Load of the sunshine in AR HUD establishs modular value

Through driving the key information overlay arrives in real world, enhance reality (AR) looks up show (HUD) drives complete change experience. Nowadays, the optimal give a demonstration that AR shows is to be used at battleplan, can magnify in the buy in the direct line of sight of air man measure crucial information.

In car environment, direct buy put the graph within driver line of sight to replace basic warning sound or symbol, can transmit information through this kind of means and identify the menace in driver eye shot, make its can take action instantly. Graphical expression is protected for the nature of real world form is outspread; they are nowadays HUD not just 2 medium information show.

No less than is in what discuss about the place in the rich guest article of sunshine load before me, sun irradiation level posed major challenge to AR HUD design. Differ with traditional HUD, AR HUD has wide visual field and space of lasting virtual image, and need shows the sensor data of car and HUD have real time compositive. Lasting virtual image is apart from (> the wider visual field on 7m) and minor rate (at least level X of 10 degrees of horn is perpendicular 4 degrees of horn) bring about solar energy to be spent centrally rise significantly, going up into face plate resembling appearance produce corresponding heat to rise. To prevent the fire damage that sun irradiation level causes, you must design AR HUD carefully and run detailed sunshine load simulation to be operated with test and verify reliable.

When the influence that designs to AR HUD in imitate sunshine load, need considers the following.

The accuracy of sunshine load model

Although look apparent, but I cannot exaggerate the importance of the accuracy in model element. The sunshine illuminant model with mathematical need of imitate of load of AR HUD sunshine (have proper point of view, spectrum and) of irradiation level character, and the curve of accurate and spectral transmission in be aimed at a car, include (but not be confined to) trap of windshield, dazzle and heat / Leng Jing.

From the influence of axial sun irradiation level

Driving daily below the condition, turn when car when reaching fluctuation slope, the sunshine of all sorts of angle all can shoot a car inside. Accordingly, important is to be inside proper angle limits the sun’s rays with incident scanning, if pursue,1 is shown. TI discovery, in the AR HUD prototype that uses TI DLP® technology, irradiation level of sun of peak value leaving an axis is 2.7 times poorer than principal ray level, bring about thermic load to increase significantly. Irradiation level of sun of simulative peak value is shown 2 times like the graph. If your system designs what cannot handle worst circumstance to fall to leave axial sun irradiation level, the spot breakdown risk that cannot accept what because damage is caused into face plate resembling appearance,you will be faced with so.

Load of the sunshine in AR HUD establishs modular value

Graph 1: In sun’s rays of a series of the imitate in inputting horn
Load of the sunshine in AR HUD establishs modular value

Graph 2: The peak value irradiation level on scattering screen regards an input as the function of sunshine angle.

The fuel factor of sun irradiation level

Irradiation level of sun of imitate peak value just is forecasted and avoid to heat up the first pace of invalidation. What solar energy shoots the spectrum of material to absorb changeover to be quantity of heat according to its. For example, in our test, if the graph is shown 3 times, the filmy transistor that brings about as a result of sunshine load (the scattering of array of transmission type small lens that the temperature rise of TFT) face plate compares the place in the system that is based on DLP technology to use screen is 6 times faster, make TFT face plate gets more easily thereby the harm of sun irradiation level.

Below the environmental temperature of 85°C, because its are low what spectrum is absorbed and the senior engineer makes temperature is characteristic, the Kuraray scattering screen that DLP technology uses in HUD system can bear the sun irradiation level that is as high as 82kW/m2. This kind of hot property makes DLP technology can support the lasting virtual image in AR HUD to be apart from.

Load of the sunshine in AR HUD establishs modular value

Graph 3: Temperature rise and sun irradiation level

The in designing challenge and current HUD design challenge of AR HUD has very big different. The sunshine load in AR HUD is apparent taller, you must run detailed hot simulation to consider to design irradiation level of medium sun leaving an axis.

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