Connect the mobile phone that reveals reference of the first 5G to design a standard high: Mobile phone of next year 5G appears on the market sure

Beijing time on December 5, 2018 before dawn at 3 o’clock, gao Tongzheng type holds peak of technology of dragon of the 3rd brave to meet in island of Hawaiian Mao Yi, can go up to connect president Kelisidiannuo high · A Meng revealed a money formally to use Gao Tongxiao, announce to had taken the lead in cooperating with AT&T of American operation business and Verizon at the same time.

Tell the firm that announced first collaboration at the same time high, next year is about to roll out 5G the firm list of the smartphone includes Hua Shuo, Fuji to connect, Gu Ge, HMD (Nuojiya) , HTC, LG, Motolora, add, OPPO, SamSung, Xia Pu, Suo Ni, Vivo, millet and resurgence, can have the affiliation of more manufacturer next of course.


In addition, connect high still follow global operation business to cooperate cheek by jowl in 5G respect, the business of 3 big operation of the China of draw together is included inside, AT&T, Verizon is waited a moment, include the operation business that includes and other places of North America, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, southeast Asia, Europe, can say 5G process of the whole world is being quickened ceaselessly.


Connect high reviewed oneself to be in the historical achievement of 5G respect process, include to released X50 of dragon of brave of base band of the first 5G 2016, 5G NR is new 2017 the application of eat dishes without rice or wine and millimeter wave respect, the data connection that used 5G new eat dishes without rice or wine to have 5G side successfully with annual interest and the design that roll out mobile phone of 5G new eat dishes without rice or wine.


Want to realize the design of 5G mobile phone, need encounters 3 great difficulty, the first be the signal below beam figuration is missing, the 2nd switch that is LTE and 5G antenna signal, the 3rd it is the high demand of mobile phone terminal to dimension size and power comsumption respect.


Connect high face these difficult problem, pass early or late roll out base band of brave dragon X50, accord with the definition of 3GPP 5G new eat dishes without rice or wine, can support the radio frequency below millimeter wave and 6GHz, get used to different area the diverse demand of different operation business. Before at the same time the aerial model group of QTM052 of form a complete set is mixed paragraph radio frequency, be worth what carry is group of model of this antenna radio frequency it is the whole world the form a complete set of X50 of dragon of brave of first 5G base band, volume is very minor, can be the batteries inside the mobile phone adequately, photograph picture head, other the design of yuan of parts of an apparatus vacates valuable space.

The issuance of the referenced design that knows 5G NR mobile phone high finally can reduce OEM terminal manufacturer to be in greatly the difficulty of research and development of 5G respect, for their broom a lot of obstacles.

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