Intel, favour wisdom riverside is become China for supplier of 10 annuity card

At the beginning of this month, china held a “2018 to be in Shenzhen China for ” of core supplier congress, present core supplier in all 150, have 92 bear the palm among them. Specific award divide in all it is 6 kinds big, include “ successive ” of supplier of gold of ” of supplier of 10 annuity card, “ , “ is outstanding quality award ” , “ is optimal in coordination award ” , “ is optimal consign award ” and “ combine innovation award ” .

Among them, favour wisdom riverside and Intel become Hua Weilian add supplier of 10 annuity card, intel basically is China be offerred product is memory and favour of server processor; Zhi Pu is China wait for yuan of parts of an apparatus to offer amplifier of NFC chip, frequency.

And with regional in light of, in list of 92 core supplier, the United States has 33 suppliers to rank the first, chinese mainland has 25 suppliers to rank the 2nd, japan has 11 suppliers to rank the 3rd.

Rank the first: The United States. American supplier includes to be connected Intel, Sailingsai, high, rich is connected etc add up to 33;

Rank the 2nd: Chinese mainland. Chinese mainland supplier includes to establish science and technology of sound of east of dispatch nicety, Biyadi, Beijing, luck, suitable abundant to wait add up to 25;(among them, because suitable abundant was bought China to supply Dui Hao of chain company DHL() be in China business, first selected China for core supplier. In addition, beijing is Oriental this year first China to offer flexible screen of OLED curved surface, it is Mate 20 Pro of Hua Weixin admiral supplier of the first screen, first by China it is gold supplier to judge. First by China it is gold supplier to judge..

Rank the 3rd: 11; of Japanese

Rank the 4th: Chinese Taiwan 10;

Rank the 5th: Germany 4;

Paratactic the 6th: Switzerland, Korea and Chinese Hong Kong have 2; each

Paratactic the 7th: Holand, France, Singapore has 1 each.

It is below 2018 China for 92 suppliers list of specific bear the palm:

Intel, favour wisdom riverside is become China for supplier of 10 annuity card

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