10 big IC of Chinese designed a parvenu 2018


Integrated circuit (the application of IC) technology is very wide, the domain such as electron of car ranginging from… to… , industry, communication, computer, consumption, medical treatment can see its figure.


And United States of IC industry traceable, not only the company with a lot of well-known whole worlds comes from the United States, at the same time IC industry also is the estate with very expensive sex of a forestall. According to relevant data statistic, global chip production value exceeded 390 billion dollar 2017, the sale of close half is held by before 10 big firms, predict complete 2018 annual produce reachs 450 billion dollar.



Graph: Negotiable securities of 10 thousand couplet


These international IC are big the factory uses patent, form a protection wall, although in last few years semiconductor industry grows China quickly, but because get factor of intellectual property of be confined to, china still affects the business of international big plant without occurrence enough at present.


Nevertheless, chinese mouth much, market is big, use this dominant position, and in Beijing government energetically under Jinyuan, also had developed the large group of latent capacity, the resurgence below banner of communication of if the sea Cisco below Hua Weiqi is ability, violet smooth, resurgence is small, big the Tang Dynasty telegraphic and subordinate big Tang Bandao the enterprise such as body. These enterprises obtain technical breakthrough ceaselessly, make Chinese chip industry became a make a meteoric rise year 2018, a lot of achievement that make IC chip independently appear in the center.


10 big IC of Chinese designed new power 2018:

10, division force:

Division force past is with air conditioning the product is fixed eyes upon, what Ranggeli makes a central point this year is it begins to cut semiconductor field. Although division force past is broken through somewhat on air conditioning technology, but go up in the air conditioning chip of core, division force relies on an entrance almost, external chip purchase makes an appointment with a RMB one year 4 billion yuan. Disclose according to the personage inside course of study, division force can have enclosed him IGBT the IPM that must use for frequency conversion air conditioning, the machine inside air conditioning advocate chip also can be designed independently, establish IC company at present, main task is the chip of frequency conversion drive with high-ranking research and development and lead plane chip.


9, Kang Jia:

Kang Jia is the home appliance enterprise of an old brand, beginning to enter IC to produce owner to want an end is the core competition ability that promotes a product. Kang Jia left very great time on the research and development of AI chip this year, handling chip to cause wide attention inside course of study in the 8K image of research and development. And the IC chip domain of health beautiful dabble includes TV and IC of content couplet net, devote oneself to to reach chip to sell the end that breaks through one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight RMBs.


8, Baidu:

A lot of Internet bibcock begin layout IC chip this year, among them the AI chip that Baidu releases when July ” Kunlun ” become the whole world to fix eyes upon a focus. ” Kunlun ” it is chip of AI of complete function of the first high in the clouds of Chinese, it is the AI chip with highest ability of the operation inside course of study, its operation ability promotes nearly 30 times than the AI accelerator function of newest FPGA. According to understanding, baidu AI chip comes to the means that cooperates with opening zoology to drive, equipment of front intelligence car, intelligence, the applied setting such as speech image strides, satisfy the development requirement of partner and client.


7, Alibaba:

A invests a lot of chip industries since Libaba is long-term, if science and technology of The Cambrian, deep ancient bronze mirror, culmination is small,wait for well-known company. Alibaba begins chip of own research and development this year, april, a Lida rub the courtyard announces Ali-NPU of chip of network of nerve of own research and development, chip will be applied at image video the AI such as analysis, machine study is calculated. When September, announce to establish the limited company of semiconductor of crop elder brother of an independence, this company will be amounted to rub the culmination small conformity that the courtyard buys in business of chip of own research and development and A is together, urge the chip position of unifinication of high in the clouds. In addition, alibaba still will be hit into CPU IP Core, this is to belong to the whole world most the technology of core, only at present the group of the can be counted on one’s fingers such as ARM, AMD, IBM has relevant technology.


6, Yun Zhisheng:

Yun Zhisheng is China’s famous speech technology firm. This year in May, yun Zhisheng rolls out UniOne of chip of AI of net of couplet of the first content. Back-to-back move is in in September, republication the first AIoT chip ” swift ” , it basically is the solution that is aimed at intelligent sound box and intelligent family. And the personage inside course of study discloses, yun Zhisheng begins to cut IC chip is to quicken the progress of speech technology, quicken the application of speech product and promotion.


5, China rice science and technology:

China rice science and technology is the concern company of millet, its released an AI chip this year in September – ” Huang Shan ” , this is the whole world can apparel chip of the first AI in the market. ” Huang Shan ” have high-powered, low power comsumption, volume small, easily custom-built change, mix openly, freely patulous wait for characteristic. At present chip can have been measured smoothly produce, anticipate next year will apply in the product of China rice.


4, Fuji health:

Grass-roots to Fuji health impression is acting labour bibcock, but this year Fuji health begin layout semiconductor domain. Fuji of health investment semiconductor advocate because depend on industrial Internet planning, mature gradually in robot development at the same time under, the importance of industrial chip not Yan Keyu. This year in November, fuji health investment RMB 2 billion yuan semiconductor project reposes at Nanjing, predict 2019 put into production of the complete before the end of the year, this project will make the intelligence that with semiconductor high-ranking equipment gives priority to make industrial garden division, business covers semiconductor high-ranking equipment, intelligence is made, overall reach 0 component research and development to produce.


3, Jia Nanyun wisdom:

Jia Nanyun wisdom for famous the enterprise of domain of the machine that dig mine. This year August, jia Nanyun wisdom announce its the 7nm chip of own research and development. This chip has the banner operation density inside course of study, lower cost, bigger yield can, the advantage such as rate of low power comsumption, high temperature resistant, Gao Liang. The technology that this 7nm chip involves even if is not a tip, opposite after all at general chip, the design of ASIC chip and difficulty of production of research and development are smaller. Regard a start as the enterprise nevertheless, can measure successfully in the time of 18 months produce first 7nm chip, also reflect the RD potential that gives this company.


2, bit mainland:

It is the enterprise that belongs to domain of the machine that dig mine likewise, bit mainland issues chip of AI of the 2nd acting high in the clouds and terminal AI at issueing a standard October this year coprocessor. Bit mainland sent big money with bit money in the past, but as bit currency value time drop, bit mainland begins to change centre of gravity to chip, the layout that it is AI prepares. Mainland of near future bit always invests the research project that the RMB establishs AI chip 500 million yuan in Nanjing river north.


One, Biyadi:

Biyadi is the leader group of car of Chinese new energy resources. Biyadi throws IC chip to design, result from its ambition in car domain, as the development of car electron and car of new energy resources, the value of car chip is greater and greater, change chip of car plan step to will make the field of first breakthrough independently. The near future it is held in Ning Bo ” IGBT is dynamoelectric Chinese core ” the core technology that gives priority to a problem is analytic in the meeting, release brand-new — of product of sex of surveyor’s pole of IGBT of step of generation car plan Biyadi IGBT 4.0. According to understanding, this product will break Biyadi foreign hold the market, the new page that semiconductor of power of step of open car plan turns independently.



Semiconductor is the industry of national level strategy that Chinese government gives aid to energetically in last few years, show this remote to close Chinese state security and tomorrow long-term development. It is not easy to because want to be designed in high-ranking IC,live in the industry, especially the enterprise of Euramerican day provides clear advantage to fall in talent respect, chinese enterprise wants to break through tight encirclement to be not kick but a few.


Market personage is analysed, chinese semiconductor in recent years although already had not little progress, but the international big plant that is dominant with the United States already held global semiconductor in fact wisdom big country of market of right of property, china is about to develop semiconductor and overtake international top-ranking big plant, be afraid still is to have a paragraph of not little space.



Graph: Negotiable securities of 10 thousand couplet. Chinese semiconductor production value.

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