Favour wisdom riverside is aimed at Shanghai Li Chi and Nanjing core gallop mention legal lawsuit

Recently, car electron ranks global firstFavour wisdom riverside(NXP) was sued by before the Shanghai that employee Zhang Jiang foundsLi ChiSemiconductor limited company and NanjingCore gallopSemiconductor limited company two companies.

Favour wisdom riverside

According to divulging, the reason that favour wisdom riverside sues is, this a few employee before the name had begun to begin to found during favour wisdom riverside works the new company with management same professional work, still dig personnel of key member of group of former technology of horny favour Zhi Pu to join the company that its create.


It is reported, favour wisdom riverside has mentioned legal lawsuit, at present the case had entered judicatory order.


About Nanjing core gallop limited company of semiconductor science and technology (origin official net)


Nanjing core gallop limited company of semiconductor science and technology, be dedicated the newly established company at car ADAS and the semiconductor that drive automatically. Headquarters is located in new developed area of Nanjing river north, set center of research and development in Nanjing and Shanghai.


Nanjing core gallop equity structure


Regard newly established as the company, company development is rapid, condensed the semiconductor tip talent with a batch of seasoned designs, group of our core research and development comes from the backbone of design research and development at company of domestic and international famous semiconductor entirely, have the chip that exceeds 12 years on average to design experience and quantity of car compasses chip to produce experience. The group devotes oneself to core gallop semiconductor makes the surveyor’s pole company that becomes chip of Chinese car intelligence, strive to become global intelligence to drive chip leader.


Nanjing core gallop semiconductor limited company is the newly established company that key of new developed area of Nanjing river north makes. Company president Zhang Jiang expresses, core gallop semiconductor already by many international famous investment firm (Hua Xin of limited company of liability of accept of Hong Kong a place of strategic importance, Qingdao starts center of original poineering investment (limited partnership) , close achieve capital, Ning Bomei hill protects duty port area Wei Feng invests administrative partnership business (. ) affirm angel annulus add up to the investment of 100 million RMB, already reached strategic collaboration intent with much home client.


Chinese larch capital, hua Dengguo border, associate achieve cast etc, so much is famous VC enters the arena, angel annulus went to 100 million yuan with respect to be in harmony, can calls the star of chip industry enterprise and star project; Had technical group and fund, chip project can be started quickly, zhi Pu meets pardonable favour agitatedly, lift a table!


2017, the semiconductor value that global car assembles is 384 dollars about, predicting 10-20 will grow 3 inside year times. Main driving force comes from drive automatically, electric car and system of entertainment of Che Zaixin breath.


Regard the favour wisdom riverside of industry old as semiconductor, battalion closed 2017 amount to 9.26 billion dollar, domain of transistor of power of car electron, safety identifying, RF all ranks the whole world the first, also offer small controller product to face a variety of application domains.


Favour wisdom riverside is in car imitate / small controller of RF/DSP, car, business uses product of car MEMS sensor to rank the whole world the first; Using a field, entrance guard of security of recreation of Che Zaixin breath, automobile, automobile body and car hold system of transmission of network, safe, motivation also is the whole world the first.





Whole world of 2017 cars semiconductor is ranked


5 cart use semiconductor manufacturer outstanding achievement is comparative 2017 Unit: 1 million dollars








This one conflict about market of about a hundred 100 million dollars, will conspicuous all the more!


Be in early, in March 2014, big the Tang Dynasty Inc. of telegraphic science and technology and limited company of semiconductor of Holand favour Zhi Pu are collective and contributive established Datangenzhi riverside semiconductor limited company. Zhi Pu of joint ventures favour is held 49% , big the Tang Dynasty telecommunication is held 51% .


Company business is located in car of new energy resources surely, source control of phone of mixture motivation car and drive, and the integrated circuit related new energy resources designs a domain, dedicated the IC of phone of advanced and special car that uses technology of high-powered mixture signal at research and development and sale, devote oneself to to become the car semiconductor company with lead whole world.


Semiconductor of favour wisdom riverside thinks, oneself calculate the company of accurate China chip that must going up is gas of a ground connection.


In ADAS industry catenary, sensor technology (photograph like head and radar) , chip and algorithm are among them crucial. Among them, photograph sensitive like CMOS of head core component chip to basically master in the day Han company that represents in order to all alone the Buddhist nun, SamSung is.


And radar cent is ultrasonic radar, millimeter wave radar, lidar, doorsill of ultrasonic radar technology is inferior, the supplier is more; lidar cost is high, did not commercialize cost of radar of; millimeter wave to be in both between, technical threshold is higher, basically master in the industry such as world of ZF TRW, rich in lead company hand.


Of course, chip, algorithm is crucial in ADAS system, having conclusive effect, and the industry is spent centrally tall, main player has 5 companies such as Sa of Mobileeye, ADI, TI, luck and NXP.


So the market has suddenly so an industry appears, broke balance of this kind of strategy, the semiconductor of Zhi Pu of European noble favour that lets always be borne jumps out, mentioned to Chinese court lawsuit!



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