On new-style tiny chip but assemble tube of 100 thousand miniature

Measure in only member in, tiny chip is indispensable. Researcher of director of institute of Japanese manage chemistry crosses edge force to also develop a kind of new-style tiny chip, only 24×32 millimeter square, assemble 100 thousand diameters are 4 micron, deep the miniature tube of 500 accept rice. Of test tube change imperceptibly conduce to the sensitivity that heightens active to measure.

Tiny chip


The protein of an element and matrix produce reaction, acquisition result is very little. Test tube cubage compares little word, the chroma change of reaction child is bigger. Use the fluorescent reagent that answers chroma change, the metabolic Gao Lingmin that can pass relative intensity of fluorescence spends ground ration to measure biology to react.

Tiny henceforth chip is practical change, can efficient analysis is individual protein element. Besides use at probing life mystery, the inchoate discovery that returns hopeful to be used at new drug development, disease.


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