AMD CTO: Rub Er law is putting delay, processor function promotion is more and more difficult!

Recently, AMD company CTO Mark Papermaste expresses when accepting foreign media to interview: “ rub Er law is putting delay, and semiconductor technology is becoming more costly, we do not have a law to get in that way frequency promotes ” past. He still mentions 7nm craft to upgrade to also can bring more more smooth covers, impedance and parasitism issue.



This lunar the middle ten days of a month, AMD released the CPU of 7nm of framework of on the world first X86 and GPU, those who use is Zen 2 framework, announce Zen3 framework and 7nm craft are in steadily in advancing. Mark Papermaster states in interview 7nm EUV craft is main is can the promotion of effect respect, equipment performance promotion is measurable only.

It is reported, what the 7nm processor that the AMD before this releases this month and GPU use is a 7nm workmanship that accumulates report. And what the data shows 7nm EUV is changed is technological process only, transistor density promotes again 20% , power comsumption is reduced 10% , the promotion of function is not apparent also. This also evidence the view of Mark Papermaster.

According to the view of AMD government, arrive from 14nm 7nm, brought only the function of 25% promotes or the power comsumption of 50% is reduced, this had proved rub Er puts delay mensurably, perhaps saying is invalidation. And the bottleneck that 7nm also will face a performance again, the function promotion after this is more and more difficult, we can place a hope only at power comsumption reduce.

Accordingly we are understandable also be in for Mark Papermaste make oblique references, admonish does the function promotion that doesn’t the user want pair of Zen3 cherish too big hope?

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