Beijing of to the limit of one’s capacity of 5G chip next year yuan electric silicon case is grabbed eat test flat bread

As 5G new radio frequency (New Radio, NR) establish of abutment face standard is worn in sky, the development phase that the development of 5G has made progress to reach terminal operation unit to station of modem and radio frequency chip, base. Business was entered to use 2019 to grab, include to be connected high, division of hair of Intel, couplet, SamSung, sea considers the development that waits to all throw huge fund and manpower to accelerate 5G chip, anticipate next year attestation of achievable first half of the year client enters a quantity to produce.

Because 5G is group net means or used frequency no matter paragraph more complex than 4G LTE a lot of, add 5G to be divided again for low frequency paragraph Sub-6GHz and metric wave of high frequency Duan Hao (MmWave) two big main trends, chip design difficulty soars and the function is more complex, radio frequency and test of mixture question mark are become ensure 5G chip whether what run normally is important make Cheng, legal person values Beijing yuan report and silicon case will be direct and indebted, be expected to take chip of 5G of international big plant to check large sheet.

In fact, because 5G chip assists millimeter wave character, blended in beam figuration (Beamforming) reach large-scale multiple input multiple output (Massive MIMO) wait for main technique, and on the framework because use 4G / 5G to combine group net, introduce double concatenate (Dual Connectivity) the wireless resource that the technology ensures equipment can use two base station at the same time, what also deepened 5G chip test is complex degree.

Attack business chance of 5G huge market to grab, upriver chip plant already rolled out the modem chip that supports 5G technology in succession, include to connect Snapdragon X50, couplet high to send series of Exynos Modem 5000 of series of XMM 8000 of division Helio M70, Intel, SamSung, sea to think of Balong 5000 series to wait. In light of the plan with each, predicting next year undertakes the client sends appearance attestation first half of the year, next year second half of the year enters a quantity to produce shipment level.

Will look from this, shipment of 5G chip next year is progressively to the limit of one’s capacity, the brilliant circle acting plant that puts delay pressure to be faced with smartphone market to grow and measure a yard for, will be whether break out of an encirclement and the significant campaign that give. Legal person expresses, the market checked a few years to obtain main city to take the capital of rate in 4G LTE chip and module in the past yuan report and silicon case, the 5G chip that is expected to take international big plant again continuously checks order, also can obtain at the same time include filter (Filters) , low noise amplifier (LNA) , aerial is exchanged implement (Switch) , power amplifier (PA) wait for module to check order.

Legal person values Beijing yuan report tests the market in 5G chip indebted the biggest, be expected to obtain Intel, sea to think of, the chip of couplet hair division checks order, the chip that anticipates silicon case also is expected to divide division of the hair that feed couplet and sea to think of checks flat bread.

5G chip

Beijing yuan amalgamative in October battalion receives report year add 6 % to amount to 1.805 billion yuan (new station money, similarly hereinafter) , amalgamative battalion receives before 10 months sixteen billion nine hundred and forty-seven million yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew last year 2.2 % . the four seasons will drive quarterly battalion to receive add to achieve the history after amalgamative Dong Lin new tall, and value 5G chip to check order next year progressively to the limit of one’s capacity and Dong Lin transition are successful, annual battalion closes be expected relatively grow this year about 2 into.

Amalgamative in October battalion receives silicon check year add 4.3 % to amount to 787 million yuan, amalgamative battalion receives before 10 months 8.123 billion yuan, relatively the corresponding period grew last year 54.3 % . Carry of battalion of the four seasons enters silicon case off-season, but annual battalion closes will achieve the history new tall, to next year battalion carry behaves actor to hold optimistic view at still be being held in the arms this year.


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