database withheld state notes of the history, can make etc of energy-saving forms for reporting statistics relevant report, brought huge to go to the lavatory to the illume of the building manages and be safeguarded. Adopt the pilot fall to the ground of this project, company of network of UniCom content couplet experienced ENCELIUM® actually to use the exceedingly good show in setting in office, invite Ou Silang formally to join zoology of couplet of UniCom intelligence other people to encircle medium illume and control domain.

Regard “ of net of couplet of Chinese UniCom content as platform + the one annulus in ” zoology strategy, ou Silang and company of network of UniCom content couplet reach technology of basis illume industry traditional business pattern, the trade of content couplet net that studies exploration is given priority to with the service jointly and market extend new pattern, make content couplet net + platform and technical standard apply related cloud computation, build modes of life and relation to their environment of wisdom floor space to encircle, promote both sides the position in the industry and value. In the meantime, ou Silang also will carry zoology of couplet of UniCom intelligence other people to encircle, making solution of more intelligence Lou Yu jointly with company of network of UniCom content couplet while, collect a client to feedback and upgrade actively ENCELIUM® soft hardware, add in order to match China ceaselessly fast demand of couplet of intelligent other people.

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