Homebred quarter corrode machine is selected chip of rice of first 5 accept produces the whole world line, 1/20000 what precision achieves hair silk

5 accept rice, be equivalent to hair silk diameter (it is 0.1 millimeter about) 1/20000, will become integrated circuit chip to go up most flyer is wide. Plan of stage accumulating report undertakes Cheng of 5 pay the metric system tries next year produce, predict the quantity was produced 2020. Recently, in small semiconductor equipment (Shanghai) limited company gets a good news: Plasma cuts the 5 accept rice that its develop independently stage of corrode machine classics accumulates electric test and verify, performance is good, will use at the whole world product line of Cheng of the metric system of first 5 pay. Quarter corrode machine is one of crucial equipment that chip makes, in small broke through “ to block neck ” technology, let “ Shanghai make ” ascend the body engraves corrode machine international the first echelon formation.

Cut corrode engine

Those who walk along carry to export treatment area at Jin Qiao is medium small company, be about to change the leather shoes that the company offers, this nicety produces business demand not soiled by a speck of dust. Outside clean room door, journalist is watched to see on emancipatory daily · wear the personnel of white coverall, research and development that wearing white hat and guaze mask, testing a large equipment, the 5 accept rice that it is global can be counted on one’s fingers cuts corrode engine. See 300 millimeter big silicon chip is grabbed by manipulator only, put vacuum inside reaction antrum, began the brigade of their quarter corrode. A variety of “ gas can enter vacuum reaction antrum, turn plasma into gas through chemical reaction, immediately produces electrified particle and freedom base, with silicon chip happening chemical physics reacts. Figure of small chief expert, vice-president Ni is strong in ” the doctor says, these chemical physics reaction open groovy burrow on silicon chip, the micromechanism —— that forms acclaim as the peak of perfection making a person the chip of size of a fingernail, but compositive many 60 transistor.

The close to the limit operation between heart, to cutting the control of corrode machine precision raises very tall requirement. According to Introduction Ni Tu strong, the size of quarter corrode dimension and chip temperature have one to one correspondence relation, what the component of tiny own research and development makes cut corrode course in is lukewarm accuse precision to maintain inside 0.75 Celsius, achieve international banner level. Aeriform gush drenchs one of dish of core components that are quarter corrode machine, in small with domestic cartel development gives an innovation technology, use this to cover the cermet that craft makes, its grain is very careful, compact. With the entrance gush drenchs dish of photograph comparing, the gush of plated film of homebred pottery and porcelain drenchs dish of service life lengthen one times, cost is less than however 1/5.

What is the recipe with successful innovation? 2004, dr. Yin Zhiyao and Du Zhi swim the expert of equipment of many 40 semiconductor such as doctor, Dr. Ni Tu strong, Dr. Mai Shiyi established in small company. At that time, the most advanced chip product line on the world is Cheng of 90 pay the metric system, but in small research and development begins at the beginning of founding 40 accept rice cuts corrode engine, because they know very well, iteration of technology of integrated circuit industry is very fast, must two generation begin lead own research and development. Next generation of 90 accept rice are 65 accept rice, leaving generation again is 40 accept rice. Have internationalization group, also be successful one big reason. The course is abroad introduce and native land education, in small many 600 employee comes from more than 10 countries and area. And the group of research and development of the company is very whole, the professional setting of 200 much people covers many 30 subject, to engrave corrode machine research and development project of this one system laid a foundation.

Depend on own innovation, in small already filed many 1200 domestic and international patent. Because “ has a large number of patent protection, we already experienced the intellectual property lawsuit with western state enterprise 4 times, have not v/LIT be utterly defeated. Refine of ” company vice-president Cao is unripe tell a reporter. This year in January, review a case of patent of bureau of national intellectual property appoint in be based on small referred evidence, cognizance Nasidake appears on the market company invention patent of Weiyike is invalid. After this, in the 3rd lawsuit of small experience ends with reconciling they and Weiyike are in —— respectively Fujian and new York nolle prosequi, handclasp make peace.

“ cuts the export control product that corrode machine ever was a few developed countries, but in recent years, equipment of this kind of high end disappeared on export control list. ” Ni Tu is strong express, if we broke through “ to block neck ” technology,this explains, exit limitation is met not answer existence. Nowadays, in small with electron of material of extensive forest, application, Tokyo, day establishs company of 4 beautiful day one case, comprised international the first echelon formation, supply quarter corrode engine for product line of chip of 7 accept rice. Next year, the stage accumulates report to will take the lead in entering Cheng of 5 pay the metric system, what already passed test and verify is homebred 5 accept rice cuts corrode engine, predicting meeting acquires larger than product line of 7 accept rice market share.


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