Check city of 2018 semiconductor industry ” a list of names posted up of wind and cloud “

2018Year had walked along fine, in this year, electronic industry group has all sorts of high frequency vocabularies to appear, for example 5G, artificial intelligence is waited a moment, but what cannot let person oversight absolutely isSemiconductor, “ core painful ” became the summary of industry of conductor of this year of half-and-half.


Semiconductor industry is a high investment, periodic the industry of new and high technology with long, slow redound, to China, still have certain difference with the developed country such as beautiful day Europe, how to narrow difference solemns to had become the topic for discussion that government and enterprise pay close attention to most. Now as small as blame net make up take everybody to look now China whatCityThere is outstanding show in semiconductor domain.



The first city is Shenzhen, shenzhen is in China is the city with a rapid development, home’s principal chip application and design property base are here, 30% what design industrial dimensions to take the throughout the country, still industries of a lot of famous science and technology also are here, it is in businesses of 10 big chip design, 4 are in Shenzhen. Hua Weihai is thought of is the business that home begins one batch the earliest to have chip research and development, although be in the chip of earlier research and development on function cannot with connect photograph comparing high, but as China go up in chip of research and development to invest many capital every year, there was big breakthrough this year eventually, can have mixed at present apple, connect high wait for the world’s top-ranking company be on an equal footing.




The sea thinks of chip branch cent to be two domains, one is systematic equipment. One is mobile phone terminal. China bed actual strength also is increasing ceaselessly, so China the chip that what use for the majority in the mobile phone is oneself design. In home, resurgence is to be next to China for telegraphic operation business, also have a lot of oneself technology patent. Before paragraph resurgence of time United States is banned bring a victim, this chip is banned make resurgence complete wake up to reality came over, although within an inch of is faced with,close down, but the chance that also gives resurgence communication reform of chip of core of an own research and development, the painful resurgence that believes to had experienced chip will be more powerful.




Besides, ARM is having the whole world to provide the chip technology of consequence most, also decide to will set headquarters in Shenzhen, the SamSung that we know, China for, the processor that connects high is the chip that the design after be based on ARM accredit comes out. Shenzhen city still built a few academies, shenzhen has had an approximately complete industry catenary nowadays.




The 2nd city is Shanghai, regard catenary of integrated circuit industry as the wholest area, shanghai emerges international of the core in revealing, Hua Hong is grand force, medium small semiconductor and China the enterprise of much home bibcock such as most conductor. Among them, core international 14nm makes Cheng already began to enter a client to guide in level, implementation next year the quantity is produced first half of the year; This year October, china rainbow group 6 factories (Hua Li 2 period) 12 inches of first silicon chip of product line enter technology plane stage, begin product of chip of 28 accept rice to make; The medium of small semiconductor engraves corrode equipment to already infiltrated quantity of a 7nm that accumulates report, 10nm produces a line in; China most conductor ranked the 4th big IC of domestic to design a company with 5.21 billion yuan of sale last year.




Respecting chip, how can little Wuhan. 2018, wuhan chip designs domain sale to break through 5.1 billion yuan, relatively added last year fast amount to 54.67% , the platoon is added in Hong Kong, Hangzhou hind, development fast row whole nation the 3rd, and from the point of dimensions, also discharged first 2018 before was being entered 10.




2017, the Yangtse River stores research and development gave a chip, more among ongoing still hair of high end, this also is in with respect to the chip that means our country ceaseless progress. At present 3 old memory have international SamSung electron, hailishi, beautiful light holds whole market almost. And in smartphone industry, almost all NAND shine put count an import. The memory of the Yangtse River of Wuhan is national memory base, future may build microelectronics courtyard here, academy of chip of the Yangtse River.

In April 2018, the Hua Weiwu that in city of Wuhan future science and technology investment uses Chinese inside base of research and development, the team of research and development that adds Hua Weihai to consider chip energetically, and first what “ Hua Weihai thinks of ” to be 10 big chip of 2018 China to design a company; In May, the 4th big integrated circuit designs the whole world enterprise couplet sends science and technology, center of research and development 2 period project settle Guang Gu; In August, global semiconductor designs software bibcock to think of science and technology newly, the center of research and development of Wuhan whole world that build is cast to seal a top in city of Wuhan future science and technology, group of Wuhan research and development predicts to will expand to 500 much people.



Xi’an to semiconductor industry give aid to strength also is huge, development of estate of new and high technology is in charge of Xi’an appoint meeting investment promotes Ma Ning of one bureau deputy director general to express, “ arrives 2025, xi’an high new developed area wants around ‘ 5 lead ’ greatly, implement 8 one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight step strong base project, make group of industry of 8 one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two class, achieve goal of two -727379968 class.




SamSung electron rose to be the first actively in process of development of Xi’an semiconductor industry action, 2012, xi’an high new developed area introduces item of first phase of chip of SamSung electron memory successfully already, total investment amounts to 10 billion dollar, cover an area of an area in all 345 thousand square metre. And this year in March end, chip of SamSung semiconductor memory 2 period the project stars building formally in Xi’an city, 2 period project investment 7 billion dollar, basically produce the amount V-NAND, the plan produced line complete 2019.


It is SamSung not merely, the United States is smooth in recent years, China for, in resurgence and A, Beijing east wait for industry bibcock enterprise to be increased ceaselessly invest in Xi’an. Only 2017, include SamSung 2 period inside, 36 well-known companies such as city of auspicious, Hua Run, overseas Chinese, Alibaba, Tecent, Yamaxun in succession settle Xi’an, the autograph introduces an item about 847, investment dimensions amounts to 2.35 trillion yuan, reach calendar year highest. Xi’an invests the international competition ability of fertile soil and consequence this piece to be being shown stage by stage.

Current, xi’an already formed the research and development from raw material and equipment to produce, to the design, make, enclose, test and the whole industry chain that the system uses. Not only such, the fluctuation that this saves semiconductor industry to Shaanxi swims assemble and talent education, removed vast area to move action.


2016, nanjing municipal government classics is sent appoint relevant controller puts forward, to 2020, nanjing bazaar will amount to 50 billion yuan into circuit industry dimensions, year all amplitude 60% above. Of the same age, river north new developed area is labelled formally industry of provincial integrated circuit expands base.



In July 2016, station of business of acting industry of circle of the biggest brilliant accumulates the whole world factory settle new developed area of report, the city ” that is dedicated to making “ chip for Nanjing laid a foundation, also rose to be the first goodly action. This project always invests about 3 billion dollar, after formal 2018 put into production, year sale hopeful amounts to above of 2 billion dollar.


In Feburary 2017, the project announces the base of industry of semiconductor of violet smooth Nanjing that always invests 30 billion yuan of dollars and the city of international of violet smooth IC that always invest 30 billion yuan of RMBs formally start working. Project of base of industry of semiconductor of violet smooth Nanjing invests construction by violet smooth group, main product is chip of memory of 3D-NAND FLASH, DRAM to wait, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 1500 mus.


Annual meeting of market of 2018 China semiconductor and IC China peak can choose to be held in Nanjing, it serves to show just faces what Nanjing semiconductor industry grows to approbate each.


Without stannum

Regard national south as microelectronics industry base without stannum, enjoy the high reputation of ” of military school of Huang Bu of “ of person with ability of industry of Chinese integrated circuit. The Suzhou before the rank leans is saved by force at be the same as in the actual strength of integrated circuit industry without stannum, the exposure inside the industry is led also prep above Suzhou. Total scale is created in the light of integrated circuit without stannum during 935 ” of “ 20 billion yuan industry invests fund, come on stage without stannum at the beginning of 2017 ” the policy opinion that develops about supporting integrated circuit industry further ” , policy of exert oneself aggrandizement guides, devote oneself to to make ” of “ Oriental Silicon Valley.



2017, without stannic city production value of integrated circuit property achieves 89.2 billion yuan, grow 11% compared to the same period. Already had company of of all kinds integrated circuit without stannum at present more than 200, the industry involves circle of circuit design, brilliant to make, enclose the many domains such as equipment of test, form a complete set and material, already formed IC industry group not only, have nearly 50 thousand from personnel of course of study, return assemble the enterprise of form a complete set of the respect such as project of equipment of a batch of semiconductor, special gas.

Current, without stannic city company of integrated circuit estate shares many 200, from personnel of course of study nearly 50 thousand. Save semiconductor guild statistic according to Jiangsu, without stannum gross of 3 course of study occupied integrated circuit 2017 12.39% of countrywide gross, 50.83% what occupy complete province gross. 4.8% what design course of study to occupy countrywide gross among them, 51.1% what save gross completely; Brilliant circle is made 14.46% what occupy countrywide gross, 85.14% what save gross completely; Seal 19.14% what measure course of study to occupy countrywide gross, 41.19% what occupy complete province gross.



Suzhou city belongs to one of cities with better basis of property of domestic integrated circuit likewise, ceng Yin has entered a series of international such as Sa of conductor of Ying Feiling, flying million, AMD, luck big plant, came 2002 Suzhou integrated circuit is almost annual during 2008 with exceeding 30% add fast progress, form basically with circle of brilliant of “IC design — production —IC encloses test ” to be core, equipment, material and service industry are the chain of integrated circuit industry that support.




Nevertheless, in experienced development after gold period, in recent years the development speed of industry of Suzhou integrated circuit does not have the stannum, city such as Nanjing not as good as, but overall and it is important that character still belongs to domestic integrated circuit one of cities, 2016 Suzhou one of before listing production value of countrywide integrated circuit 10 big cities.


Chip is weighed for ” of “ industry commissariat, ” of “ resurgence incident discloses the dreariness that gives chip shortage, our country own research and development replaces chip already no time to delay. In recent years, chinese semiconductor industry is passed introduce large-scaly, digest, absorb and key construction of the industry, perhaps show company of equipment of world top-ranking semiconductor through just can going out more for long, but on limit grow and progress to appearing ceaselessly, apply setting extend, dimensions of Chinese semiconductor industry will develop further.


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