Install dark beauty semiconductor without batteries intelligence passive sensor obtains Chinese IoT award of crackajack technology innovation

Complete one-stop the fast configuration that the solution realizes much sensor to apply in network brim

Chinese Shenzhen – on December 5, 2018–The An Sen beautiful semiconductor that promotes high-energy effect innovation (ON Semiconductor, american accept Si Dake appears on the market code name: The intelligent passive sensor of ON) (Smart Passive SensorTM, SPS) catchs content couplet net (award of innovation of IoT) crackajack technology. SPSTM is wireless without batteries sensor, can monitor all sorts of parameter, match with SPSDEVK1MT-GEVK one-stop the solution is covered, realize the fast application in IoT.

SPSDEVK1MT-GEVK is those who forecast a gender to safeguard is one-stop the solution is covered, compositive two power source of general DC of a sensor of humidity of 20 sensor of temperature of 20 sensor of sensor of 20 SPS1T001PCB temperature, 20 SPSxT001PET temperature, SPSxT001CER, SPSxM001PET, 12 V, UHF (UHF) antenna (SPSDEVA1-W) and an UHF SPS read card implement centre (SPSPRDR1-8) . In addition, this still include radio frequency of An Sen beautiful semiconductor (RF) TagReader software, can identify SPS™ automatically wireless without batteries sensor, offer a whole program.

SPS reads card implement centre supplies electric energy through UHF antenna, the data that this antenna collects sensor to go up erupts simultaneously with be being measured quickly send a height accurate data. Their support is in cannot wiring or change the network brim of batteries monitors all sorts of parameter, be like temperature, humidity and distance. The plan that this price that have a sex compares has the distinct advantage that designs platform of IoT of low power comsumption.

Sensor of this complete honest brief of a case reachs the system that read card to comprise, need not purchase all sorts of IoT plan parts of an apparatus or appliance from many supplier place again, pass fast configuration and the IoT application that adjust much sensor, quicken a design, reduce cost at the same time. Need not the character of batteries and read patulously take a space, make SPS overcomes close quarters wireless communication (the limitation with short distance of the communication in NFC) technology, also no longer those who be based on blue tooth technology change the maintenance of batteries problem.

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