Chinese shift and Trade Fair of Chinese OEM factory show the 5G that embark mobile terminal

Qualcomm Incorporated(NASDAQ: QCOM) subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies, inc. Announce now, limited company of terminal of Chinese mobile group and include millet, add, OPPO, Vivo and resurgence communication inside is manufacturer of Chinese banner OEM using Qualcomm? Brave dragon? 855 floating platform cooperate series of modem of new eat dishes without rice or wine of brave dragon X50 5G, develop 5G terminal. Brave dragon 855 floating platform are this week can go up in peak of technology of dragon of year Qualcomm brave newest released global head money supports intelligence of labour of 5G of bit of thousands of million, industry front-runner in the round (AI) and be enmeshed style is patulous and actual (the business of XR) uses shift, the bit of thousands of million that faces open future 10 years joins speed new era brings 5G to experience extremely at the same time. During the plenary meeting of partner of Chinese mobile whole world that holds in Guangzhou, qualcomm Technologies will show prototype of 5G mobile terminal jointly with Chinese OEM manufacturer, include smartphone and CPE, quicken 5G business in order to reveal to use stride ahead again farther.

Chinese shift and Trade Fair of Chinese OEM factory show the 5G that embark mobile terminal

Technology of 5G new eat dishes without rice or wine supports every second the data rate of bit of thousands of million, when having what reduce significantly than current network, delay, with etc function. 5G will promote communication to brand-new level, without seam the ground to rise user join, make a smartphone more advanced not just, more be enmeshed open what type user experiences is brand-new times. The user will enjoy faster webpage to browse, the video with faster download, much better quality communicates, online watch freeboard Qing Dynasty and 360 degrees of video, and unprecedented intuitionistic terminal side artificial intelligence function. Depend on the solution with deep technical special skill or knowledge and banner industry, qualcomm Technologies is driving business of 5G whole world to have distinct advantage with the respect. Brave dragon 855 floating platform, cooperate modem of brave dragon X50 5G series and compositive is radio frequency sent and receive implement, radio frequency front and the Qualcomm with unit antenna? Group of model of antenna of QTM052 millimeter wave, can help Chinese OEM manufacturer solve next generation the terminal that the exponential level that mobile technology place brings grows designs complexity, grasp opportunity of 5G whole world thereby, support its to released business of top class 5G to use terminal 2019.

· A Meng expresses Kelisidiannuo of Qualcomm Incorporated president: “Qualcomm Technologies is cooperating cheek by jowl with Chinese ecosystem, the solution that is based on us provides extraordinary 5G user experience. This year the beginning of the year, we combined banner Chinese manufacturer to announce ‘5G navigate plans ’ , use this be based on brave dragon the join of 5G of OEM terminal implementation of 855 floating platform, it is the significant gain that this plan fetchs. We will continue to be China and global client to offer help strength, in order to support Chinese smartphone industry 2019 whole world of 5G of race to control first machine. ”

Luan Xiaowei of general manager of limited company of terminal of Chinese mobile group expresses: The deepness collaboration chime of company of “ China mobile terminal and Qualcomm Technologies makes innovation long-standing. 5G will change our way of life thoroughly, weigh the square field surface of model industry and society. Face the tremendous opportunity of 5G, we will deepen the collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and industrial catenary, the 5G terminal product that brings rich diversity for the user and shift experience. ”

Millet combines Lin Bin of father, president to express: “ millet maintains long-term and close cooperation with Qualcomm Technologies and operation business all the time, devote oneself to to drive 5G to develop quickly. Millet plans the main partner of ’ as Qualcomm Technologies‘5G navigate, had been based on brave dragon 855 floating platform finished 5G letter to make join with data link, finished 5G millimeter wave already successfully to take in and send out in large quantities rate test, had made adequate preparation to roll out 5G mobile phone next year. ”

Add Liu Zunhu of mobile phone CEO to express: “ is added all the time since maintaining affinity with Qualcomm Technologies, qualcomm Technologies provides core component and project support for us not only, more the innovation latent capacity that promoted us. Be based on both sides to intensify close cooperation more in 5G domain, predict to be added will become one of partners that Qualcomm Technologies rolled out business of top class 5G the first batch to use a mobile phone 2019. ”

OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong expresses: “5G is the trend that OPPO should capture necessarily, we are understanding oneself to the development of 5G, in domain of technical research and development deep accumulate, with the brave dragon of innovation photograph of 855 floating platform is united in wedlock, strive to become first terminal firm that rolls out 5G mobile phone. In addition, the exploration that applies setting to 5G times will decide the value of 5G finally, OPPO is dedicated to be being offerred for the user revolutionary, firm need experience of simple and gender, convenient science and technology. ”

Vivo senior vice president applies Yu Jian to express: “vivo insists to be oriented product train of thought with consumer all the time, face coming 5G period, vivo will still the core that consumer regards mobile phone industry as zoology. Regard 5G terminal as forerunner, vivo makes full use of its platform value and technical advantage, hand in hand the fluctuation such as Qualcomm Technologies swims ecosystem heads a firm, make more the 5G terminal of wisdom. Vivo plan rolled out his 2019 the first 5G beforehand business uses a mobile phone, the dimensions dealer that will implement 5G mobile phone truly 2020 is used. ”

Luo Wei of vice-president of product of ministry of facilities of resurgence communication terminal expresses: “ resurgence news report is positive all the time strategy of ’ of pioneer of ‘5G of carry out travel, devote oneself to to make 5G carry end comprehensive solution. Resurgence and Qualcomm Technologies are maintaining the long-term cooperation that innovates in coordination, the ‘5G navigate that passes Qualcomm Technologies plans ’ , both sides aims to quicken what business uses 5G terminal to roll out. Current, resurgence group has been based on brave dragon 855 floating platform, below emulation system implementation 5G gets online and small letter is sent and receive. We very expect to was rolled out first half of the year 2019 true but commercial 5G mobile phone. ”

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