Does 200G light join on the road that leads to 400G play is worn what action?

Infrastructure of cloud data center grows ceaselessly to the demand of the broadband, this increased the pressure of smooth module provider, ask they offer rate faster, dimensions the join solution with lower structure of bigger, cost. This brought tremendous foreground; for application of module of 100G CWDM4 (4 X 25G) at the same time, on the way that uses to mainstream of 400G (4 X 100G) , accelerated to 100G sheetλ(The transition of PAM-4) module.

Current, the technical supplier of optical network industry is promoting this one process hard, make full use of sex of each other operation is inserted unplug the opportunity such as the test ensures can not have the ecosystem that seams compatible and ceaseless development, include package, module and switch. This test reflected the pressing demand that the industry links to faster data center, also emphasized be the between various product consistency on implementation market, the industry needs huge effort and extremely tall design precision.

As the large-scale deploy of 100G technology and foreground of all-pervading of mainstream 400G deploy, cloud data center longs to use all opportunities to come difference of fill handling capacity, catch up with the development pace of data onrush. And smooth module of 200G (4 X 50G) can satisfy this one pressing requirement directly.

Does 200G light join on the road that leads to 400G play is worn what action?

Simulator advantage

200G module has several crucial advantages, among them the most outstanding is: It can use complete imitate framework neatly. Earlier before, we ever assessed the merit of 200G module in a Bowen, the key introduced to be used at high-powered computation (the smooth module of HPC) application. Although be on certain level, light of implementation complete imitate interrelates than realizing processor of mainstream number signal (the difficulty of DSP) solution is greater, but one thousandth what the delay time that complete imitate light interrelates is DSP solution only, this is the crucial dominant position with system of the quickest implementation and network function. In addition, odd to 100G still λ and 400G module design have DSP solution principal port, be in however today, DSP is not the necessary choice of 200G module plan.

Below the circumstance that does not have DSP, the energy that smooth module of complete imitate 200G wastes wants low much, and calorific quantity also decreases significantly. Use existing optical assembly, can reduce module class total power comsumption to 22MW/GB even the following. This is meant, when smooth module of 200G of the deploy in the application in 2000 meters, power comsumption but low to 4W the following. Under photograph comparing, the clock of DSP module inputs an operation may tower above 2W-3W. This sounds is not very much, but if take the place of the power comsumption of thousands of smooth module of data center,loss adds up, final figure will be very striking. Below this kind of circumstance, every module saves 2W to arrive the power comsumption of 3W, to operation cost and cooling efficiency optimize very advantageous.

Small delay time and low power comsumption also are the main character of 200G module, but be not exclusive and main function index. The chain that considers a mistake to transmit data abortion to be born is sequential, signal integrality is another crucial performance level. This meeting brings quite big challenge, because number is led according to taking in and send out in large quantities,increase 200G from 100G, taller even.

Below the circumstance that does not have DSP, 200G can maintain optimal signal integrality, be attributed to clock data to restore greatly (the abidance of CDR) parts of an apparatus is improved and the fundamental signal of backside recuperates a technology. The CDR of newest generation imitate of the deploy in module of complete imitate 200G proved, it can come true extremely low pile up by accident rate (BER) and error correction of the buy before comparing 1E-8 (the performance with more excellent Pre-FEC) , with DSP 200G module comparatives on whole.

High value, big batch

If cost structure cannot reach the level of mainstream trade solution, the advantage of smooth module of complete imitate 200G that above paragraphs alludes criterion good for nothing. Nevertheless, here should reiterate, module of DSP200G of excel of framework of module of complete imitate 200G.

In level of parts of an apparatus, of module of complete imitate 200G simplify the design reduced overall component amount, avoided DSP development and executive expenditure. In more extensive market level, although 100G technology has developed maturity, component is compositive already very perfect, but 200G carries end but set of chip of each other operation is the closest just throw on the market. Draw lessons from the experience in the past, short-term inside, the cost structure when the market is entered before 200G module hopeful realizes 100G module a few years. And, as component compositive farther standardization and big batch shipment are accelerated ceaselessly, the development of 200G module also will abide by similar cost to drop curve. When the opportunity is mature, the cost structure of 200G module will excel is current the cost structure of 100G module.

Regard interpose as the intermediate option at 100G and 400G, 200G light joins the solution has actual strength of exclamatory making a person, can help cloud data center answer grim challenge, realize faster smooth link with the dimensions that can expand neatly and cost. Without doubt, DSP also will produce crucial effect on the road that leads to 400G, and before this, framework of module of complete imitate 200G enlightened the road that leads to the join with 100G above, high speed, low cost-effective cost.

MACOM devotes oneself to to lead cloud data center to interrelate to advance to 200G and 400G from 100G. On ECOC 2018 congress, MACOM showed group of whole chip of complete imitate 200G and TOSA/ROSA component solution, provider of the module that it is light is offerred operate a gender without seamed component each other, in order to reduce the complexity of the design and cost.

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