Net of brim content couplet: How will artificial intelligence change framework of content couplet net

Futurology home is fatidical, artificial intelligence (AI) and content couplet net (IoT) will overturn to change human society existing commercial pattern, deeply, its consequence can exceed the total of Industrial Revolution and digital revolution even. Now, we are already preliminary the embryonic form that saw artificial intelligence and world of content couplet network. However, although future develops foreground to be being shown slowly before us, how be carried out effectively and the content couplet net of drive of AI of refer of very rare however person realizes gain. What we want to discuss among them a crucial element (if it is not exclusive the word) of a crucial factor, it is artificial intelligence answer after all how does park where and it affect framework of content couplet net.

A lot of enterprises believe, artificial intelligence suits to place most in high in the clouds, because they are in industry data migratory on the cloud calculates IT ability is handed in bear the weight of by cloud server. But content couplet net should produce its effect, ask all sorts of brim sensor must come true with gateway but the link that each other operates and to high in the clouds two-way transmit, and this will create delay time problem.

Want to change an industry truly to pay equal attention to model future world, a lot of artificial intelligence and the applied process that the machine learns must realize real time to answer. Citing will tell, although the assistant of Alexa intelligence speech of Echo series sound box is in Yamaxun,appreciably defer appears when answering weather question, we are likely not quite care about, but if travel is in on the road drive automatically car or the industrial machinery in the factory appears answer defer, that can be additional one and the same.

Net of brim content couplet: How will artificial intelligence change framework of content couplet net

Processes of a lot of artificial intelligence application need to exceed strong operation capability to process algorithm and equipment data. When real time is answered and small delay time becomes crucial factor, rely on margin calculation framework with respect to need. But the circumstance is not always is such. Artificial intelligence still can be in center of high in the clouds, data, brim perhaps moves on equipment of content couplet network, perhaps be in above moves on the foundation of a few combination. Want to establish highest effect and the framework of content couplet net that can run continuously, you need understanding to use which sort in where model computational ability. Such, the dimensions economy that you can balance cloud computation place to bring and the relation between the function requirement that the brim introduces artificial intelligence to handle ability. Have person for ”(fluid Computing) of “ flow calculation, put in the computational intelligence of disparate arrangement of ideas and processing in whole network framework, but should realize the IT computation ability from inside high in the clouds to operation technology (change of calculative of OT) , brim, its connotation should be abounded more.

The safety of framework of content couplet net is ensured

Of course, safety is another crucial question. Because add,be close hard with other and safe preventive measure on terminal unit implementation, content couplet net left a lot of hole to the person of have ulterior motives. The framework of safe gateway is used between equipment of content couplet network and cloud, can realizing low defer while, reduce safe risk. Arrive from equipment the data of high in the clouds must dependable. If whole framework does not have enough security, so the content couplet net of enterprise and its place deploy and artificial intelligence system are atttacked easily. Below this kind of circumstance, be based on the likelihood is embezzled or number of defectives is met according to making the possibility with decision-making artificial intelligence increase.

Also be element of a consideration redundantly. The enterprise needs to decide whether its were designed in the framework enough redundant, so that appearing when certain breakdown (this kind of circumstance will avoid) hard, the network can restore quickly.

Networks of all brim content couplet that these mean artificial intelligence drive will be a kind of very complex ecosystem, involve the element of a lot of change and the professional knowledge of many course, and know the brand-new world that oneself are making more and more as us, these professional knowledge also will ceaseless as the elapse of time gradual progress. Otherwise if, machine of safe risk, accident delay, efficiency is low wait for a problem with information defer, will business of network of couplet of content of position of block up company. The innovate person of new generation needs to depend on the knowledge of much discipline, ability comes true they arrive from conception design, from found prototype to be produced to batch, wish to what safeguard from operation scene.

A bit is new hardware and software research and development of ambitious finally attune. As artificial intelligence ceaseless Xiang Bian develops along side, we will see more and more manufacturers design special artificial intelligence chip for deploy of content couplet net, it is the newly established company that wind joins a support not just, include Intel, Microsoft, Gu Ge and apple tycoon of such science and technology also is in enter custom-built chip field. Microsoft, Yamaxun commerce overlords that provide cloud service will be rolled out new calculate a service to the mixed juice of the cloud from the brim. We will see it is the development that the prototype that promotes solution of brim artificial intelligence is founded and designs technically to cover in great quantities swarm into the market, and the computational ability of these solutions also will ceaseless as the change of human demand development.

above all element conformity arrives one case, mean huge flexibility was provided in the solution. This need resembles An Fuli same market advisory service, supply the necessary natural resources such as catenary and ecosystem the technical partner at an organic whole, will lead the world of this flying change. In An Fuli, the net of brim content couplet that we believe artificial intelligence drive is implementation overturns the gender changes to promote a business thereby the crucial seat that long-term business grows.

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