Cut China mobile phone produces line SamSung to change to be manufacturing brunt with India, Vietnam

Below the circumstance of global smartphone atrophy, add SamSung to also decrease increasingly in Chinese consequence, although SamSung decides factory of Tianjin of China of the out of service end this year, but be not abandoned Chinese market, plan however more agile use each country product line.


Han intermediary ” Edaily ” point out, samSung electron expresses 12 days, although the mobile phone of Chinese factory production occupies manufacturing gross 20 % , but be not a sale to go to China for the most part, export other and abroad nation however. Because this SamSung builds main product line in recent years,also begin to produce effect in the strategy of Vietnam, India.

In fact, samSung electron besides mobile phone plant is established in China besides, product line spreads all over 6 countries, include Vietnam north to save the county that install abundant and Taiyuan province to install smooth county, India rather city of end of chelonian of Nuoyida, Korea, Brazil Kanpinasi and agate this, and other places of Indonesian Zhi Ka Lang, altogether 9 factories. Notable is, the crop that is Vietnam and India solely occupies the 67 % of total output.

According to SA of city air company recent investigation shows, global smartphone market reduces 1.48 billion of this year from 1.51 billion of last year, as global market atrophy, the mobile phone crop of SamSung electron also drop off, the basis is the closest the transaction of one season, the productivity of global mobile phone of ministry of SamSung electron IM drops 47.2 million times to however to the 3rd season from this year 6.6 million 300 million, and produce only up to this quarter this year reach 60.05 million 200 million.

To be related of Tianjin plant shutdown, the personage explains related SamSung electron: “ comes for years, the environment is becoming difficult ceaselessly, this is the plan of sex of first choice efficiency only. This paragraph of word also means ” , although China has benefit city plant to be in only,run, also won’t hit global crop. On the press conference of the SamSung developer association that held in American san Francisco this year in November, gao Dongzhen has expressed, the structure such as the production of SamSung electron is very agile, meeting as vicissitude of the market, or according to the circumstance different will use an organization neatly.

Chinese enterprise people large-scale low offensive, overseas business does not have method to overtake at all, the municipality that in recent years Chinese brand increases home not only is occupied rate, also hit SamSung dish according to market of old first India, LG electron sales volume is in China is very little more, more often come out the message of evacuate China, because of this SamSung electron be related of this plant shutdown, the outside also begins to circulate SamSung electron wants to abandon the argument of Chinese market.

But SamSung electron “ won’t abandon position of Chinese market ” quite sturdy. Begin from last year, samSung has in China preparing new organization, current network and sell, add SamSung electron IM (IT& mobile phone) every month meets chief Gao Dongzhen of the branch to examine business of state, examination to the spot, this shows SamSung still takes career domain of China seriously.

This month 10 days, samSung chose to publish Galaxy A8s in home, open Chinese market to buy above all, peddle carry out to arrive stage by stage again the whole world. Gimmick of this kind of operation also shows SamSung to still value Chinese market, the assistant president Quan Jixian of business of China of SamSung electron administer also expressed the desire that competes together with Chinese brand at that time.



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