Be ruthless? Connect high: New fund IPhone also will include the list that ban carry out

On December 20 message, one of American chip tycoons of the patent that connects company and apple high contend for recrudesce billows, before this the ground is high in leading to what the litigant place that intermediate court offers Chinese Fuzhou executes to ban carry out to make, IPhone 6S, IPhone 6S Plus, IPhone 7, IPhone 7 Plus, IPhone 8, IPhone 8 Plus and IPhone X in all 7 type were included the list that ban carry out. And the near future is connected high apply for to the court again, seek what enlarge a ban further to cover range, include the IPhone XS that the apple rolled out in September this year among them, XR And XS Max.

Be ruthless? Connect high: New fund IPhone also will include the list that ban carry out

What apple of it is reported is suspected of embezzlement is tall connect patent to include to make consumer can be adjusted with the size that sets a picture again and exterior, and browse on the mobile phone, when search and exiting application, undertake administrative through feeling screen correspondence to use. And the kind that the means that malic company intention upgrades through the system avoids a ban drew the dissatisfaction that knows high, in the meantime, the 4 apples subsidiary that prohibits carry out to make is placed in Fuzhou court, only a company agrees with a court decision to sign, 3 neither self-identity bans the others carry out makes content, still be banned to make work in sale in storefront type, not only such, malic government website also is like as one used to do average sale bans a mobile phone.

This action is more exasperate Gao Tongfang, this Cigaotong had put forward to be carried out compulsively to the court ban carry out to make, ask the court undertakes checking to newest type of the apple, look to whether have be suspected of embezzlement connecting patent high, the patent war between both looks had not ended far.

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