Is list of demonstrative company of national technology innovation announced what semiconductor company is there in 68 companies?

On December 3, industry and net of informatization ministry official were announced national technology innovation set an example 2018 company list.

68 businesses are shared on list, include much home to appear on the market among them company.

List is to be versed in letter ministry and Ministry of finance are maintained jointly, release jointly. According to the standard of two ministries and commissions, these enterprises have core competition ability and banner place, still have stronger gain capability and higher level of management, sales revenue and profit total show stable ascendant tendency, cash flow is sufficient, can weighs the Bai Ma that is white Ma Zhong.

Company list It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film. .


Basis introduction, technical innovation demonstrative enterprise is ability of innovation of the technology in showing project owner wants an industry outstanding achievement of stronger, innovation it is remarkable, important to have set an example and the enterprise of oriented action.

The “ that this build of ” of demonstrative enterprise of “ technology innovation holds contains Troy ” extremely tall. The postulate that declares an enterprise is “ accounting credit, pay taxes credence and bank credit good. ”

The level with two certain ministries and commissions still includes 6 fields:

(One) have core competition ability and banner place. The core skill that masters business development has own intellectual property, integral technology level is on lead position in course of study of person of the same trade. Active dominant or participate in international, country or industry technology standard make the work.

(2) have innovate continuously ability and research and development are devoted. Investment of business research and development holds year of sales revenue proportion 3% above, have orgnaization of perfect research and development or the cooperative concern that built long-term stability with orgnaization of domestic and international university, scientific research. Stronger development latent capacity is had in banner technical domain. The education that values brainpower and high skill handsome appearance, introduce and use.

(3) have an industry to drive action sex and own brand. Have in industry development stronger drive a gender or drive latent capacity. Pay attention to the management of own brand and innovation, develop through competing, formed the brand with individual business, enjoy in the market quite famous degree.

(4) have stronger gain capability and higher level of management. The company is close 3 years of consecutive gain, integral financial standing is good, sales revenue and profit total show stable ascendant tendency, cash flow is sufficient. Built system of more perfect intellectual property management and quality guarantee system.

(5) have capacity of stronger application new technology. Carry out technical reformation actively, have positive result of great science and technology change ability, energy-saving decrease a platoon to fall bad news is had set an example more by force action.

(6) have innovation to develop the strategy and innovation culture. Take an enterprise seriously to manage development strategy to innovate, be built hard and form the innovation culture of the enterprise, regard the serious content of management development strategy as technical innovation and own brand innovation.

After be being maintained to be technical innovation demonstrative enterprise, these appearing on the market the business of the company praise will apparent promotion.

In addition, enterprise be cognizanced still will get real benefit.

Current, each district has different encouragement to demonstrative enterprise of national technology innovation measure. For example, guizhou Province classics is believed appoint, province finance hall sets an example to obtaining national level technology to innovate the enterprise gives 1 million yuan of one-time award, declare a technology to innovate to the enterprise at the same time special fund gives aid to give when the project preferential tilt.

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