Manufacturer of chip of power source government is sent new buy analogy division publicly

Plant of chip of power source government is sent new 5 days announce, with money of every 23 yuan of new stations (similarly hereinafter) buyAnalogy division, highest buy 90% equity, with analogy division closing quotation price was calculated 16.8 yuan yesterday, excessive price 36.9% .

Send new

Send new express, during buying axiomatic (7) arrive since day on January 10, 2019, predict to buy analogy division 5% to 90% equity, if above is restricted 9 into computation, always trade amount amounts to 1.39 billion yuan. Analogy family is close two days of share price are strong, jumped yesterday for nothing harden board is locked up 16.8 yuan to end of a show, clinch a deal the quantity is amounted to 1, 304 pieces.


Send released serious question yesterday and go to bourse newly to hold a press conference, announce the board of directors is bought publicly through this case. Send new emphasize, buy publicly through this, with period launch opportunity of conformity of bilateral company natural resources, integrated two companies sale channel, join forces enlarges domestic and international market to have rate and client group, promote competition the advantage.


Next, think domain of application of bilateral company product is similar, pass be rectified effectively and group natural resources, can enlarge dimensions of battalion camp carry.


Send new emphasize, pass this and buy, can enlarge battalion carry dimensions and promotion international competition ability, manage with more efficient way, create value for all partner and industry, after also hoping to buy, can produce put together effect adequately, gain profit to every net value and every due openly help.


Industry points out, send go up newly season rolls out new money power supply to manage IC, obtain attestation of face plate factory successfully, add land to fasten face plate factory to produce can leave piece, drive face plate kind shipment of IC of power source management grows apparently, enter a tradition as a result of this season off-season, anticipate send new shipment kinetic energy to also will put delay stage by stage.


Industry anticipates, send new amalgamative battalion receives this season to decrease season 6% to 10% , interpose at 1.14 billion reach 1.2 billion yuan, wool interest rate is maintained in associate with common standard, about 30% to 33% . Change character, send new amalgamative battalion receives annual this year be expected to fall in 4.858 billion reach 4.918 billion yuan, adapt 8 years to come new tall, the year’s harvest is long 23.36% to 24.89% .


On the other hand, send optics of new new product to prevent hand shock (OIS) drive IC, still reach grain shipment level in promotion at present. As we have learned, because OIS product is designed complex, must cooperate with factory of mobile phone brand directly, still extending attestation phase with brand of land department a gleam of at present, period make next year be driven formidably stage by stage in mobile phone function, organic meeting drives camera lens demand to grow, guide send IC of new OIS drive, scoop up note next year outstanding achievement to grow.

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