Does MOSFET be in short supply rise in price bubble soup? Round acting factory discloses brilliant: Accepted the order in December have pressure

According to the report, crystal of report of effect of golden oxygen half of a game or contest (MOSFET) market occurrence cacophony, acting factory of circle having brilliant discloses, client demand turns hasten is wait-and-see, order adjusted range in December bigger than in former years, accept the order feel pressure.

A few days ago, taiwan IC designs a plant outstanding force and big in what represented pair of MOSFET market is hopeful. Outstanding force ever pointed out, supply of circle of 8 inches of brilliant is critical, drove MOSFET to rise in price be in short supply, predicting MOSFET demands exceeds supply the circumstance will last to next year first half of the year.


Big in general manager Xue Tianfu is right this year second half of the year is in situation of acting factory be in short supply shows circle of upriver silicon brilliant, brilliant circle, look at present data provides acting labour of circle of not quite enough, brilliant produces the circumstance that can be critical to will last. This month money newspaper of 11 days is met on, big in express, MOSFET is current the market demands exceeds supply continuously, breach of supply and demand is amounted to 3 into, be not worth to next year at least.

Outstanding force and big in value MOSFET market one after another, incentive MOSFET a group of things with common features group share price urgent hurriedly goes tall, after outstanding force held money newspaper to meet on November 26 oneself, share price from money of 97.5 yuan of new stations (similarly hereinafter) , climb reach 127 yuan of December 13 high, go up greatly 29.5 yuan, go up amount to 30.25% .

Up to on December 13, big in share price also from 99.1 yuan, jump litre reach 134 yuan, go up 34.5 yuan, go up amount to 35.2%;

It is MOSFET brilliant circle only acting factory had different view however to market, the manufacturer discloses, client of in former years can undertake in December end of the year check, order can undertake adjustment normally, it is MOSFET market is as long as in experience only after 23 months busy season, level of in former years of prep above of client inventory water level, demand already turned hasten is wait-and-see.

The manufacturer points out, client order adjusted angle this year in December bigger than in former years, accept the order feel pressure, just because inventory is adjusted,this client order is amended is, or it is influence of delay of hasten of terminal market demand, still remain to observe further.

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