If be moved to on custom duty 25% supply catenary to consider to move IPhone product line a China

Unless custom duty rises considerably, otherwise malic supplier will continue to produce IPhone in China.


Express according to personage of know the inside story, according to the custom duty computation of 10% , these suppliers can continue to produce IPhone in China, but if the United States will be moved to 25% on custom duty, they can consider produce can turn to other country. Apple and its partner are spreading out to supplying chain at present evaluate.

Sea nicety is in current most IPhone Dou Youhong Chinese production, carry next past world each district. But the month on American president Telangpu is right ” wall street daily ” express, the smartphone that he may produce to China and notebook computer raise tariff.

The apple regards his as the manufacturing base of of all kinds product China all the time. The supply of this company catenary covers hundreds company at present. Dan Ping did not publish a comment to this if really. Its supplier Hong Haihe and large also reject to make a response.

These suppliers mostly the apiration of apple of be enslaved to be enslaved to. Personage of know the inside story expresses, move produces can special difficulty, and the apple also is adopting wait-and-see strategy it seems that. Still personage of know the inside story says, already an apple partner suggests to produce blame IPhone can turn to other place, but this company thinks to do not have too big necessity.

Analyst of Canadian royal bank · amounts to Amite Yanani (Amit Daryanani) going up of lunar end grind express in the newspaper, if all hardware are sold in the United States, the custom duty of 10% is met only the negative effect that produces 1 dollar to every accrual of the apple, and every this company earnings 2019 anticipates it is 13.32 dollars about.

But if be calculated according to the custom duty of 25% , every accrual of the apple can reduce 2.5 dollars.

· library of Mu of malic CEO the base of a fruit is overcome (Tim Cook) ever was in assume office initial stage expresses, the technical capability that industrial catenary place of China masters more the production that is beneficial to IPhone. But he the viewpoint of a few months changes somewhat recently.

He says: “ someone says IPhone was not produced in the United States, this is wrong actually. ” reason depends on, include vitreous face plate inside a lot of component are produced in the United States, just finish toward China in later period carry assemble just.




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