Broken homebred big silicon chip carries attestation pass on a message, shanghai rises company government response newly

” of attestation of international of the core in investor already was passed with respect to hearsay “ big silicon chip seeks testimony to Shanghai new this world. This company responded to this hearsay 20 days on interactive platform and express, shanghai is new attestation of international of the core in rising company big silicon chip to already was passed really.

It is reported, rise semiconductor company newly to basically produce 12 inches of big silicon chip, produce at present can be 60 thousand / lunar left and right sides. This kind of big silicon chip belongs to high-end chip domain, main client is in electron of core international, Hua Liwei.




Shanghai rises newly is a country of project of big silicon chip of 02 special 300mm assume principal part, held water 2014, limited company of investment of estate of silicon of the Shanghai below banner of big fund of state of the biggest partner is held 62.82% , shanghai new this world is the 2nd large stockholder, hold 27.56% .

According to the annual plan that Shanghai promotes newly, silicon chip is produced can be in 100 thousand are achieved before the bottom 2018 / month, invest a plan according to first phase, the yield of next year can be OK achieve 150 thousand / month. Shanghai new this world was in the basis on July 30 the response on interactive platform, shanghai rises newly to be produced currently can be 60 thousand / month.


Brilliant circle

The test that Shanghai promotes 300mm big silicon chip newly piece, block piece and accompany piece the sale achieved 2017, positive respect, the test and verify that end already passed China force microelectronics first quarter achieved a sale 2018. Nevertheless, the amount that the positive sale that Shanghai new this world represents to Shanghai rises newly gives Hua Liwei the electron is not much, be in increment process.

In addition, besides in beyond core international, the attestation job of this company big silicon chip in Wuhan new core also is undertaking all the time in the center. Before before long, the test and verify of international of the core in investor is in to big silicon chip is long have no a result somewhat misgive, shanghai new this world says in the response on interactive platform, the plan of test and verify of big silicon chip every client differs somewhat, core international did not feedback in any bad data.

Invest a respect, somebody asks how to solve Shanghai to rise newly the 2nd, 3 period investment expenses, the equity scale that afraid Shanghai new this world raises newly in Shanghai will be farther attenuant. To this, shanghai new this world expresses, shanghai rises newly the 2nd, 3 period investment uses what means, when to invest still discussing in communicating, with respect to Shanghai new this world character, any the development that decides metropolis consideration is helpful for Shanghai rising newly.

Ongoing hair throws an aspect, shanghai new this world expresses: Besides promoting crop and operation ceaselessly, shanghai rises newly to still will raise the research and development of technical node and technology to tackle key problem ceaselessly, in order to promote core competition ability, because this research and development is devoted bigger.



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