Is Intel confused? The stage accumulates annulus of round factory of electric 3nm brilliant to need reach a standard: The quantity was produced 2022

After 10nm node, the whole world is capable that the semiconductor production company of advanced technology remains research and development Intel, stage accumulates report and SamSung, among them it is the fastest that the stage accumulates report to reach the rate of progress planned speed on craft of the following node in 7nm, at present almost forestall order of 7nm chip acting industry. The 5nm craft of stage accumulating report also can try the most quickly next year produce, there still is 3nm technology after this, stage accumulating report still is planning stage at present, taiwan director branch passed a stage to accumulate poor record of annulus of electric 3nm factory yesterday, predict to always invest not under 600 billion new station money, namely dimensions of 20 billion dollar, start working was built 2020, the quantity end 2022 produces 3nm technology.

Is Intel confused? The stage accumulates annulus of round factory of electric 3nm brilliant to need reach a standard:

For round to 3nm brilliant factory, besides technical research and development, it is right of water and electricity use up also not allow to ignore, after using EUV technology in great quantities especially, this problem has been mentioned when EUV photoetching machine is introducing before us, as a result of EUV extremely bad news report, because the ultraviolet light of 13.5nm is absorbed easily, bring about changeover efficiency is very low, have 0.02% only allegedly, at present the power of output of EUV photoetching machine of ASML is 250W, the job is about one day bad news report 30 thousand degrees, power consumption of brilliant round mill is extremely so breathtaking, the 2016 societies responsibility that stage accumulating report announces mentions power consumption add up to in the report 8.85 billion degrees.

Besides bad news report, brilliant round factory still needs a large number of source of water in the process that making chip, daily water consumption is as high as large brilliant round factory 50 thousand tons, although had accomplished the loop of 80% above to use water now, but gross still breathtaking, build semiconductor brilliant round plant so very big still to the pressure of environmental respect, technology is more advanced, the question is more obvious.

The 3nm brilliant round plant of stage accumulating report is located in area of garden of the division austral Taiwan, cover an area of 28 hectare, proximate stage amasses the position 5nm factory of report. Branch of environmental protection of Taiwan of the middle ten days of a month had carried district of lyceum of the division austral “ stage this year in August 2 period base development and base of former first phase change plan picture annulus to differ case ” first trial, annulus poor record was passed yesterday examine, the stage accumulates electric general in September 2020 from south family management board is obtained after using the land, immediately break ground launchs operation of build of new plant of 3 accept rice.

Accumulate electric data according to the stage, their 3nm project invests more than 600 billion new station money, it is 194 dollars about or 134.7 billion RMB, began to build a plant 2020, completed equipment installation 2021, predict to be produced to the quantity at the beginning of 2023 by 2022.

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