Actual strength casting is honorary Bei Nengguo border is obtained again ” Microchip China area generation manages ” special honour

Microchip company announced on September 5, 2018, be based on Bei Nengguo border the outstanding contribution that limited company serves a level to create value for the client with high additional cost in Chinese market, award area of China of “ of Bei Nengguo border prize of ” of generation manage again, the collaboration of much to future territory upgrades put forward to expect and be looked into.

[good news] border behead obtains Bei Nengguo " cent of brand of 10 big optimal China sells business "

Microchip to Bei Nengguo border 2017 year are in odd a machine, mixture signal, simulator and showed the breakthrough growth that puts patent solution to wait for product domain to offer sufficient affirmation, operation of much to Bei Nengguo border channel, multidimensional the cent that spends innovation sells service ability to express admiration. This one drive will drive Bei Nengguo border to sell a service with the cent of diversification continuously, product of Microchip of experience of acme of the client that help strength is outstanding function.

Cooperate first from 2001 begin, bei Nengguo border pursues same strategy objective jointly with Microchip and struggle. Regard Microchip China as area most one of partners of core, bei Nengguo border devotes oneself to to cooperate wholeheartedly all the time, transfer the banner application of Microchip world-class and technology the client, reduce the client’s risk with first-rate parts of an apparatus, value and support and shorten of client product appear on the market time.

Vise general manager of market of Bei Nengguo border Mr Joe Yeung expresses, “ we are honoured to be able to be deepened very much with the collaboration of Microchip concerns and expect new money year collaboration upgrades. Progress only more than pace, future, shellfish can group will still indefatigable effort, with enough technology reserve focusing is optimized at client design, use Microchip revolutionary embedded the solution drives an industry to upgrade development. ”

As we have learned, after Microchip is executed oneself and buying the strategy, ceaseless and patulous product is combined and the plan passes integral system solution, make what suit a client more is embedded system. Bei Nengguo border will cooperate Microchip actively the market target of outstanding operation, scrupulously abide by the concept that is a center with the client jointly, the supplier of integral system solution that increases investment of research and development to be dedicated to becoming a client jointly, integrated and extensive solution product is combined, supportive client achieves growth through innovation method, reduce systematic totle drilling cost and shorten appear on the market time.

Bei Nengguo border is built oneself, get deep love of manufacturer of Microchip etc semiconductor device and support greatly, already became the main partner of enterprise of domestic numerous electron and IC design manufacturer at present. 2017, bei Nengguo border already hand in hand parent company Fujian farsighted can Inc. of science and technology (stock code 603933) appears on the market successfully, initiate career new page.

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