[good news] border behead obtains Bei Nengguo ” cent of brand of 10 big optimal China sells business “

In November 8-9 day, the double peak of “ whole world that ASPENCORE sponsors meets what ” innovates in China Shenzhen is held ceremoniously, the conference announces 2018 whole worlds at the same time outstanding cent sells business to represent list, sheet of a list of names posted up of limited company certain room wins Bei Nengguo time judge “ cent of brand of 10 big optimal China sells one of business ” .

[good news] border behead obtains Bei Nengguo " cent of brand of 10 big optimal China sells business "

It is reported, outstanding cent sells the whole world business is chosen fall by ASPENCORE banner ” international electron market conditions ” roll out since 2001, the course develops for years, the preeminent company that chooses already became industry electron manufacturer people the important reference that chooses a partner.

This second choose the evaluation committee that by ASPENCORE whole world senior editor forms, and origin from inferior, the website user of beautiful, Europe passes a net to go up voting and collective single out the person that win a prize. Cent of brand of 10 big optimal China sells “ business ” award selection sense is great, the height that is brands of pair of Bei Nengguo border not only is approbated, at the same time Bei Nengguo border drives effective also confirm the first-class service ability that health of partner outstanding achievement stabilizes growth.

[good news] border behead obtains Bei Nengguo " cent of brand of 10 big optimal China sells business "

With the technology innovation promotes brand innovation

Bei Nengguo border founds from 2001 case, get semiconductor device manufacturer and electronic manufacturer greatly people deep love and support, already became the main partner of enterprise of domestic numerous electron and IC design manufacturer at present. 2017, bei Nengguo border already hand in hand parent company Fujian farsighted can Inc. of science and technology (stock code 603933) appears on the market successfully, initiate career new page. On June 20, 2018, at the same time hand in hand parent company farsighted can science and technology tastes list price to be worth ascend body China with 5.836 billion yuan jointly 500 strong.

Bei Nengguo border is based on the extensive brand force in Chinese market, successive already 11 years 10 big mainland divide a row “ China cent of the ” that sell business and “ reader’s most satisfactory native land accredit sells business ” , and early or late for many times by Chinese electron yuan cent of accredit of parts of an apparatus sells trade association to grant “ China branch of 10 great rise in value title of the ” that sell business. This second behead obtains “ cent of brand of 10 big optimal China sells business ” , vise general manager of market of Bei Nengguo border Mr Joe Yeung expresses special honor, he thinks this award aim to drive a brand to innovate continuously with technical innovation, ceaseless and incentive shellfish can stride toward world-class company direction.

He expresses: “ appreciates the support of course of study of ASPENCORE bisect sell, also thank supplier and partner to be approbated to ours, these expectation can go after innovation of science and technology and outstanding character in incentive shellfish all the time, create the greatest value for the client continuously, sell service level to abound our brand connotation ceaselessly with outstanding cent. ”

World-class is outstanding technical natural resources

Intelligence changes tide to sweep across the whole world, data is changed, wisdom is changed advancing all trades and professions to change, bei Nengguo border holds “ intelligence adequately + the development opportunity of interconnection ” , 2017-2018 year introduces actively and chip of input of module of couplet of rich other people, speech and frequency output, memory reachs the complementary sex such as Zigbee technology strong, in coordination the product line with tall sex, at present accredit cent sells a product to already covered the brand such as Alliance Memory, Ams, Atmel, Gosuncn, Infineon, Littelfuse, Microchip, Power Integrations, Rexense, Rohm, Silicon Labs, SMI, Univision, XMOS and XTX core the world.

In intelligent ammeter, electric machinery illume of control, intelligence, how to defend level of home appliance of automation of electron of monitoring, medical treatment, industry, frequency conversion, spending unmanned aircraft, can apparel the fractionize market such as equipment and car electron, bei Nengguo border is based on resource of top class product and quick technical support, already served more than 2000 clients group, effectively propped up the domain such as electron of industrial control, consumption, car electron outstanding achievement of large bibcock client stabilizes growth.

Explore achievement client continuously

Shellfish can have the professional cent of 17 years of above to sell experience and technical natural resources, as Chinese native land old brand outstanding cent sells trade delegate, it is with “ technology all the time first, accomplish the purpose of client ” , scrupulously abide by the concept that is a center with the client, be dedicated to will preceding application and technology transfer a client, reduce the client’s risk with first-rate parts of an apparatus, value and support and shorten of client product appear on the market time.

Future, bei Nengguo border will be become with “ the most valuable with calculable electron yuan cent of parts of an apparatus sells ” of provider of business and solution to be wish scene, explore the diversity demand of industry and client actively, increase in equipment of energy-saving home appliance, intelligence, industry automation application, robot is mixed the crucial technology such as electric car uses new the sources of energy the research and development of the domain is devoted, sufficient play shellfish can serve as optimal China brand to assign the value that sells business, supportive client realizes commerce of implementation of client of outstanding achievement growth, help to succeed through innovation method.

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