Is CMOS fast be replaced? Intel will use MESO to reduce 10 times power comsumption

Current, existing CMOS semiconductor technology is approaching physical limit stage by stage, improve performance consequently, reduce power comsumption to be not easy thing. In the computational times that did not come 10 years, CMOS craft is replaced very likely by new technology.

Recently, the researcher of school of component of interest of gram of university uncle of Intel combination California developed a kind of new MESO(magnetism report spin orbit) logistic parts of an apparatus, the equipment that material of quanta of this kind of normal temperature makes character can work chip voltage reduces 500mv from 3V, reduce 5 times, specific power consumption reduces 10-30 times, and 5 times traversal speed also is CMOS craft.

Berkeley of university of Intel, California divides school collaboration this technology, the paper has been published in ” natural ” on the magazine, the MESO that it uses is a kind of bismuth, iron and oxygen (the much iron material that BiFeO 3) constitutes, this kind of material has ferromagnetism to have ferroelectricity again already, and two kinds of condition have coupling sex again, the change can affect another kind one kind, operation electric field can change magnetic field, this is very useful to equipment of MESO of research and development.

Is CMOS fast be replaced? Intel will use MESO to reduce 10 times power comsumption

This kind of data is the earliest science of material of Berkeley cent school and project and physics professor Ramamoorthy Ramesh discovered 2001, he also is the senior writer of this paper, and MESO equipment is invention of Sasikanth Manipatruni of director of group of hardware of Intel MESO project, also their collaboration studies this is broken through now to come out.

According to the news that Berkeley releases, the switch voltage of MESO logistic parts of an apparatus can reduce 500mv from 3V, forecast can reduce 100mv, it is the 1/5 that at present CMOS transistor needs switch voltage to 1/10, arrive from the 1 1/10 that is CMOS craft only to the switch energy of 0 1/30. Besides the advantage on specific power consumption, the operation speed of MESO logistic parts of an apparatus also compares CMOS craft tower above 5 times.

Simple for the MESO logic parts of an apparatus that is Intel and Berkeley university collaboration levelled to replace the CMOS craft that is a foundation with transistor at present road, new MESO logistic parts of an apparatus or appliance has extremely clear advantage on function and specific power consumption. Of course, this kind of new technology still is in research and development, the target that Intel mentions them is CMOS times is surmounted in coming 10 years.

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