3D is enclosed / GPU/CPU framework all shows market of develop of force of strategy of Intel6 big field

Intel (Intel) was held a few days ago ” framework day ” (activity of Architecture Day 2018) , besides be based on system of 10 Nai rice at diversity is being shown in the meeting, use at PC, besides the solution of data center and network, more announce prospective general focusing in the meeting the technology at 6 engineerings field is politic, it is respectively advanced make Cheng and enclose, the new framework that quickens AI and plot, super- interconnection of chip of network of fast memory technology, tall bandwidth, embedded safe function, and unified / simplify process designing; Period can be through these technologies more the operation times of diversity lays a foundation, the innovation of aggrandizement Intel and market lead strength, enlarge potential market business chance.


Raja Kodur of as senior as visual computation vice president represents Intel core, operation technology produced tremendous change in going 10 years, the career that data makes keeps accelerating, can see future consequently the huge demand to operation, make these operation frameworks fast develop and the means with the index is outspread. And this company is having bold project to wish scene, expectation can be everybody 5 years to provide the data of the operation of 10 Petaflops and 10 PB inside 10 millisecond in future, and technology of field of this 6 big projects will be the key that achieves this one goal.

The Intel in the meeting also says in the light of a few window technology undertakes demonstrative, it is brand-new above all 3D encloses a technology ” Foveros ” . Afterwards was rolled out 2018 embedded much chip interrelates the bridge is received (after EMIB)2D encloses a technology, intel also is at releasing a name this year ” Foveros ” brand-new 3D encloses a technology, its have the advantage of 3D stack, can realize logic to logic (the conformity of Logic-on-logic) .

It is reported, foveros but chip stack the layer of passive silicon intermediary from the tradition (Passive Interposer) and stack memory expand tall efficiency is logistic, be like CPU, plot and AI processor, the device that makes Cheng technology to combine tall efficiency, high density and chip of low power comsumption and system lay a foundation.

Because design staff,at the same time the hope can be in new unit mixes in the design and match (module of IP of technology of Mix And Match) and component of all sorts of memory and I/O, accordingly this technology provides bigger flexibility, allow to decompose the product smaller ” small chip ” (Chiplet) ; I/O, transmission circuit of SRAM and power source can build chip of park ground floor (in Base Die) , tall efficiency is logistic its get on chip criterion stack. Intel predicts will 2019 technology of use Foveros of second half of the year rolls out a series of products.

In addition, intel also revealed small framework of CPU of second for generations ” Sunny Cove ” . This framework can improve the onefold frequency efficiency of general operation task and power comsumption efficiency, include quickly AI and add the new function that waits for task of special purpose operation closely; And can reduce delay and promote high flow, offer bigger parallel to run ability, further improvement directs to data to media from game the experience that uses the field such as the program. Sunny Cove will become the server Xeon that rolls out a bit late 2019 and PC client to carry the base of Core processor.

Be worth what carry is, intel also announces to roll out in the meeting brand-new chip of plot of Gen11 integrated formula, deploy 64 to increase model executive unit, floating-point operation function exceeds 1 TFLOPS, use newest media coder and encoder. Intel also will roll out the plan of chip of first independent plot before 2020 at reiterating in the meeting, express to begin from 2019, the processor that is a foundation with 10 Nai rice will use chip of new integrated formula plot.

Besides afore-mentioned besides, intel also explains on the activity Optane technology progress, new One API software and deepness study are referenced the content such as stack. Raja Kodur points out, of operation demand grow ceaselessly, make the means that this company has no before organic meeting has a change, it is a client as us, environment of the brim and cloud operation promotes an another innovation, accumulated the technology of each differentia dissimilation, prospective aux will be able to lasts in this 6 big fields quite play action, lay a foundation for all sorts of innovation application.


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