Design of 2018 home semiconductor, make, survey 10 big companies

The life course of chip of an integrated circuit chooses Sha Chengjin’s course namely: —— of chip of production of acting factory of chip of —— of chip of chip company design is sealed measure a factory to undertake enclosing checking —— overall business purchases chip to be used at overall production.

Integrated circuit industry basically designs manufacturing industry of course of study, IC and IC to seal by IC measure employment 3 big board piece composition. These 3 battalion received mainland integrated circuit last year occupy score to be 38. 3 % , 26. 8 % , 34. 9 % . Industry of basis world integrated circuit 3 cause are reasonable occupy than 3: 4: In light of the condition of 3, all the more of trend of scale of industry of Chinese integrated circuit is reasonable.

In the near future, dimensions of industry of Chinese integrated circuit will maintain 19. Of 8 % year all compound increase rate, to 2021, will achieve -727379968 yuan (about 150 billion dollar) dimensions.

Current, position of industry of chinese mainland IC basically is in 4 area. The first, the area of Beijing ferry look forward to that is core with Beijing, the core area that is line of business of design of domestic integrated circuit and manufacturing industry development. The 2nd, above sea is the long triangle of core, it is the core area of industry of domestic integrated circuit, manufacturing industry and seal the whole nation that measures employment to occupy than all exceeding 50 % . The 3rd, be core with Shenzhen bead trigonometry, it is the core area that line of business of design of domestic integrated circuit grows. The 4th, wait for the center-west region that is core with Sichuan, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Hubei, include the integrated circuit industry such as Changsha of Xi’an, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hefei to develop key town, they are in the 2nd echelon formation that the industry grows, also be the area with industrial most active development.

Was about to go immediately 2018, this period ” check 2018 ” by as small as blame net make up come to everybody respectively chinese mainland semiconductor designed check 2018, make, survey 10 big companies.

Integrated circuit

10 big IC designed chinese mainland 2018 enterprise

Sale of company of mainland IC design was achieved 2018 1036. 1.5 billion yuan, grow 17 compared to the same period. 59 % , outclass industry is added on average fast 14. 83 percent.

1. The sea thinks of semiconductor

The sea thinks of semiconductor to held water in October 2004, headquarters is located in Shenzhen, design branch is set in Silicon Valley of Beijing, Shanghai, United States and Sweden. Predecessor is to found 1991 China design a center for integrated circuit.

The product that the sea considers enclothes the chip of the domain such as wireless network, fixed network, digital media and solution, apply successfully in the whole world 100 many countries and area; In digital media domain, already rolled out chip of picturephone chip and chip of SoC network monitoring and solution, solution, DVB and solution and IPTV chip and solution.

2. Science and technology of power of a person of extraordinary powers

Beijing a person of extraordinary powers power be register the finite liability company at Beijing (China and foreign countries is joint-stock) . Beijing a person of extraordinary powers power advocate business Wu passes the United States power of a person of extraordinary powers is begun. American a person of extraordinary powers power it is American accept Si Dake to appear on the market formerly company,

Science and technology of power of a person of extraordinary powers is a banner digital image processing program provider, advocate business Wu is a design, make and sale tall efficiency, tall compositive compare equipment of semiconductor image sensor with tall sex price. This year on August 6, wei Er share and favour of Qing Dynasty of Shanghai of pilot of anxiety benevolence flourish are signed ” equity makes over an agreement ” , conventional Shanghai clear favour holds his some Beijing a person of extraordinary powers power 2556. 60 thousand dollar gives capital specified number with 2. 7.8 billion yuan price transfers Wei Er stock. On August 15, wei Er share announces to buy science and technology of power of a person of extraordinary powers formally.

3. Violet light exhibits vigor

Violet smooth group bought the communication that exhibit dispatch 2013, bought Rui Di division 2014, exhibit vigor at was both conformity violet light 2016. The mobile base band of 4G of / of 2G / 3G that the violet light after conformity exhibits acute to devote oneself to mobile and domain of content couplet net the own research and development of the core technology such as chip of sensor of chip of net of couplet of chip, radio frequency chip, content, TV chip, image. Set center of 16 technologies research and development and center of 7 clients support in the whole world at present.

After violet light exhibits acute to finish the conformity of two brands this year, quicken to layout of product line of medium, high end, put forward ” of brand-new Hu Ben of chip brand “ in the light of mobile, name of new brand of chip of content couplet net is ” of “ Chun Teng, have the idea that fastens symptom with the each other of series of ” of “ brave dragon that tells high quite.

4. Shenzhen resurgence microelectronics

Resurgence microelectronics by resurgence communication wholy-owned accuse, its predecessor is the IC design department that resurgence communication established 1996, dimensions already ascended IC of body whole nation designs industry front row nowadays.

5. China most conductor

China most conductor is limited company of group of Chinese electron Information Industry (CEC) the professional subclass that integrated banner leaves integrated circuit company and establishs is round. There are 3 to appear on the market below the banner company, total assets dimensions exceeds 10 billion. Held water in Shanghai on May 8, 2014, major pursues integrated circuit design and relevant solution.

6. Beijing wisdom core is small

Zhi Xinwei held water 2010, let industry with core with “ more intelligent ” is a mission, devote oneself to to become the integral solution provider that is core with intelligent chip, it is a country company of new and high technology, integrated circuit of the key inside national program layout designs a company, be judged 5 years to be 10 big integrated circuit of “ China to design enterprise ” continuously, the person that the mission that industry of ” of core of network of nation of “ of company of national electrified wire netting grows takes on.

Zhi Xinwei company is made be based on a layer to own chip leads and be propped up, pass feeling, terminal with safety communication, can effect control develops pattern for the business that rely on, construction becomes the integral solution provider that is core with intelligent chip.

7. Collect a science and technology

The science and technology that collect a top is one is based on chip the provider of integral application solution of design and software development, basically face market of intelligent shift terminal to offer front-runner machine to identify a solution with biology interactively at present, it is to install dactylogram of whole world of eminent a group of people of same interest to identify program outstanding supplier. With China for, the well-known trademark such as OPPO, Vivo, millet, resurgence, evil spirit a group of things with common features has collaboration.

8. Core becomes semiconductor

Core becomes semiconductor limited company (ISSI) held water 1988, special design, development, sale is high-powered memory semiconductor product, use at peripheral of equipment of Internet memory parts of an apparatus, network, long-range communication and mobile communication equipment, computer to wait.

Core becomes semiconductor all the time very low-key, in fact, the Beijing silicon that held water 2014 becomes semiconductor for core into main management substance (ISSI) . ISSI is American accept Si Dake to appear on the market formerly company, end finished the subordinate subsidiary that Beijing silicon becomes to become after be being changed demesne 2015.

9. Honest peaceful electron

Honest peaceful electron held water 2005, rapid development becomes provider of solution of interface of global front-runner machine, devote oneself to to offer highly competitive 2D / 3D to touch for mobile electron equipment dominate plan, indication drive program, touch accuse to show integrated sheet chip plan (IDC) , dactylogram identifying plan, sale network spreads all over the whole world, year shipment measures even more 600 million, touch accuse chip shipment to measure successive and old banner industry.

10. Million easy innovation

Million easy innovation held water in April 2005, it is a firm of globalization chip design that is headquarters with China. The company devotes oneself to the chip of of all kinds memory, controller and circumjacent product to design research and development.

2018 chinese mainland business of acting industry of circle of 10 big brilliant

Round acting labour is in brilliant the position in semiconductor industry catenary is very significant, it is an industry indeed firm rock in midstream. Specific will tell, the domain that era is versed in the task of the manufacturer is to will design a client makes actual integrated circuit or schism parts of an apparatus or appliance, give again a working procedure of the line after measuring a manufacturer to undertake executive, say none exaggeratively, it is acting plant business gave chip “ life ” .

From the point of applied end, the main client of industry of semiconductor acting industry includes (2017 data) : The wireless communication product such as the smartphone (49 % , 25.5 billion U.S. dollor) , PC and server maneuver calculate chip (11 % , 57. 300 million U.S. dollor) , consume kind of product (18 % , 93. 700 million U.S. dollor) , the car uses a product (6 % , 31. 200 million U.S. dollor) , industrial product (14 % , 72. 900 million U.S. dollor) , reach take smaller wired communication product.

From the point of craft node, each make Cheng market dimensions reach occupy score to not be (2017 data) : 16nm and above craft (20 % , 10.4 billion U.S. dollor) , 16 – 28nm advanced technology (19 % , 10.1 billion U.S. dollor) , 28 – 90nm mature craft (30 % , 15.7 billion U.S. dollor) , 8 inches of 90nm above (28 % , 14.5 billion U.S. dollor) , other (3 % , 1.7 billion U.S. dollor) .

1, SamSung (China) semiconductor

SamSung (China) semiconductor limited company is SamSung electron is in China wholy-owned subsidiary, the factory that is located in Xi’an has semiconductor chip to make reach enclose test product line, it is the investment of brushstroke individual event with SamSung overseas the largest scale, also be SamSung the base with very main field of chip of abroad semiconductor memory.

2, in core international

Core international is domestic dimensions at present in the biggest, the brilliant round manufactory with the most advanced workmanship. Last year in October, core international announces new plant invests a plan continuously in, build respectively in Shanghai and Shenzhen 12 inches of product line, 8 inches of product line of Tianjin are produced can predict will from 4. Month of 50 thousand / expands to month of 150 thousand / , make 8 inches of product line with global the biggest monomer.

3. SK Hailishi semiconductor (China)

SK Hailishi did not have stannum in Jiangsu 2005 solely invested build, the product basically is given priority to with circle of brilliant of 12 inches of integrated circuit, limits involves memory, consume kind of product, mobile SOC reachs the domain such as systematic IC. This factory is SK the product share that Hailishibenbudi offers half above, have in Chinese market rate ensure be far ahead at other competitor.

4. China embellish microelectronics

Limited company of China embellish microelectronics is the subsidiary below division of China profit group, business includes moulding of integrated circuit design, attack by surprise to build, brilliant circle is made, enclose test and schism parts of an apparatus, have at present 6 – round product line of 8 inches of brilliant 4, enclose product line 2, product line of model of attack by surprise 1, design firm 4, have the company of catenary of industry of all ready semiconductor exclusively for home.

5. Shanghai China rainbow grand force

Hua Hong grand force is the 200mm with banner whole world acting factory of circle of simple any crystalline substance, limits is covered embedded blame is easy the memory that lose a sex and power parts of an apparatus, power source management, MEMS, RF CMOS and imitate mix signal to wait.

6. Intel semiconductor (Dalian) limited company

Intel semiconductor (Dalian) limited company is Intel was cast 2007 build, it is the plant of the first chip that Intel establishs in the Asia.

7. The stage accumulates report (China) limited company

Generation of global brilliant circle is versed in bibcock stage accumulates report to be built at was in Shanghai to cast in August 2003, it is Taiwan production Inc. of the circuit that amass put oneself in another’s position is solely invested the subsidiary that create, also be the important one link in layout of its whole world.

8. Wuhan new core

Integrated circuit production limited company established Wuhan new core 2006, began a quantity to produce 2008. Current, wuhan new core all sets agency in and other places of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, acting labour serves the circle of 12 inches of brilliant that offers major for global client, dedicated the research and development at NOR Flash and chip of CMOS image sensor and make. Wuhan new core is one of China and even world’s banner NOR Flash suppliers, the product covers market of global industry and commerce. The part of chip of CMOS image sensor that Wuhan new core produces is high-powered, small the advantage of power comsumption at an organic whole, apply successfully at Chinese smartphone market.

9. Xi’an microelectronics

Institute of Xi’an microelectronics technology only then built in October 1965, basically be engaged in the computer, semiconductor integrated circuit, mix compositive the development development of course of study of 3 three-year institution of higher learning, batch produce form a complete set, detect manage, it is the pioneer of Chinese spaceflight microelectronics and computer and main force.

10. With naval vessel science and technology (Suzhou) limited company

With naval vessel science and technology (Suzhou) limited company by Taiwan couplet China electron is bought, the brilliant circle acting factory that is domestic center.

In view of downstream IC design line of business becomes strip Lai Jingyuan quickly acting labour just needed, mainland acting factory is produced can dimensions and this locality change a dominant position as before firm, acting factory of mainland brilliant circle still can come true to grow quickly through holding the existing market that make Cheng, predicting future acting industry of circle of brilliant of 3 years of mainlands is complex add fast opposite faster.

As a result of the hi-tech camp of brilliant round manufacturing industry, stage accumulating report is absolutely bibcock position is short-term hard shake, and if the mainland wants to realize break out of an encirclement, it is besides the market, policy and capital support, still need those who achieve power of own technology research and development to increase.

10 big IC sealed chinese mainland 2018 survey a company

The market opportunity that the place of new application city such as indication technology of net of couplet of content of benefit from benefit from, artificial intelligence, new generation and homebred CPU and memory brings, measure a technology to also be in a few years of in the past li of ceaseless and forward progress.

China is sealed measure an industry to hold the balance in the position in industry of global integrated circuit. Among them does the mainland seal the development current situation that measures an industry how?

1, Jiangsu is trendy science and technology

Trendy science and technology basically is engaged in Jiangsu the encloses appearance of chip of test, semiconductor, intelligence development of integrated circuit, production, sale.

2, Nantong China amounts to microelectronics

Nantong China amounts to what microelectronics basically is engaged in semiconductor device to enclose, test and sale, year enclose, test ability amounts to 2.5 billion.

3, power dispatch combines semiconductor

Semiconductor of power dispatch combination belongs to a foreign trader solely invested enterprise, basically be engaged in integrated circuit yuan parts of an apparatus encloses a test. Besides, still produce 0 spare parts for mobile phone manufacturer, it is the main supplier of power amplifier product. Current, the enterprise produces per year amplifier of radio frequency power 6. 600 million.

4, electron of Tian Shuihua day

China day electron is sealed as power semiconductor device survey a manufacturer, it is the integrated circuit company that the first batch of countries of Chinese urge. Have at present year enclose reach a test parts of an apparatus of of all kinds power 1.2 billion ability.

5, semiconductor of favour wisdom riverside

Favour wisdom riverside has many to enclose test factory in the whole world, early before as joint-stock as life light still cast in Suzhou build to seal measure a yard. Besides, its are located in mainland Dongguan measure miller to want to be in charge of enclosing, the schism that checks favour Zhi Pu yuan product of parts of an apparatus, be like transistor, sensor, and 2 extremely vacuum tube.

6, Intel product (Chengdu) limited company

Intel (Chengdu) the company regards a foreign trader as solely invested enterprise, for Intel whole world the biggest enclose manufacturing base, also be the chip with the biggest whole world encloses one of test centers at the same time.

7, the sea too semiconductor (without stannum) limited company

The sea too semiconductor by too extremely industrial with SK joint investment establishs Hailishi, first in Feburary 2010 enclosing product line throws operation, modular group plant is formal in August 2011 put into production, sales revenue reachs 2015 year last stage near 600 million U.S. dollor.

8, science and technology of Shanghai triumphant rainbow

Science and technology of Shanghai triumphant rainbow is a foreign trader solely invested enterprise, invest by American DIC electron, main production surface is stuck outfit (SND) power departs of yuan of parts of an apparatus and integrated circuit product enclose reach test business.

9, how to rely on to enclose a test (Shanghai) limited company

How to rely on to be in Hua Zi company, end 2016, investment amount is amounted to 6. 4.5 billion dollar. How to rely on Shanghai to have include needle of brilliant round brilliant to measure, enclose, test, protruding piece and appoint the complete set solution that makes use inside.

10, Cheng dish semiconductor (Shanghai) limited company

Sandisk has semiconductor body the first times when build to enclose test manufactory oneself in China.




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