Heart state apparatus (TI) hope elementary school is in Guangxi Ba Mayao a group of things with common features countryside of autonomous county west hill is enabled formally

——Improvement studies an environment, inspire interest of science and technology, encourage children to explore the world

On November 26, 2018, guangxi dispatch,

The imitate with banner whole world and embedded apparatus of state of heart of processing lead firm (TI) contributes the “ Guangxi Ba Mayao that build a group of things with common features apparatus of state of heart of countryside of autonomous county west hill (” of TI) hope elementary school was held at place a few days ago enable a ceremony formally. This also is TI contributes the administrative division of heart of the 6th “ that build in China instrument (” of TI) hope elementary school. Vice-president of whole world of president of skill of education of TI whole world, education enterprise and vice-president of enterprise society responsibility Dr. Peter Balyta, TI and Hu Yu of Chinese division president China business of division of Asia of Mr Le Daqiao, TI transmits chief inspector of transmission of market of region of Asia of lady, TI reach chief inspector of commonweal general affairs Shenzhi, the children that are hope elementary school brought “TI charm core to move the activity such as class of English of classroom ” , gout and gout games. Chinese adolescent develops foundation area of Guangxi of standing deputy secretary-general Mr Yang Xiaoyu, the Youth League appoint the leader honored guest of secretary of municipal Party committee of pool of river of deputy floorwalker Mr Wu Zongxun, the Youth League Mr Zhang Qiuwen and the Youth League of Ba Ma county and government, and media delegate attended this second activity.

Enable ceremonially honored guest and the students that wear dress of the Yao nationality group photo

Children wear dress of the Yao nationality to perform dance

Elementary school of center of mountain area of former Guangxi Ba Maxi, found 1924, be located in the northwest ministry of Ba Ma county. The school has 14 education class, in school student nearly 680 people, teach a worker 40 people. This, TI and Chinese adolescent develop foundation to cooperate, built brand-new education building and brand-new multimedia classroom, deploy machine of an organic whole mixes alternant intelligence to pat the advanced education equipment such as appearance and software high, improved the environment of go to school of children.

TI charm core moves a classroom to begin

More than 20 manager of TI departmental door and employee volunteers held the position of charm core to move curricular instructor, demonstrate the pattern that is united in wedlock through product of cartoon, short, electron, figure ground introduced the making process of chip and applied domain, arouse children the interest to science and technology and enthusiasm. On classroom, dr. Balyta still brings an interesting little short film, share in American teachers it is how to pass science and technology to inspire children to use maths at the life, let help children of the calculator robot of TI chip study sth in order to apply it. Dr. Balyta is mixed lady of Hu Yu China shared the experience that she grows as a child and learns, encourage children to explore his interest interest, the interest become reconciled of education study is used to, exercise good body, accept higher education, walk out of a mountainous area, exploration world. The children as a result of elementary school of west hill country are children staying behind for the most part and need in residence, hu Yu China still shared him in one’s childhood in residence experience, ability of independence of the education in encouraging children to live in in residence and with teacher and classmates get along ability.

Dr. Balyta changes a course for core of the charm on children

Lady of Hu Yu China and children are together

Besides the exploration to chip, TI volunteers still brought gout English subject for children, the TI volunteer Amir that comes from Germany and children interact happily, carry interesting farm puppy story, arouse children the interest to English. In course of nearly 1 hour, children can feel the interest of the glamour of science and technology and language in relaxed and cheerful atmosphere not only, can pass more with TI volunteers interact and game, those who see more world is different. The dream that TI volunteers are expecting to be the child is inserted on wing, more self-confident and easy ground blends in the diversity times of this rapid development.

Amir was children to attend interesting English class

The volunteers on gout games are mixed children are happy and interactive

Dr. Balyta expresses in opening speech: “TI believes education concerns a project of vital and lasting importance, education can change one the individual’s destiny, also can change the face of the world. We hope students have the opportunity that accepts education and study, be brought up to also can answer a newspaper office to meet. We are ardent expect, in the new school that provides multimedia facility in this, in the learning environment that inspires a gender, can train students what right study is hot all one’s life love, be in maths, science, read and each domain such as writing is explored ceaselessly. ”

Standing deputy secretary-general Mr Yang Xiaoyu is in foundation of Chinese adolescent development express further in the speech: The contribution that apparatus of “ heart state teachs to China depends on contribution not just, more important is the wallop that brings the world innovation science and technology brought children before, gifted children’s rich imagination, let children broaden the outlook, there can be the possibility of more development in future. ”

Heart state apparatus (TI) is one of semiconductor companies with the biggest whole world, since entering chinese mainland 1986, teach branch and teaching staff collaboration with China, shift each resource adequately, the child that lets more and impoverished area enjoys the chance that gets education. Up to now, TI already was contributed in China built ” of reading room of project of hope of 20 10 hope elementary school, “TI, ” of classroom of multimedia of many 370 “TI is donated in 6 province accumulative total, in order to support construction of infrastructure of informatization of school of Chinese impoverished area. According to house of central education with electrical audiovisual aids not complete count, end this year in September, already had 5, 060 teachers and 78, 318 students accept increase because of this project continuously. The core of charm of “TI of course of commonweal science and technology that has development of TI proper motion more moves classroom ” , make connection the ligament of elementary school of remote region hope and TI and college. Besides the volunteer of TI, pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone of numerous college student, teaching plan of originality of contest ” aspirant travel is changed in “TI charm core than going all out, the teaching plan that singles out finally will is in by student and TI volunteers in hoping the charm core of elementary school moves classroom, give lessons. Current, TI charm core moved course to had walked into 30 Chinese schools, cover about 10 thousand students. Bring out-of-the-way and a mountainous area children science and technology, the horizon of development children is the power that TI develops this one course continuously and belief.

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