Big popular science of technology of front of 5G radio frequency

Although 3GPP announced a few days ago, of the R15 Late Drop of level of the 3rd level of R15 freeze time to will delay 3 months, but the pace that this decelerates a manufacturer to go up in 5G without a bit. No matter be manufacturer of supplier of operation business, chip, terminal, it is application development even person, be in intensify 5G layout. Especially radio frequency front this, because be being loaded terminal and base the main task that the station corresponds, their every act got the wide attention of industrial catenary. Associate with also has a lot of media and analyst to be opposite5G radio frequencyThe current situation of front and development gave out a lot of different point of views.


Recently, senior manager Tao Zhen undertook reporter of semiconductor industry observation and strategy of market of ministry of career of shift of Qorvo Asia-Pacific area one time communicate deep, brought industry expert to be opposite to everybody a few deep opinion of front of 5G radio frequency.


5G raises new requirement to radio frequency


In Qorvo company 2019 money year the money newspaper of Q1 is met on, the high level of this company points out when accepting an analyst to quiz, 5G will give magnitude of value of module of front of aerial amount, radio frequency to bring reverse times growth. It is with 5G mobile phone exemple, the dosage of radio frequency semiconductor of odd ministry mobile phone achieves 25 U.S. dollors, reverse times growth approximately than 4G mobile phone. Among them filter increases to from 40 70, frequency band increases to from 15 30, receiver catapult filter increases to from 30 75, radio frequency switch increases to from 10 30, carrier group increases to from 5 200.


According to Tao Zhen’s viewpoint: The “5G influence to radio frequency front, very big one part depended on introducing 3.5G and 4.8G these two new frequency paragraph, brought ” of new demand of radio frequency parts of an apparatus then.


Tao Zhen expresses, brand-new frequency paragraph introduce, must need brand-new filter, PA and switch to cooperate. In addition, still need additional aerial adjuster to do aerial segregation, because,this basically is of spectrum turn over times, drive you to use more antenna to do what enclothe and cause. Such demand, also drove the birth of the application of aerial array, MIMO, raise new requirement to radio frequency front.


“ arrived 5G times, base station and mobile phone must introduce aerial array, base the station can accomplish 64×64, but the mobile phone accepts restriction of dimension of be confined to, can accomplish 4×4 only or 2×4, this brought the demand ” of relevant radio frequency, tao Zhen says. “ comes to MIMO respect, this put the technology that be in to 5G to receive rigidder demand in 4G times. New communication standard asks be issued to lower levels has 4×4, go up to also want to turn over times, the addition that this also brought radio frequency parts of an apparatus ” , contented presses down complement to say.


Spend demand to satisfy the tall frequency high speed of 5G, this includes the product such as filter and PA to have on the technology with respect to need upgrade.

According to Tao Zhen’s view, if to general frequency, SAW filter is already enough, but if want to satisfy higher demand, need BAW filter. But he also emphasizes, face those bandwidth bigger (like 600MHZ) frequency paragraph, these two kinds of existing filter still cannot satisfy requirement, this updates craft to satisfy requirement with respect to need.


In PA respect, also need to introduce more technologies (if bag sth resembling a net dogs) the power demand that will satisfy 5G. According to introducing, bag sth resembling a net dogs can the kind that with dogging through adjusting voltage of PA power source ceaselessly RF includes sth resembling a net will optimize efficiency. But the tracker that include sth resembling a net predicts to support bandwidth of most 60 MHz only during 5G deploy, and new 5G frequency paragraph (be like N77 and N79) the odd carrier transmission that needs support to be as high as 100 MHz bandwidth. For this, PA dogs need in average power (APT) moves below fixed voltage mode, transmit in order to realize broadband 5G, can reduce efficiency at the same time.

Additional, the change that terminal designs also offerred more test to radio frequency.


Tao Zhen tells a reporter, the design trend of present admiral mobile phone still has power comsumption demand, of respect of requirement radio frequency compositive change Chengdu taller and taller, but amid is divided commonly in high frequency design with low frequency. Low frequency respect, the difference that follows associate with does not calculate big, but in coming high frequency, that needs more measure smaller, performance is better, the parts of an apparatus with lower power comsumption cooperates. What ask at that time is your design ability not simply, also want to catch up with on relevant production. The demand that waits plus 256QAM, clearly, supplier of radio frequency parts of an apparatus is facing unprecedented challenge.


Of traditional manufacturer see action tear open action


Face such new requirement, the pace that a few traditional firms that include Qorvo inside also are growing as 5G, swim one case up and down with industrial catenary, try hard to drive the arrival of 5G. Tao Zhen also expresses, integrated the Qorvo of RFMD and TriQuint product line is mixed in filter, PA, switch the advantage that modular group respect is having other firm place to do not have.


See filter side above all, the data shows, qorvo has combination of wide-ranging RF filter product, include diplexer, with to diplexer, 3 labour implement, 4 labour implement with filter of schism type RF, can enclothe 400 MHz the frequency limits to 2.7 GHz, include beehive type (2G/3G/4G/LTE) , GPS and industry, science and medicine (ISM) frequency paragraph, mix in size, function, cost appear on the market time aspect all is in the market banner level. “ is in especially BAW filter respect, one of firms that Qorvo can provide this kind of filter a few times global amount to is not much more ” , contented presses down complement to say. The 2.5Ghz frequency that they also face 5G even paragraph, rolled out applicable TQQ0041T filter.


In PA respect, qorvo also has the overall product line that includes CMOS, SOI, arsenic to change gallium and nitrogen to change gallium inside. Rely on these products, qorvo can offer the product of demand of contented and different setting for the client. What offer as a result of them is complete frequency paragraph product, this also lets compositive change become more simple. Additionally Qorvo still has high-frequency switch of can contented 5G.


These “ products can achieve such performance, it is to rely on Qorvo to be mixed from some brilliant round factories a ” that measure a yard, tao Zhen points out. “ had PA, filter and switch at the same time, let us can be moved teach a better module, this also is the ” that other competitor place does not have, tao Zhen says then. The QM19000 of module of front of radio frequency of 5G of industry head money that rolled out last year in December is the Qorvo actual strength expression in this respect. According to introducing, what broadband of this support 3.3-4.2 GHz works is tall compositive degree, high-powered module can realize tall degree of linearity, exceed low defer and extremely high handling capacity, with satisfy or surmounting the development requirement that prospective 5G uses. This product also can obtain this frequency to home paragraph telecommunication and UniCom give sufficient support.




The N41 frequency that faces Chinese shift paragraph, on the 23rd GTI that holding in Wengehua this year in November, qorvo was to exhibit more they can satisfy this frequency first times paragraph the QM 75041 of module of radio frequency front of demand. According to introducing, this model group can satisfy the platform that the technology of PC2 asks and is aimed at advanced RF, include admiral smartphone and data equipment to undertake optimizing, accelerate 5G test and deploy thereby. Be in at the same time in 5G FR1 frequency paragraph (N77, N78 and N79) on, qorvo also brought module of front of QM78201 radio frequency, support this frequency paragraph deploy of 5G whole world and field test.


Besides traditional product, qorvo still is faced base the station rolled out GaN PA product. Because have tall puncture electric field, high saturated rate, outstanding hot property, this also can be a choice of the radio frequency PA of 5G times. Express on the market, the limit has been encountered on physics of LDMOS parts of an apparatus, this is the account that nitrogen changes gallium parts of an apparatus to enter the market. And base the bandwidth with station application higher peak value power, wider need and taller frequency, these elements facilitated base the station accepts nitrogen to influence gallium parts of an apparatus. “ but go up in the mobile phone, because of voltage (GaN parts of an apparatus should be in 12V when just develop best efficiency) wait for a reason, did not see GaN PA is in temporarily the demand of this respect, future still will continue to value arsenic change gallium ” .


because the radio frequency of 5G is such complex, and have so big market, this was attracted connect high etc advocate chip plant enters bureau radio frequency. Face this problem, tao Zhen points out, having competition is meddlesome, this is short-term inside also can cause certain effect to Qorvo. But long-term look, the high-powered product that Qorvo has also will let his hold a dominant position when competing with adversary. And we also are in driving relevant business in synchronism with manufacturer of domestic and international top mobile phone. Tao Zhen says.



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