Intel is inside global limits outspread, first job is to promote 14nm to produce can

The report of the intermediary outside the basis, to its as a result of the market the demand of processor is supplied more than, intel encountered a few resistance in the summer. This are in this company to powerful processor in particularly apparent, this processor was the data center sale of Intel to make enormous contribution, offerred much core processor of high end to consume the market. Although its the shortage of CPU of 14 accept rice, er of Dan Ying spy continues to realize record-breaking income in the 3rd quarter, and temporarily presiding apparitor Bob Swan states Intel of this company “ is in dedicated the challenge ” that brings at fab market demand.

Intel is inside global limits outspread, first job is to promote 14nm to produce can

Today, senior vice president holds Intel concurrently make and Ann B of operation general manager. Dr. Kelleher states this company is having outspread activity inside global limits, right now the first job of Intel is to promote its the yield of 14nm product line can, and Fab 42 factory will make a central point.

The construction of Fab 42 is the most initiative 2011, be located in the Qiandele of Arizona city. It was finished 2014 for the most part. However, the beginning of the year announced this company last year it is investing 7 billion dollar to be used at completing construction, kelleher announces today, the Fab 42 factory of city of Intel “ Arizona obtained good progress. ”

According to introducing, once complete investment is used, fab 42 aux will be able to produces 22nm quite, 14nm and the 7nm product that did not come.

In addition, intel will use his new Mexico factory develops his to issue generation memory and storage technology, and plan ridge city is forced in Russia, ireland and Israel extend factory. The construction of extend of these brilliant round factory will begin 2019, finish possibly inside 10 years.

Although Intel relies on operation of his brilliant round plant greatly, but this company does not object depending on exterior acting factory below appropriate condition. “ we will continue to use acting plant at some of some significant to business technology optionally, conspicuous of ” triumphant Lai complements.

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