660 million dollar buys Cisco Luxtera of optical chip manufacturer

It is reported, cisco company announces the cash with 660 million dollar and equity award buys Luxtera of California semiconductor company.

Be in early on December 12, the message comes out Cisco is negotiating buy Luxtera of optical chip manufacturer.

Occupy personage of know the inside story to disclose at that time, buy final price to have not decide, but this trades may make the value of Luxtera amounts to several dollars. The message still discloses, buy in this trade in contest mark, cisco was beaten include Intel and Broadcom inside other company.

Luxtera developed silicon photon technology, encode of this kind of technology general is changed into into the information of photon fiber-optic and direct in transmitting semiconductor, accelerated data to transmit speed greatly. Cisco expresses, the chip technology with advanced Luxtera, help Cisco contented business client is opposite the demand that serves with high-powered network quickly.

Cisco says in a statement: The distributed cloud computation with burgeoning “ , mobile sex and content couplet net apply, driving firm client to grow day and day to the demand of bandwidth. Change character, show exponential level growth to the demand of the network, need the couplet net technology of new era, this is the main reason that we want to buy Luxtera. ”

Cisco and Luxtera predict now, this trades will at Cisco 2019 money year the 3rd quarter is finished.

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