Big popular science of manufacturer of homebred semiconductor equipment

The other day, equipment of our country native land semiconductor transmits good news, in small semiconductor equipment (Shanghai) the 5nm plasma that limited company develops independently engraves stage of corrode machine classics to accumulate electric test and verify, performance is good, will use at the whole world first 5nm makes Cheng product line. Quarter corrode machine is one of crucial equipment that chip makes, in technology of core of small breakthrough key, let “ China make ” ascend the body engraves corrode machine international the first echelon formation.


In recent years, company of equipment of semiconductor of our country mainland chases international in effort all the time advanced footstep. There is certain breakthrough in a variety of device spheres, besides afore-mentioned in the 5nm plasma of small semiconductor cuts corrode engine besides, more and more product applicable make Cheng at 14nm, 7nm.


But, advanced equipment photograph compares domestic equipment and abroad to still have bigger difference, main show is in two respects: It is the product that has certain competition ability is preceding the difference that makes Cheng go up; 2 it is partial product do not have competitive ability completely or have not layout, domestic photoetching machine is for instance backward a lot of acting border, the photoetching that can achieve 90nm only asks, domestic bougie stage also is in phase of research and development, have not achieve sales revenue.



So, in the country give aid to below, through so old development, equipment of our country native land semiconductor the development state of affairs of each fractionize domains how? What does relevant enterprise have? What rate to grow? Be combed below.


North China is achieved


North China is achieved by 7 stars child with boreal small child the strategy recombines and become. 7 stars child advocate controller of quality of furnace of battalion cleaning machine, oxidation, gas (the semiconductor equipment such as MFC) and accurate child yuan the business such as parts of an apparatus, in addition 7 stars child or equipment of of lithium of domestic vacuum equipment, new energy resources is important supplier. North small child advocate battalion cuts corrode facility (facility of deposit of gas phase of Etch) , physics (facility of deposit of PVD) , chemical gas phase (CVD) 3 kinds of equipment.


In March 2010, 7 stars child handing in place greatly to appear on the market. In August 2016, 7 stars child seed of as small as north shows the strategy to recombine, make Chinese Yin model system of the biggest, product is the richest, involve a field supplier of the widest equipment of high-end semiconductor technology, leaves Zuo country successfully fund of industry of compositive region (big fund) wait for strategic investor, realized the confluence of industry and capital. The company controls a person actually is Beijing accuses, be subordinate to belongs to national endowment appoint.


Feburary 2017, 7 stars child formal more the name is north China to start group of science and technology limited company, finished in-house conformity, roll out brand-new taste “ north China achieves ” , formed equipment of of lithium of semiconductor equipment, vacuum equipment, new energy resources and tall nicety child yuan parts of an apparatus Wu of 4 great undertaking board piece the pattern of “4 1” management that imposes group headquarters.


The line of business of semiconductor equipment that north China starts group basically include to engrave furnace of corrode machine, PVD, CVD, oxidation, diffuse furnace, cleaning machine and mass flow controller (the equipment of 7 kinds of big semiconductor such as MFC) and component, face compositive road, first Zuo is enclosed wait for 8 application domain, before covering semiconductor to produce paragraph craft makes the outside eliminating photoetching chance major in Cheng key equips. The client includes in core international, Hua Liwei child, the semiconductor of domestic a gleam of such as memory of the Yangtse River creates a company, and the semiconductor such as long science and technology, brilliant science and technology, China day science and technology encloses a manufacturer.


After recombining, north China achieves outstanding achievement to grow quickly. Realized business income 2017 2.223 billion yuan, grow 37.01% compared to the same period, profit of net putting in a mother ‘s charge 126 million yuan, grow 35.21% compared to the same period. According to the company half an year signed up for outstanding achievement wall bulletin 2018, the company realized business income first half of the year 2018 1.395 billion yuan, grow 33.44% compared to the same period, profit of net putting in a mother ‘s charge 119 million yuan, grow 125.44% compared to the same period. As downstream brilliant circle plant investment is quickened, the Yin model such as company semiconductor equipment lasts outspread.


Long plain science and technology


Long plain science and technology is domestic integrated circuit encloses circle of test, brilliant to make reach chip to design link to test equipment main supplier. Semiconductor test equipment basically includes grading machine, test machine and bougie stage 3 kinds big. Since holding water in April 2008, this company took the lead in realizing semiconductor to test equipment (grading machine and test machine) homebred change, the use that acquires company of domestic and international numerous and top-ranking integrated circuit and approbate.


This company plans to weigh big special “ at was assumed in Feburary 2012 and finishing 925 ” of national “ the high end in production equipment of great dimensions integrated circuit and ” of whole set craft encloses equipment and project of material application project, invest at obtaining fund of estate of national integrated circuit in March 2015.


The test machine of this company and grading machine already reached home on core function index banner, adjacent foreign advanced level, at the same time price is the same as type name product under abroad, have higher sexual price to compare a dominant position. Company product already entered domestic mainstream to seal survey a company, lan Wei of science and technology of the Shui Huatian that be like a day, long report, Hangzhou person, connect rich small report to wait. 2017, this company develops the market actively external, create Taiwan agency, extend Taiwan market.


2013~2017 year, long plain battalion of science and technology receives implementation by 4, 3.41 million yuan to 180 million yuan span, compound add fast amount to 39.75% . 2017, profit of net of attributive parent company comes by 9.92 million yuan of growth 5, 250 thousand yuan, compound add fast amount to 31.48% .


In small semiconductor


Small semiconductor held water 2004 in, it is company of equipment of high end of a small treatment, scope of operations includes film of research and development to make equipment and plasma engrave corrode equipment, bedding face to accumulate indication screen equipment to wait. Inside information of technology of layer of this company management is solid, have mostly hold a post to wait for global semiconductor at applying material, LAM and Intel the experience of top-ranking enterprise.


Small semiconductor is assumed early or late in and finish the 3 plasma medium such as 65-45 accept rice, 32-22 accept rice, 22-14 accept rice satisfactorily to engrave development of corrode equipment product and industrialization. Primo D-RIE of quarter corrode equipment can use the plasma of company own research and development at machining silicon of oxidation of 64/45/28 accept rice, nitrogen to turn the dielectric material such as silicon, medium engraves corrode equipment Primo AD-RIE to be able to be used at 22nm and treatment of the following chip, already all entered country advanced produce a line. The medium of small semiconductor engraved corrode machine to had finished the production of 5nm in.


Brilliant fills Electromechanical


Brilliant fills Electromechanical is a major pursues research and development of equipment of semiconductor, smooth hot season and company of production new and high technology, it is the crystal silicon with domestic banner technology grows equipment supplier. This company is dedicated the research and development that at having the crystal silicon of own brand to grow equipment reachs his to control a system, make and sell, develop early or late those who own completely own intellectual property is straight help style full automatic crystal grows product of furnace of much brilliant of furnace, ingot casting.


This company base oneself upon raises photoelectricity to change efficiency at “ , reduce generate electricity the course of technology of smooth hot season of cost ” , realized silicon crystal to grow “ is full automatic, high-powered, efficient, feebleminded home of bad news ” the technical advantage with banner, advanced international. Full automatic product of series of single crystal furnace and JSH800 gas is frigorific product of much brilliant furnace is judged to be national emphasis new product by 4 ministries and commissions respectively. At the same time equipment of catenary of industry of active Xiang Guangfu has the company outspread, be developed successfully 2015 and sold club of new generation single crystal to cut grind marvellous guillotine of machine of compound an organic whole, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon piece machine of abrade an organic whole, polycrystalline silicon piece a variety of intelligence such as guillotine are masked fully, and distribution is efficient equipment of batteries of smooth hot season and the research and development that package equips.


The crystal of this company grows equipment especially monocrystalline silicon grows furnace sale topological features is nicer, the technical course that basically is single crystal smooth hot season is obtained approbate, produce as the enlarge of downstream manufacturer, the permeability of single crystal also promotes stage by stage, bring pair of monocrystalline silicon to grow the demand of furnace increases, 81% what income of this kinds of product has taken business income.


This company advocate the ascendant development that business Wu accompanies industry of domestic smooth dog days, to advocate business Wu income and profit bring remarkable growth, increase rate of nearly two years all is in 80% above, additional, level of its wool interest rate and level of net interest rate maintain stability basically also.


Shanghai microelectronics


Limited company of Shanghai microelectronics equipment held water 2002, the research and development of umbriferous photoetching machine that basically devotes oneself to large-scale industry production, production, sale and service, this company product can apply extensively at IC to make with advanced enclose, the production domain such as MEMS, TSV/3D, TFT-OLED.


This company main product includes:


IC of the path before — of series of machine of 600 scanning photoetching is made


Be based on technology of advanced platform of scanning photoetching machine, offer IC of the path before enclothing to make 90nm node above mass production is needed, the ArF that includes the requirement of different resolution node such as 90nm, 130nm and 280nm, KrF and I-line pace enter scanning umbriferous photoetching machine. Machine of this series photoetching but compatible 200mm and 300mm silicon chip.


500 paces enter IC of the path after — of photoetching machine series, MEMS to make


Be based on advanced Bu Jinguang to engrave machine platform technology, offer IC of the path after enclothing to enclose, the situation that MEMS/NEMS creates takes umbriferous photoetching chance. Machine of this series photoetching uses the Ghi line of high power mercuric lamp to regard exposure as illuminant, its chase a focus advancedly to move smooth technology to be opposite thin glue and thick mucus craft, and TSV-3D structure have good self-reacting sex, the image intelligence that has patent through collecting appliance identifies a technology, need not design special alignment mark technically. This series equipment is had cover a series of good points such as quarter precision and tall productivity high resolution, high, can satisfy an user high-powered to equipment, high reliability, low use cost (the manufacturing demand of COO) .


—AM-OLED of series of 200 photoetching machine shows screen is made


Umbriferous photoetching machine introduces 200 series integratedly advanced Bu Jinguang engraves machine platform technology and technology of platform of scanning photoetching machine, acting AM-OLED of special Yu Xinyi shows the TFT circuit of screen to make. Machine of this series photoetching can be used at substrate dimension to be 200mm not only×The line of technology research and development of 200mm, also can use at substrate dimension to be G2.5(370mm×470mm) and G4.5(730mm×The AM-OLED of 920mm) shows screen volume produces a line.


Class of chip of —— of series of opportunity of exposure of silicon chip brim encloses craft application


The aircraft of exposure of silicon chip brim that SMEE develops offerred contented chip class to enclose the capacity that undertakes to silicon chip brim glue is handled going in craft, equipment can ask to configure form of interface of stock of brim exposure width, silicon chip, exposure to be versed in according to the client wait for different form. At the same time compatible 150mm, 200mm mixes equipment the silicon chip of 3 kinds of different specifications such as 300mm, brim exposure precision can arrive at 0.1mm. Plant layout high power light source, have intensity of illumination of taller silicon chip face, raised equipment yield.


To pure science and technology


Held water 2000 to pure science and technology, the enterprise of advanced manufacturing industry that basically waits for an industry for medicine of electron, biology and food drink is offerred high pure the integral solution of machining complex, the product is high pure technological equipment and what comprise with equipment is high pure machining complex, enclothe design, treatment to make, installation and project of form a complete set, detect, the appreciation such as mandatory, demarcate and care and maintenance serves factory Wu.


This company makes an appointment with half income to come from medicine in the product before 2016 kind industry, industry of smooth hot season, LED and semiconductor industry income are occupied smaller. Since 2016, the company seizes the development opportunity of semiconductor industry, the its product sale in semiconductor domain occupies escalate than, 2016 and came from semiconductor domain income to occupy proportion of company business income to be respectively 2017 50% with 57% , hold half of country of company business income. Rinsing equipment of main attack semiconductor.


This company began to start 2015 wet tooling research and development, established academician workstation 2016, the semiconductor that established independence 2017 is wet career ministry comes small semiconductor, had formed Ultro at present


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