Have exceed low power comsumption, exceed strong AI to calculate force, couplet sends Helio P90 of science and technology to appear

Couplet sends science and technology to release odd chip of Helio P90 system formally now, embark brand-new exceed APU 2.0 of strong AI engine, AI handles speed to promote considerably. Helio P90 has admiral class AI to calculate force, operation function is as high as 1127 GMACs (2.25TOPs) , amount to industry banner level.

Helio P90


The shirt-sleeve AI (fusion AI) that APU 2.0 of processor of application of MediaTek Helio P90 uses couplet to send science and technology is advanced framework, relatively at Helio P70 and Helio P60, can bring brand-new AI experience not only, and calculate force to raise 4 times. Helio P90 realizes Cheng of much nucleus multi-line to handle complex AI task, in processing the process is carried fast while prolong battery service life.


Li Zonglin of general manager of department of wireless communication career represents couplet hair science and technology: &Nbsp;Helio P90 can help strength production of terminal unit manufacturer goes out film the smartphone with outstanding and extraordinary function, have freeboard function and banner AI function, assure battery service life at the same time. The buy inside Helio P90 upgrades APU2.0 of edition AI engine, can much azimuth is offerred optimize a service by the image of APU2.0 drive. It films redefine consumer to the smartphone functional experience, open exceeds the new era that high-definition smartphone films.


MediaTek Helio P90 uses 8 nucleuses framework, compositive processor of two ARM A75, labour decides frequency is 2.2 GHz, with 6 A55 processor, labour decides frequency is 2.0 GHz, carry the PowerVR GM 9446 GPU of Imagination Technologies at the same time. The CorePilot technology with couplet hair newest science and technology ensures chip can realize the best configuration of operation resource between 8 nucleuses with the most efficient way, ensured Helio P90 can produce advantage of 8 nucleuses framework adequately, can provide highest performance for the user with lowermost power comsumption, batteries life and along with need power supply perfect union.


Depend on powerful AI engine, helio P90 can support the artificial intelligence demand with higher complexity with rapidder rate and more quick way, if undertake human body attitude differentiate, attitude is tracked and analyse human body motion. And, except Google intelligence camera lens, deepness study person face differentiates, real time beautification, object and setting identify besides, it still can promote implementation artificial reality (AR) and mixture reality (MR) in terminal further business is used, at the same time supportable still other image enhances application in real time. Couplet sends NeuroPilotSDK of science and technology the platform besides Android Neural Networks API (Android NNAPI) of OK and complete compatible Gu Ge, still provide complete development tool, make full use of to develop business and equipment manufacturer commonly used frame joins the industry such as TensorFlow, TF Lite, Caffe and Caffe2 innovation application process offerred AI of Helio P90 research and development to open model platform.


Support of MediaTek Helio P90 exceeds big 48MP to photograph double like head or 24+ 16MP photograph like the head, can take the most high grade picture, the banner smartphone that brings highest Qing Dynasty for consumer films experience. The user can be mixed with the resolution of 48MP be as high as 30 frame every second (the speed of FPS) experiences zero hour delays shutter to film, the freeboard clear slow motion that also can choose 480FPS records every moment that takes not easily. Couplet sent science and technology to bring a real resolution revolution like technical domain to become, the processor of ternary picture signal that its upgrade (ISPs) can handle 14 RAW and 10 YUV, offer more agile high quality to film into what resemble for photography lover tool, lead smartphone freeboard Qing Dynasty to film tide.


Brand-new ISP-AI engine, experience to offer AI to film and design, real time can fall to detect well and truly in weak light and athletic condition person face and setting, allow every user can more ground of save worry save labour films wonderful hour.


Helio P90 supports double 4G SIM to block double VoLTE, standard of Cat-12(DL)/Cat-13(UL) LTE network, make sure optimal network communicates quality. In the meantime, mediaTek Helio P90 still supports 4×4 MIMO and 256QAM, compositive 2×2 802.11ac and blue tooth 5, although be in populous area, also can offer better data handling capacity and network to enclothe.




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