Intel reiterates: Show GPU to will appear on the market 2020 alone, use brand-new framework

Compare processor market, the total value of global GPU market is not high, battalion of a year receives high-powered GPU also with respect to 100 much dollars just, basically master in AMD, NVIDIA in two companies, of shipment of Q3 quarter NVIDIA showed portion to achieve alone 74% , AMD is about 25.7% , can say to already was being accused by NVIDIA strong control on market of whole game GPU. Intel is shown by right of the nucleus make the whole world the biggest GPU manufacturer, be in nevertheless show alone go up to do not have existence to feel, but Intel already be determined enters high-powered GPU market, and just do not quicken in the light of GPU, the professional domain such as deepness study, game blocks the main market that also is them, should grab the market with AMD, NVIDIA in other words. According to the information that Intel government leaks, they reiterate Intel is shown alone can appear on the market 2020, and won’t use existing nucleus to show GPU framework or the Larrabee framework before, can be brand-new the GPU framework of development, and can own unique exterior design.

Intel reiterates: Show GPU to will appear on the market 2020 alone, use brand-new framework

Hothardware website used vice president of branch of computation of vision of Intel core & to hold Ari Rauch of general manager of visual technology group concurrently a few days ago, both sides communicated Intel to show GPU plan alone, full text is very long, the dried food is not much nevertheless, because once involve specific detail issue, the answer of Ari Rauch is a pair of “ has no comment the official attitude of ” , had not arrived now when decoding, too the thing of detail cannot say.

Simple for, useful information is as follows inside:

Of · Intel show alone can come out 2020, first half of the year, second half of the year still cannot decide, but time did not running.

· Intel won’t offer a product only on specific price, the plan realizes poor dissimilation to compete with some kind of means, provide the experience that AMD/NVIIDA does not have.

The integral compatibility of · Intel GPU, head hair drive supports already significant progress, besides Windows game, linux system also is supportive key.

· Intel is in the strategy on GPU market more resembling is sprint of marathon and rather than, mean Intel to want to fight for a long time, won’t 3 minutes of heat.

Of · Intel is showing clip to be produced oneself can be sold oneself or you search OEM associate in that way to AMD/NVIDIA? To this problem, the key that the answer of Ari Rauch is Intel is fast will outstanding product is pushed to the market, and dedicated at bringing distinctive outward appearance.

Of · Intel show GPU meeting to wait for many markets territory to creation of level of game, company, memory alone, say simply even if game card, professional card, computation card should blossom in the round.

The framework of new generation GPU of · Intel is not to result from the nucleus is shown or say Larrabee 2.0, however brand-new the framework of development.

· Intel GPU is coding, show wait for a respect to be able to have very good thing, bring new function to the person that sort media and content creative work.

Is the GPU of · Intel side overweight function, sex is valence comparing or function, cost integrated? This Intel expresses to still listening attentively to the client’s opinion, optimal experience is price and frame number not just, still include technology, drive and function to wait a moment.

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