Make high new developed area of torch of Xiamen of IC1215752192 industry catenary strive production value was amounted to 2020 50 billion

Since holding water 27 years, around new industry, new technology, active position computer and communication equipment, integrated circuit, LED, software and information serve Xiamen torch high new developed area wait for industry of new generation IT, form the industry that is dominant with electronic Information Industry to develop pattern, enclothe catenary of entire industry of ” of “ number economy, do one’s best is in new round of industry changes in build send an advantage first. Among them, catenary of integrated circuit industry is crucial one annulus.

Astral Chen

This year on August 17, the whole world the 4th, integrated circuit of Taiwan first IC() the project of garden of industry of astral Chen IC with subordinate Inc. of science and technology of hair of couplet of Taiwan of design business —— is formal high new developed area of settle Xiamen torch. This project is included Xiamen city is major 2018 project, predict to always invest 1 billion yuan, the plan realized battalion to receive 200 million yuan 2018, manage rapid growth situation.

The integrated circuit like garden of a lot of industry of IC of Chen resembling a star is great project in succession settle torch. Last year, integrated circuit makes couplet core (Xiamen) limited company guides Cheng of 28 pay the metric system is measured smoothly produce, rate of its product fine is as high as 94% , make mainland technology standard the round factory of 12 inches of brilliant with top rate of fine of the most advanced, product.

Torch high new developed area made link already formed round line of brilliant of integrated circuit of 3 each distinctive in brilliant circle, namely couplet core round factory of 12 inches of brilliant already put into production, already became area of our country mainland at present already the most advanced, fine leads the technical level of put into production round factory of highest 12 inches of brilliant; 3 how compositive 6 inches of arsenic change gallium product line to already tried produce. In addition, still have vast to be become every day, smooth moist of Hua Tianheng core, core 3 cover the industrial catenary project of carborundum extension, chip and module to be being built.

Creating field of form a complete set, they introduced day of equipment of extensive forest semiconductor, division to detect the equipment of equipment, A Simai photoetching, equipment such as applied material and project of material form a complete set, and parts of an apparatus of Jiang Maogong rate seals Taiwan beauty solar cover, Taiwan survey the project of crucial form a complete set such as the project.

Link is designed in IC, at present torch high new developed area introduced item of more than 70 design in all. Bigger design proprietor of an enterprise should have violet light to exhibit dispatch of acute, actor, Yu Zhen, Yuan Shunwei to wait. New and high area drives this locality actively also to design an enterprise to flow in manufactory of circle of this locality brilliant piece, perfect industry of this locality integrated circuit to swim up and down quickly form a complete set, make scale of industry of integrated circuit of big this locality.

What industry of integrated circuit of development of Xiamen torch high new developed area aims at is farther big target.

It is reported, torch high new developed area will set an example with advancing a country to innovate independently area construction is chance, in order to make, design and market linkage, make integrated integrated circuit, application, information serve the zoology situation of industry condition. Strive production value amounted to 50 billion yuan 2020, amounted to 150 billion yuan 2025. Make integrated circuit catenary of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two industries, construction becomes town of military importance of industry of national integrated circuit, become country the area of banner, assemble of integrated circuit industry that has international force, the position in domain of international semiconductor industry is held in partial domain.


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