Car of new energy resources of wide steam stake 4.7 billion ” start all over again ” build new plant

Consumer issues sheet with APP, the color that can choose a car, interior trim and intelligence drive degree, next can the manufacturing process that him follow-up orders a car. This will be in limited company of car of wide steam new energy resources (next weighing that “ wide steam is new ” of the sources of energy) come true stage by stage in factory of zoology of intelligence of new energy resources. Wide steam new energy resources was deployed in crucial production segment photograph like the head, all information will OK push through APP in sending an user the hand.

On December 23, factory of zoology of intelligence of wide steam new energy resources is formal complete, total program is produced can 400 thousand / year, always invest 4.7 billion yuan, cent period is built, among them first phase productivity is 200 thousand / year. We will advance “ continuously platform upgrades and technical iteration, strive for with 3 to lustrum, implementation leads an industry development, with creation of science and technology freer future goes out row. General manager of new energy resources of ” wide steam expresses south ancient benefit.

Wide steam new energy resources

Quicken production pace

New revolution of round science and technology is changing a car to make, car company will be quickened to the service model wisdom build transition to upgrade. The new material application such as aluminium alloy, carbon fiber drives a car light quantify, wait for the development of new technology with computation of net of couplet of stylish craft and artificial intelligence, content, big data, cloud, will drive a car to make profundity change.

When the Xi Zhongmin of vise general manager of wide steam new energy resources of responsible production research and development accepts a reporter to interview, speak of, car of new energy resources arrives from design of research and development, production, sale the as bigger as existence of traditional fuel car difference such as the service, if be below banner of traditional car look forward to,develop car of new energy resources, achieve new breakthrough truly hard, accordingly, wide steam group decides new energy resources of will wide steam comes out independently, pass Qi to backbone of a few poineering core breaks away from original company and come out to undertake 2 times poineering by wide steam. Although make the early days of new system devoted and tremendous, but the angle from long-term development, this is to need the road of classics.

Before this, the car of new energy resources of wide steam group is put in wide steam of own car look forward to to conduct the production below Qi banner and sale. Since last year July, wide steam group is wholy-owned establish the new energy resources of subsidiary wide steam that passes Qi to average degree with wide steam, accelerate the layout of car of new energy resources. Wide steam new energy resources holds water more than one year to come, broke the deadlock of sales volume of car of new energy resources, this year 1~10 month, sales volume of accumulative total of wide steam new energy resources amounts to thirteen thousand nine hundred, grow 291% compared to the same period.

Wide steam group is coming off car of new energy resources from inside original system step by step come out. Exhibit in the Guangzhou car last month on, wide steam new energy resources was released brand-new pure dynamoelectric model, brand-new product brand and pure report of the 2nd generation are exclusive platform. As wide steam new energy resources is brand-new factory complete and trial production, the pace that quickens brand-new and electric car to make. Press the program of wide steam group, begin from 2019, wide steam will with every half an year speed, roll out product of set of pure electric car thick and fast, predict 2020, product of car of new energy resources will take this group truckload 10% of dimensions of produce and sale.

In addition, wide steam group to catch up with spring tide of new energy resources of couplet of network of automobile industry intelligence, already moved with China early or late, China for, big question of Tecent, division flies, the company such as Chinese southern electrified wire netting signed strategic cooperation agreement, make the ecosystem of open innovation, be about to drive in nobody, the domain such as intelligent network couplet holds future to give an age first machine, cooperative achievement already applied in wide steam to pass the product of Qi stage by stage. And future, a few new technologies also can guide wide steam new energy resources, will take the lead in guiding L4 class drives automatically inside new plant set an example move.

Each old car group is accelerated in succession dynamoelectric change, intelligence is changed, interconnection is changed and share the pace that change. Face prospective challenge, wide steam group establishs garden of industry of automobile of the sources of energy of wide steam Zhi Lianxin at taking the lead since April last year, the plan invests 45 billion yuan in all, cent makes small town of division of area, the service that achieve an objective and car for intelligence 3 big board piece. The new plant of wide steam new energy resources is first project of this industry garden.

The market warms up competition is intense

After old high speed develops follow, the competition of Chinese car market is turning to put quantity competition ” for “ by ” of “ increment competition, the adjustment that entered deepness period. Before 2018 November, chinese car city encounters cold current, be immersed in what come nearly 30 years to enjoy growth first. As market competition aggravate, new technology and new product become one of sharp of prize market, car of new energy resources came true to go against the raise on situation. Press current trend, year of sales volume of car of our country new energy resources 2018 hopeful breaks through 1 million first.

Current, sales volume of car of new energy resources breaks through year of sales volume first 200 thousand, achieve the sales volume goal of annual ahead of schedule, hopeful continues to hold a title the whole world is new 2018 champion of sales volume of car of the sources of energy, and the boreal steam that come out to run independently from boreal steam group and borrows housing to appear on the market at coming true this year is new the sources of energy, sales volume of accumulative total of before this year 11 months is 128 thousand, in home sales volume of car of new energy resources is next to Biyadi to rank the 2nd, li Yixiu of general manager of company of vise general manager of boreal steam new energy resources, sale said recently, this company predicts to be able to be finished 2018 150 thousand sales volume target.

Warm up as market of car of new energy resources and the environmental protection policy such as double integral forces, look forward to of the car that cross a state also joins the circuit of car of new energy resources in succession, people group announced a few days ago, will invest more than 4 billion euro jointly in China and partner 2019, future rolls out more than 30 pure dynamoelectric models inside two years. The tycoon of car look forward to such as this abundant cropland, cropland is started this year in China “ is dynamoelectric change ” the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor. In addition, tycoon of international car look forward to is forming an alliance with own car look forward to, the masses and Jiang Huai, Ford and numerous peaceful, MINI and Great Wall, Reynolds and Jiang Ling, pull a hand to establish new energy resources in succession joint-stock company. In addition, build emerge in large numbers of car new power, colourful comes, power horse and small roc the car is accelerating market of contention report motor-car.

Xi Zhongmin analysis points out, system of car of new energy resources closes relatively, future is surmounted easily by other vehicle look forward to, build car new power to be tasted in quality accuse to wait for a respect to go longer even a paragraph of road, after all car and mobile phone are different, industrial chain is very long, it is not easy that conformity rises, and layout of look forward to of the car that cross a state is relatively a few slower, basically was 2020 later just roll out pure electric car formally. ”


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