Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering does brave: Of chip contend for be material

New materialIt is manufacturing industry and the premise that weaponry high quality develops. In last few years, development of science and technology of our country material is rapid, but industrialization of high level material remains to develop further, the technical camp of high-end material appears with each passing day. The academy of advanced technique of Shenzhen of Chinese Academy of Sciences that ” held recently is advanced electronic material institute (chip) establish the ceremonially that uncover a shop sign, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering appeals when problem of ” of neck of card of “ of refer of Gan Yong of former assistant dean, the researcher should take the lead in breaking through on material problem.

New material

Gan Yong says, capacity of integrated circuit manufacturing industry is insufficient, lacking core skill is the main problem that our country faces at present. Our country server sold about 2.55 million 2017, among them 98% above are X86 server, although China for, the homebred manufacturer such as dawn was held main and overall portion, but the 85% above of hardware cost of material come from foreign supplier. On one hand technical be enslaved to be enslaved to person, on the other hand overall firm gross profit is extremely small, the supplier such as processor, memory earned profit of high specified number. Although homebred CPU is achieved or be close to international advanced level, but craft relatively international is advanced horizontal difference is bigger.

His the topic of conversation turns say, of “ chip contend for be material, block the breakthrough extremely urgent of neck ’ material to ‘ ! ”

According to introducing, the institute of advanced electron material that established that day will assume Shenzhen the construction of academy of innovation of international of advanced electron material. Fan Jianping of adviser of doctoral student of college of dean of academy of advanced technique of Shenzhen of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences discloses, institute of advanced electron material will be engine with 5G communication development, with artificial intelligence, high end communication and application of content couplet net are Shuang Yi, undertake tackling key problem around the research of advanced electron material and industrialization, the crucial electron material that key layout 5G corresponds.

Come from Shenzhen of Chinese Academy of Sciences the information of advanced courtyard shows, institute of advanced electron material will be set heat management and medicinal powder round class of hot data research center, brilliant encloses crucial data research center, before look up sex research center in all 3 research centers, and chip class encloses imitate of parts of an apparatus of lab of material of lab of crucial material lab, electromagnetism screen material, medium, material to emulate lab in all 4 lab. This strategy coachs You Ganyong of advisory committee director is held the position of.

Gan Yong says, future needs to pay close attention to the following domain mainly, include silicon and silicon radical material, photoelectron equipment and compositive, development broadband communication and new-style network. Look in him, our country already entered the later period in industrialization, face high quality to expand demand, data base props up the problem with insufficient action to be shown increasingly, be equivalent to the house of ground upper cover in others without data core technology, also can’t bear biff greatly again.


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