Blue tooth of CEVA feebleminded bad news 5 software and link layer IP are compositive at Atmosic Technologies without solution of equipment of network of batteries content couplet

RivieraWaves IP aids platform of 5 SoC of blue tooth of the M2 of force Atmosic and M3

Provide the wireless link of power comsumption lowest

CEVA, IP accredit permits the signal processing platform of the intelligence with banner whole world and interconnection equipment and artificial intelligence processor manufacturer (Na Sida overcomes stock exchange code: CEVA) announces to exceed net of couplet of content of feebleminded bad news (Atmosic Technologies (Atmosic™) of enterprise of wireless join innovation is in IoT) its are revolutionary M2 and chip of level of system of M3 series IoT (the RivieraWaves of compositive CEVA in SoC) is feebleminded 5 IP (RW-BLE5) of bad news blue tooth. M2 and M3 SoC chip point feebleminded waste time the extensive terminal market that wireless applying, include to be able to apparel equipment, personnel and asset tracker, beacon, remote controller, clavier and mouse.

Install and safeguard of many IoT equipment brought batteries to change challenge, atmosic passes his first product answers this real world to challenge. Wish to come true scene, atmosic developed the RF CMOS technology of many innovation, include lowermost power radio, by need to wake up reclaim with controlled energy. Chip of 5 SoC of blue tooth of Atmosic M2 series has lowermost power radio and by need to wake up a function, from go up at all prolonged battery life. Power comsumption is reduced considerably, so that can be achieved,reclaim with energy the technical inflection point that serves as feasible power source. 5 SoC of blue tooth of Atmosic M3 series undertakes expanding on the foundation of M2 series, add controlled energy to reclaim function, can provide permanent battery life, even leave out batteries. The CES that M2 and M3 series product will reach 11 days to pull Siweijiasi to hold in the United States on January 8, 2019 exhibits can aspirant travel to reveal, the Atmosic CES of 46329MR of hall of the 2nd D exhibits hotel of Yu Jinsha of v/arc be on the throne of the stage demonstrate to be able to make an appointment.

David Su of Atmosic presiding apparitor expresses: “ our ‘ joins forever, nowhere is absent (Forever Connected, anywhere)’The end that M2 and M3 series platform revealed blue tooth of feebleminded bad news to join equipment can come true. Framework of our feebleminded bad news is compositive the RW-BLE5 software of CEVA and link layer IP, what cooperated us faultlessly is energy-saving reclaim with energy plan of RF CMOS innovation, conduce to implementation our future that does not have batteries IoT wishs scene. ”

Vice president of section of business of CEVA wireless connection holds general manager Aviv Malinovitch concurrently to express: The tremendous potential that we join to having batteries blue tooth IoT applies feels “ excited, in all sorts of innovation products that we expect to see Atmosic M2 and M3 SoC deploy are used on the market. ”

About IP of RivieraWaves blue tooth

The platform of IP of RivieraWaves blue tooth of CEVA was join of double standard of blue tooth of feebleminded bad news and blue tooth to offer comprehensive solution. The software agreement inn that every platform all abounds by controller of base band of a hardware and a function is comprised. Platform has agile wireless interface, OK and compositive RivieraWaves RF or the RF IP of all sorts of partners, realize the optimal choice of acting factory and craft node thereby. Platform of IP of RivieraWaves blue tooth supports all blue teeth 5 functions, include rate of LE 2Mbps data, Sunday run and LE advertisement to expand. Up to now, platform of IP of RivieraWaves blue tooth already crossed 1.5 billion with Yu Chao already shipment equipment and tens of home accredit allow a firm, extensive deploy is in the semiconductor company that acquires a lot of worlds to precede and OEM manufacturer in consumer goods and IoT equipment, include computer of smartphone, flat, loudhailer, head Daishi and earphone of type of pleasant to hear, Acousticon and other can apparel equipment. If want to know more news, visit company webpage Https:// please.

About Atmosic

Atmosic Technologies is firm of design of semiconductor of factory of the innovation circle that do not have brilliant, devote oneself to a design to exceed feebleminded cost wireless join solution, with period considerably bring down and eliminate all sorts of equipment the dependence to batteries, aim to realize permanent batteries life and without batteries connective couplet net. To individual, family, car, Medical Protection, industry, enterprise the content couplet net that He Zhihui increases ceaselessly in urban fractionize market, the product of this company greatly bring down by design personnel and manufacturer, and final user and the maintenance that are in charge of the IoT equipment ecosystem that deploy personnel forms cost and workload. Besides these real trade dominant positions, of Atmosic wish scene still include to devote oneself to to come true through reducing batteries of content couplet net to use up considerably reduce zoology environment effect. If want to know more news, visit company website Https:// please.

About CEVA company

CEVA is a dedicated Yu Zhi can the whole world of interconnection equipment precedes signal handles platform and artificial intelligence processor company of banner IP accredit. The semiconductor industry of we and world each district and OEM manufacturer cooperate, establish the couplet net facility that tall effect, intelligence converts, use at including a series of mobile, terminal markets that consume kind of electron, car, industry and content couplet net. We offer vision, frequency, communication and wireless connective to exceed IP of feebleminded bad news, include to be used at mobile phone, beehive the processing of LTE/LTE-A/5G base band of wireless network infrastructure, or the DSP platform in beehive IoT (NB-IoT and Cat-M1) equipment, vision of the advanced image that applies to any photographing to resemble equipment, computer and deepness learn a skill, and the frequency that applies to markets of all sorts of content couplet net / speech and exceed feeling of low power Always-On/ to measure applied technology. In artificial intelligence respect, we are offerred a series of AI processor, use at all sorts of nerve networks are being handled on terminal. We provide wireless join field the IP product with industry the widest application, include blue tooth (feebleminded bad news and double standard) , Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) , Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) and Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) are highest 4×4) . Want to know the more news of CEVA, visit company website please.

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