Xilinx expands functional security to AI class parts of an apparatus

Exida issues letter of IEC 61508 norms for series of high-powered Zynq UltraScale+

On November 21, 2018, chinese Beijing — suits oneself and intelligent calculative whole world precedes company of enterprise Sai Lingsai (Xilinx, inc. , (NASDAQ: XLNX)) announces today, according to standard of safety of IEC 61508 function, its Zynq®UltraScale+™The Exida of orgnaization of functional security attestation with banner industry of MPSoC series classics is evaluated, had achieved hardware breakdown abundant to spend (HFT) 1 kind, safe integrality grade (SIL) 3 class. Evaluate this mean product developer to be able to handle Sai Lingsai function the product of series of odd chip MPSoC with rich, compositive height, for artificial intelligence (form of the safe key such as AI) application builds new-style high-powered system, can make sure attestation of security of IEC 61508 function achieves 3 (SIL 3) of safe integrality grade.

Yousef Khalilollahi of perpendicular mart vice president represents Sai Lingsai core: The system that “ is based on AI must be safe system. Today’s issuance revealed Sailingsai to be in not only the leadership position of domain of this one new-style parts of an apparatus, and the property that promoted AI the system further and flexibility. Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC has mixed security when the design confidential sex is put into consideration limits, because this makes,its make net of couplet of supportive industry other people or industry the ideal framework of 4 platform and prospective number acting car, aviation and AI system. ”

Independent orgnaization is a of solution of product of security of Sai Lingsai function important milestone to the assessment of series of Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC. This achievement is based on series of ARM SoC – Zynq-7000 of commercial of industry head money, accord with functional security place completely to need piece go up to ask redundantly (HFT=1) . Series of these two parts of an apparatus all used Sailingsai to be on the odd chip that has hardware to protect a mechanism the technology that implements isolating function region, founded with piece on redundant (the place with HFT=1) consistent photograph needs function of hardware fault tolerance. In addition, developer still can be applied embedded FPGA framework promotes property, surpass traditional software system level, answer what realize safe key system to ask generally thereby quickly time and low when delay. Sai Lingsai still rolled out the safety that accords with standard of ISO 26262 ASIL C to increase model car class XA Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC.

Add the Vivado that the near future supports TÜV Süd®The design is covered IEC 61508 safe attestation, and the faces additional soft processor MicroBlaze that supports SGS-TÜV Saar™Compile implement IEC 61508 attestation, sai Lingsai can offer the complete ecosystem that is based on dovish design technological process for the client now, include to support documentation among them, evaluate report and IP, can utmost ground reduces client risk. In addition, the establishs security of odd chip parts of an apparatus and function of design technological process method that security of 4 big functions evaluates an orgnaization to already expressed to accept Sailingsai at present.

Buy contest spirit to think of zone of online function security to visit authority, developer can get the tool that supports design of the safe key with compositive height system and resource. Newer, tool sheds the visit limits of authority that specific prerogative contains safe manual of Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, parts of an apparatus and framework, include prospective report and evaluated documentation.

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