Homebred 5nm engraves corrode machine to pass test and verify, will use at the stage to accumulate electric 5nm chip to make

Recently, the stage accumulates report to announce external, will be in the 2nd quarter undertook 5nm makes Cheng risk try 2019 produce, predict the quantity was produced 2020. Meanwhile, small semiconductor also leaked information of a heavy pound in, its are own the 5nm plasma of research and development engraves stage of corrode machine classics to accumulate electric test and verify, performance is good, will use at the whole world first 5nm makes Cheng product line.

Be worth what carry is, small semiconductor also is to enter a 7nm that accumulate report exclusively to make Cheng etch in the business of mainland mainland equipment of equipment. It is reported, small semiconductor and stage accumulate report to already began to cooperate when 28nm makes Cheng in, continue to 10nm and 7nm to make Cheng all the time.

And in small semiconductor is so bright the backside of eye achievement, cannot leave the old effort of Yin Zhiyao and his group.

He abandons abroad firewood worked 1000000, it is ” of core of China of a “ only

Consider to show, 2015-2020 year investment of industry of Chinese semiconductor chip will reach 65 billion dollar, among them forehead of chip production installation cost will reach 50 billion dollar. But of Chinese chip production equipment 95% it is to rely on an entrance, need a flower that is to say 48 billion buy equipment abroad. This also makes what Chinese chip makes equipment homebred change for a very pressing matter.

Semiconductor industry is engaged in in American Silicon Valley 20 old Yin Zhiyao, its are in United States of the world’s greatest —— of semiconductor equipment company to apply data company to hold the position of head office vice-president, ever was known as one of Chinese with “ the most successful Silicon Valley ” , participated in a few acting plasma of American to engrave the research and development of corrode machine, own patent of 60 multinomial technologies.


5nm chip

2004, at that time already Yin Zhiyao of 60 years old abandoned the United States 1000000 firewood, lead the group of more than 30 people, those who break through American government is layer upon layer examine (everybody is affirmatory do not bring back American technology China, include all craft recipe, blueprint paper, everything from 0 begin) , go back to the motherland in establishing small semiconductor, he should make device sphere and international tycoon compete directly in chip, acquire position.

Break foreign monopoly successfully

Plasma cuts a kind of crucial facility that corrode machine is chip production link, its are microcosmic sculpture undertakes on chip, quarter line of the fine person that contact Kong Huo greatly again, the treatment precision of every line and deep aperture is hair silk diameter thousands of 1/0 arrive on extremely one of. The control precision demand of machine of this pair of quarter corrode is very high.


5nm chip

According to introducing, the microcosmic and logistic parts of an apparatus of a 16nm has 60 multilayer micromechanism, want to pass measure of 1000 many technology, want to capture treatment of ability of on 10 thousand technicality comes out. See plasma engrave corrode only this crucial step, 1/5000 what its treatment measure is Everyman hair silk, the precision of treatment and repeatability should be achieved 1/50000. Of difficulty of it serves to show tall.

Long-term since, etch the core technology of machine all the time by forestall of foreign manufacturer place. Yin Zhiyao went back to the motherland 2004 in establishing small semiconductor at the beginning of was in look lock surely domain of quarter corrode machine.

Small semiconductor is in in just when medium of sortie IC chip cuts corrode facility, rolled out 65nm plasma medium to cut corrode machine product, accomplish 45nm, 32nm, 28nm, 16nm, 10nm all the time as technical progress, the product of quarter corrode machine of 7nm had moved on the client’s product line now, 5nm engraves corrode machine to also be about to use by stage accumulating report.

“ is in on grain of rice on the small carve craft of carve characters on a seal, can carving 200 words commonly had been the limit, and the treatment craft that our plasma engraves corrode machine to go up in chip, be equivalent to can cutting the level of 1 billion words on grain of rice. In ” Yin Zhiyao of small semiconductor CEO ever was described so.

Through old effort, small semiconductor broke block of technology of this one domain with actual strength in, make China successfully formal ascend the body engraves corrode machine international the first echelon formation.


5nm chip

In strong doctor of graph of chief expert, vice-president Ni expresses small semiconductor, quarter corrode machine ever was the export control product of a few developed countries, but in recent years, equipment of this kind of high end disappeared on export control list. If we broke through “ to block neck ” technology,this explains, exit limitation is met not answer existence. Nowadays, in small with electron of material of extensive forest, application, Tokyo, day establishs company of 4 beautiful day one case, comprised international the first echelon formation, supply quarter corrode engine for 7nm chip product line.

(Core wisdom dispatch notes: American Department of Commerce announced 2015, because be in China to already company of an un-american equipment was made,have with American equipment company same quality and quite quantitative plasma cuts corrode engine, the export control that abolished the quarter corrode machine to China so. The export control that abolished the quarter corrode machine to China so..

He still expresses, next year stage accumulates report to will take the lead in entering 5nm to make Cheng, the homebred 5nm that already passed test and verify cuts corrode engine, predicting meeting acquires larger than 7nm product line market share.

Be worth what carry is, 2016, small semiconductor obtains fund of estate of national integrated circuit in (big fund) 480 million yuan investment, become Chinese chip successfully to make the national group of the domain. And this also highlighted a country to in of the small semiconductor contribution in sphere of Chinese semiconductor equipment and position approbate.

Face foreign competitor to provoke, repeatedly battle is gotten the better of repeatedly

Probably as a result of in small semiconductor is in the advance rapidly of semiconductor equipment sphere, also drew the intellectual property lawsuit that foreign competitor instigates.

Above all the United States of old boss —— that of rise in revolt is Yin Zhiyao uses data firm, 2007 when, company of American application data is sued in small semiconductor tort, but however from beginning to end quote is faint (Yin Zhiyao and its group member did not take away any craft recipes, blueprint paper when leaving the United States, follow-up products plan also kept away from the patent) of the other side, small semiconductor seizes an opportunity in timely countercharge the other side is shocking competition, applied data company prepares to be not worth to this one circumstance apparently, must nolle prosequi finally sue for peace.

2009, research and development of division forest of another tycoon United States is sued in Taiwan again in small encroach its to invent patent, in small semiconductor is answered actively, provide its patent and invalid evidence, in two adjudgement of the court the relevant patent of division forest all is disabled by the court decision, ” of bureau of belongings of wisdom of “ of the 3rd Taiwan is authorized even cancel of division forest among them a patent, close then division forest is opposite again of ” of bureau of “ wisdom belongings authorized offer administrative suit, reject again.

2016, when small semiconductor is accepting media to interview in, also introduced its to answer American industry tycoon 5 years to encroach commerce to tangle secretly with patent in detail appeal to, obtain “ to nolle prosequi eventually the successful experience of 4 Lian Sheng ” .

At that time, in Jiang Yinxin of chief inspector of senior intellectual property of small semiconductor company expresses, in “ small comparative in intellectual property respect careful, built initial stage to establish special intellectual property group at the company, against a rainy day, did many analytic platoon to check in the light of possibility of potential intellectual property dispute. Member of core of group of research and development returns to go back to the motherland in partial sea before joining, in small had let them sign do not bring ” of book of technical classified acceptance from former unit.

At the beginning of November 2017, facility of deposit of gas phase of organic compound of American MOCVD(metal) facility plant Veeco announces, american new York east area place court agreed with his to be aimed at SGL Carbon, a of LLC(SGL) preliminary ban requests, prohibit the brilliant circle that SGL sells the MOCVD that uses Veeco patent technology is used bears the weight of implement (namely black lead dish) , the black lead that in including to be business of Chinese MOCVD equipment only, small semiconductor designs dish. What Veeco this action is aimed at is medium small semiconductor.

To this, in small semiconductor develops the 2nd supplier; with the 3rd channel actively to be in China to mention to Veeco on the other hand on one hand patent tort lawsuit.

Small semiconductor is announced in, its sued Veeco Shanghai formally to Fujian tall courtyard in July 2017, in accusing the MOCVD equipment of model of its TurboDisk EPIK 700 was encroached small base piece the China that tray synchronism lock decides is patent, ask its stop tort and advocate damages of on 100 million yuan of tort. Be in in after small semiconductor is sued, veeco Shanghai is right small semiconductor is patent in this to review a case of patent of bureau of national intellectual property appoint (abbreviation “ patent reexamine appoint ”) mentions invalid declare request.

Of the same age on November 24, patent reexamine appoint examine a decision at making, overruled Veeco Shanghai to close the application with invalid patent of Yu Zhongwei semiconductor, in affirming, small semiconductor sues the experience case patent of Veeco Shanghai patent tort to be valid patent.

On December 8, 2017, senior people court agreed with the Fujian Province in small semiconductor applies for in the light of the ban of Veeco Shanghai, this ban prohibits Veeco Shanghai entrance, make, be sold to any tripartite or in making Nuo sale encroach small device mixes deposit of any chemical gas phase of patent of date of CN 202492576 those who be used at should waiting for device base piece tray. This ban instantly become effective is carried out, cannot appeal.

In small semiconductor to Veeco Shanghai win the lawsuit, hit Veeco successfully to try in vain to pass the purpose of small semiconductor in patent battle blow.

In “ small 11 years in the past take turns gets the legal lawsuit of American equipment big company, but because we have hard intellectual property defense line, abide by the United States and law of each country intellectual property completely, be in incincible position all the time. ” this year July, yin Zhiyao is accepting such respecting when net ” interviews “ observer.

Hold to own innovation, patent exceeds 800

And provoke in what face foreign competitor, the backside that wins victory time and again, it is medium the excellent own technology that place of own research and development holds to to obtain since small semiconductor is long-term is patent.

As we have learned, at present in amount of small reaction stage consign already broke through 582; sheet to react plasma carves the terrace corrode equipment already medium of double reaction stage engraves the memory manufacturer; with consign banner Korea corrode divides machine of glue an organic whole to develop a success, this is industry engraves plasma of medium of double reaction stage corrode and photoetching glue to react except glue antrum conformity is in first same on platform.

In the meantime, in a few smaller fundamental research and development also ceaselessly follow-up is most advanced technology, precede in order to make sure the research and development of the product can be tightened even on follow closely the state of technology on international.

In chief expert, vice-president also expresses small semiconductor, the size of quarter corrode dimension still has with chip temperature one to one correspondence relation, what the component of tiny own research and development makes cut corrode course in is lukewarm accuse precision to maintain inside 0.75 Celsius, achieve international banner level.

Aeriform gush drenchs one of dish of core components that are quarter corrode machine, small semiconductor combined development of company of domestic other science and technology to give an innovation technology in, use this to cover the cermet that craft makes, its grain is very careful, compact. With the entrance gush drenchs dish of photograph comparing, the gush of plated film of homebred pottery and porcelain drenchs dish of service life lengthen one times, cost is less than however 1/5.

Because engraving the ceaseless breakthrough of corrode machine and relevant domain and innovation, in also making, small semiconductor is engraving share of corrode machine market to grow quickly.

The data shows, up to in August 2017, in small already 500 many medium carve corrode reaction terrace, be in global round; of many about 4000 brilliant was produced on 27 product line at the same time, in small ICP of the inductance that still developed 12 inches plasma engraves corrode machine; in addition, in small still developed 8 inches to cut corrode facility with via of silicon of 12 inches of TSV, have the home market of about 50% not only, and already entered Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and European market, have meaning law semiconductor in MEMS domain especially (semiconductor of world of ST) , rich (the international big client such as BOSCH) .

And in patent respect, small semiconductor applied for to exceed 800 relevant patent in all in, among them the majority is invention patent, and have half above already obtained authorization.

Group elite of Yin Zhiyao is at present medium, about a hundred person ever was the technical backbone of the United States and world’s top-ranking chip and equipment company, having the 20 experience that make to research and development of equipment of 30 old semiconductor mostly. And these engineers must have technology of physics, chemical, mechanical, project to wait for a variety of 50 major intellectual setting.

This year in April, yin Zhiyao of small semiconductor CEO is being made public in close express, at present in small semiconductor has built buy to add up to in global each district stage of 582 reaction that engrave corrode, anticipate reach growth 770 this year. At present in small semiconductor product has entered craft of the 3rd acting 10nm, 7nm, enter stage of production of test and verify of brilliant round factory, be about to enter 5nm of below one for generations, even 3.5 Nm craft.

Yin Zhiyao expresses, future will develop new product 10 years continuously, enlarge the market to have rate, small target is in: 2020 2 billion yuan, 2050 5 billion yuan, enter international company of equipment of 5 strong semiconductor.

What does 5nm engrave corrode machine to mean?

Nevertheless, need the quarter corrode of small semiconductor 5nm in noticing is to the research and development of machine succeeds and obtain a stage to accumulate report to use, it is OK to representing chinese mainland oneself produce 5nm craft chip. Because the manufacturing technology of chip is great complex, quarter corrode is the one annulus among numerous and crucial link only.


5nm chip

But, a lot of from media to attract eyeball, often exaggerate intentionally however fact, in order to nod without exception face, cut corrode engine with 5nm the breakthrough on this one link, china of a flourish of trumpets “ already broke foreign monopoly, master China of 5nm technology ” , “ to already can make 5nm chip ” .

Last year Yin Zhiyao is accepting CCTV media to interview ever expressed, the most advanced chip on “ international produces a company to accumulate report, SamSung like Intel, stage, their 14nm is already mature production, 10nm and 7nm enter production very quickly, so we must lead, 5nm the end of the year basically is about to decide this year, progress is particularly rapid now, almost with respect to generation, so we are driven very closely. ”

Apparent, the 5nm that Yin Zhiyao indicates in video is the quarter corrode machine of the 5nm that point to. But, subsequently this paragraph is interviewed be garbled by a big media, those who ignore a fact boast wantonly. Do so that Yin Zhiyao must encircle dispatch to refute a rumor in the friend: In “ small not be production chip, just offer equipment ” for chip plant. The style of writing with so degenerate “ by accident country by accident civilian, to immerse oneself in hardworking scientist and engineer to add an incommode that increase chaos truly. ”

Yin Zhiyao is accepting this year when interviewing, emphasize again: “ conduct propaganda wants be practical and realistic, not exaggerated, should not be more attract eyeball, out of thin air, infinite raise to the higher plane of principle. The quarter corrode opportunity that says us can machine parts of an apparatus of 5 accept rice, also be a few paces in measure of 100 many quarter corrode only. ”

Really, no less than is said before us, quarter corrode is chip makes the one ring among numerous and crucial link only, engraving corrode device sphere to obtain into what make Cheng first although the breakthrough is delectable, but in other wait for a domain like photoetching machine, after China still is in severe flump. What the Shanghai microelectronics with domestic the at present rapiddest progress just also realized 90nm photoetching machine is homebred change.

Of course, we also cannot improperly belittle oneself, besides in besides small semiconductor, manufacturers of many homebred semiconductor equipment also obtained a breakthrough on the advanced equipment making Cheng of a few relevant domains. For instance, in 14nm domain, silicon / the metal cuts corrode engine (north China is achieved) , filmy and deposit equipment (north China is achieved) , odd an anneal equipment (north China is achieved) with rinsing equipment (Shanghai Cheng Mei) had developed a success, undertaking test and verify in client end.

Believe to design the effort that reachs equipment manufacturer as homebred semiconductor, and the demand of Chinese semiconductor market increases quickly pull move, chinese core will more and more powerful.

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