Imagination releases accelerator of network of PowerVR Series3NX nerve

Imagination Technologies announces to roll out its to face artificial intelligence (the accelerator of newest nerve network of AI) application (NNA) framework PowerVR Series3NX. The product takes the place of before be based on what obtain special honour repeatedly, new edition Series3NX was offerred unapproachable but expansibility, make systematic level chip (SoC) manufacturer can be aimed at equipment of brim of monitoring of video of such as car, mobile equipment, intelligence and content couplet net to wait a series of embedded the market goes optimizing computational ability and function.

The function of individual Series3NX kernel but from 0.6 operate to 10 trillion / second (TOPS) , at the same time its are checked more can expand now 160TOPS above. Profit from includes nondestructive weight to compress wait for framework sex to increase, the function of Series3NX framework can be on same chip area relatively on generation product promotes 40% , make SoC manufacturer can rise in function efficiency respect nearly 60% , and bandwidth demand was reduced 35% .

Imagination releases accelerator of network of PowerVR Series3NX nerve

Regard Series3NX as the one part of the framework, imagination still released intellectual property of PowerVR Series3NX-F(Flexible) semiconductor (IP) configuration, in order to provide unprecedented functional sex and flexibility balance, still combined the function with banner industry at the same time. The client that uses Series3NX-F can realize poor dissimilation through OpenCL frame and for its the product increases value.

“ goes to AI application creating thereby at the brim more powerful, owner, more the device that uses easily is hiding tremendous opportunity. ” is embedded the vision is allied (say of Jeff Bier of author of Embedded Vision Alliance) . “ is in this kind of a lot of application, a crucial challenge is the right combination of implementation processing function, flexibility, cost and power comsumption. I am developing what innovation processor undertakes with satisfying these requirement to throw bit of support continuously for Imagination Technologies. ”

Imagination vision and say of Russell James of artificial intelligence vice-president: “Series3NX framework and Series3NX-F are the innovation product of one hundred percent. They were brought together flexibility and but expansibility, raised function upper limit near one times at the same time. This changed game regulation, can drive truly embedded equipment goes large-scale use artificial intelligence. ”

To cater to the market of rapid development, new PowerVR tool also undertook multinomial and patulous, thereby can optimization ground goes the network model with burgeoning map, perfect combination that offers flexibility and function to optimize.

The network of special deepness nerve that carries use Imagination (DNN)API, development staff is aimed at Series3NX framework and existing PowerVR GPU easily to write program of artificial intelligence application. This API can configure go to work to make in a variety of SoC, so that be on existing equipment,complete archetypal design easily.

Imagination was rolled out 2017 on PowerVR Series2NX of product of accelerator of generation nerve network. Up to now, it already accredit gave much home the client, basically center on mobile equipment and car market.

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