Intelligent flourish science and technology carries 4K freeboard Qing Dynasty to show chip and odd chip SSD store the solution appears on Shenzhen international electron to exhibit

For embedded storage device is offerred more the graph of report of high speed, low cost, minor volume shows supportive plan

On December 20, 2018, whole world of Chinese Shenzhen —— shines put advocate accuse chip to lead a brand Hui Rongke ability (Silicon Motion Technology Corp. , nasdaqGS: SIMO) is exhibited at the Shenzhen international electron that conducted in Shenzhen on December 20 (ELEXCON 2018) and international of the 7th Shenzhen are embedded the system is exhibited (EMBEDDED Expo 2018) reveals supportive 4K the SM768 high-powered graph of high-definition much screen shows chip and odd chip PCIe NVMe FerriSSD®With Ferri-UFSTM onefold enclose memory solution.

Intelligent flourish science and technology carries 4K freeboard Qing Dynasty to show chip and odd chip SSD store the solution appears on Shenzhen international electron to exhibit

As IT technology gain ground, embedded the application of equipment is wider and wider, run efficiency and simple and easy level to improve a system, in recent years systematic architect used USB interface in great quantities, handy the character that uses easily makes USB is become in recent years the mainstream transmits one of interface. Will transmit indication picture to be used not only through USB on bouncy, cost is lower also, so USB shows the product gains ground gradually, the patulous a depressed place that exemple as usual sees (Docking Station) , Dongle, but the CPU that this kind of bridge receives means to must use lead plane to carry carries out operation resource. The high-powered 4K graph that intelligent flourish science and technology rolls out shows chip SM768, through Hui Rongke the content ego of ability adjusts a technology (Content Adaptive Technology;CATTM) , use lesser than other and relevant product 20% to the CPU (of 65% central processor) utilization rate, not only the power comsumption problem that solved a system, also promote indication efficiency considerably at the same time. The Video Wall that uses this chip and traditional HDMI photograph are compared, picture output quality is higher and not defer, low CPU utilization rate can improve systematic efficiency, support adjusts neatly different output scale, notebook computer operation is simple and easy and cost is inferior.

“ high definition, smooth image sound is broadcasted already became show level to embedded the main demand of video system, believe SM768 can reduce load of lead plane CPU effectively, the characteristic of report of its high speed, low cost, minor volume can better satisfy this requirement, the figure that becomes new era shows chip. Science and technology of ” intelligent flourish shows Li Xiangxian of assist in the management of chip product sale to point out.

Same meeting is exhibited in this electron in those who appear still 3D NAND shines put Ferri-UFSTM and chip of PCIe NVMe FerriSSD® . Familial product of PCIe NVMe FerriSSD® will monitor any mistakes in SSD data method effectively, implementation end protects; to still can use NANDXtend to carrying the method of data®ECC engine has case of efficient square of the 2nd correct, prolong SSD life while the IntelligentScan that its use the character target; that also devotes oneself to to realize 0 DPPM” of product “ and DataRefresh can enhance data integrality, prolong service life. Ferri-UFSTM is the solution of high conformity, its system design is energy-saving use easily, the character of high-powered memory makes its are become automation, industry, embedded the good solution that mixes portable applying. Ferri-UFSTM is passed right wide gentle the support of all sorts of capacities, offer be used easily and design conformity quickly, contented and retail terminal, network and telegraphic equipment and the requirement that all sorts of advanced industry use.

“FerriSSD® and Ferri-UFSTM memory solution apply extensively in each domain such as car, medical treatment, industry to get reputably, because they can use product of more reliable solid state hard disk. Our product can store for more tall efficiency applied domain offers storage program. Booth of happy event of senior deputy complete cross section shows be on sale of market of science and technology of ” intelligent flourish and research and development.

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