Who can master SiC skill, can lead semiconductor industry development

A few days ago, ying Feiling announces German big plant, already bought a newly established company that the name is Siltectra, an innovation technology (ColdSpilt) also income in bursa. ” of “ cold cut is craft of a kind of efficient crystal material treatment, can fall material loss lowest. Ying Feiling will use this technology at carborundum (SiC) on the cut of brilliant circle, let sheet thereby piece the chip amount that brilliant circle can produce breaks up time. Market of carborundum of farther raise the quota.


Be in some earlier moment, CEO of meaning law semiconductor is accepting the media such as semiconductor industry observation to interview also speak of, the carborundum product of this company already realized batch shipment, year shipment amount can break through 100 million dollars this year, the market is had rate be as high as 90% ; X—Fab also claims to will enlarge the production of brilliant circle; Japanese collect Mu also announced this year in April, will cast in the factory after its Fu Gang is built build new factory building, augment carborundum is produced can.


The message of many sided proves, carborundum big fight on the verge of breaking out.


Demand of SiC power parts of an apparatus soars


According to Semiconductor Engineering report, siC is a kind of compound semiconductor material that is based on silicon and carbon. In pull current Cheng, special SiC underlay is come out by development, undertake machining in brilliant round factory next, get is based on the power semiconductor of SiC. A lot of power semiconductor that are based on SiC and competitive technology are special transistor, they can issue the electric current of switch parts of an apparatus in tall voltage. They are used at domain of electric power electron, can realize the changeover of the electric power in the system and control.


Profit from its are perpendicular framework, because of this photograph relatively change gallium and silicon at nitrogen, carborundum can bear taller voltage, can apply to the applied market of 1000V above. With silicon character, at present much application of silicon radical MOSFET is under 1000V, make an appointment with 600~900V between, if exceed 1000V, its chip bulk (Chip Size) can become very big, and capacitance of switch loss, parasitism can follow promotion, additionally the price also can rise greatly, because this is unweller,use at the application of 1000V above. And SiC shows itself because of its broadband unoccupied place technology. And with the tradition photograph of silicon radical parts of an apparatus is compared, the puncture field of SiC is strong it is 10 times of silicon radical parts of an apparatus more traditional more, coefficient of thermal conductivity is 3 times of silicon radical parts of an apparatus more traditional, have extremely powerful advantage.



SiC and GaN design kind are different, compression degree also consequently somewhat difference.


Collect Mu also expresses when accepting semiconductor industry observation to interview, in power yuan in domain of parts of an apparatus, siC suffers fully as new generation material fix eyes upon, the Si photograph that uses with the tradition is compared, siC yuan implementation of parts of an apparatus is low guide switch of electrify block, high speed, high temperature works. And use SiC yuan parts of an apparatus can let equipment become smaller, power comsumption is lower. Because have tall compression, tall hear resistance, the installation below the little space that before making, cannot use and harsh environment becomes a possibility. It is with the car exemple, apply at mixing dynamical car, electric car, can reduce oily cost substantially, enlarge interior space. Use at solar energy generates electricity, power loss rate can decrease 50% , hopeful is earthly environment problem alleviate make enormous contribution. This makes parts of an apparatus of this new-style material special agree with to consume each domains such as electronic equipment in equipment of power source, car, railroad, industry, family expenses. Wait for industrial development to ask as electric car especially this year, the market soars to the demand of SiC.




Seek advice from a report according to Maimusi, the whole world will have the person that exceed 20 car line of business 2018, siC is used in OBC Xiaoteji 2 extremely body (Schottky Diodes) or SiC MOSFET; Semiconductor of prospective SiC power grows with the speed of CAGR 44% in the hopeful in OBC market to 2023. Maimusi continues to point out, future will have more and more car manufacturer can be in advocate SiC power semiconductor is used in inverter, especially Chinese car business, it is to consider to use SiC power cell in succession more in last few years, accordingly, 2017~2023 year, siC power cell is in advocate the CAGR of inverter market, be as high as 108% more possibly. This erupts with respect to what drive the market the gender makes progress.


From the data that they provide we can see, market of semiconductor of global SiC power the 302 million dollar from 2017, grow quickly to the 1.399 billion dollar 2023, year compound growing rate is amounted to 29% .



Upriver supplier intensifies layout


Face a such growing situation, the upper reaches of SiC supplies catenary manufacturer to be in active position.


Be in above all brilliant round respect, at present the whole world has 3 about only, 4 family property person (iron of Cree, Norstel, new day lives gold) the yield that can offer stability, but it seems that this domain is facing distinct change.


Get bellwether Cree respect in circle of global SiC brilliant above all, they are accelerated march to car domain.


This year in August, this company’s subordinate Wolfspeed announces, roll out use at electric car (EV) and but the E-Series of series of semiconductor device of new-style and dovish SiC of market of second birth energy. According to official introduction, the E series of Wolfspeed is the first SiC MOSFET that accord with car AEC-Q101 standard and has PPAP function and diode business use series. This product makes its are become exclusive a business that accords with high humidity and car aptitude uses SiC MOSFET and diode series product, can offer for market of current electric power the most reliable, the most anticorrosive component.


And clear of day look forward to and electrician are in recently a year many in released SiC enlarge for many times to produce statement.


Clear and electrician represent, part before this company in September 2017, announced brilliant of increase production SiC is round in January 2018, make quickness of market of chip of electric source control grow because of SiC nevertheless, carry exuberant requirement to come from a client because of answering, because this decides,undertake to SiC brilliant circle the 3rd degree increase production invests. Clear and full moon of brilliant of electrical engineering SiC are produced can just this year (2018) in April from 3, 000 rise to 5, 000 () of the 1st increase production, and will rise further in September this year to 7, 000 () of the 2nd increase production, and after undertaking the 3rd degree of increase production invests, will be in enlarge will be added in Feburary 2019 to 9, 000 level, amount to active (5, 000) 1.8 times.


In acting plant field, x-Fab announced in September this year, the plan is located in his the Texas plant of technology of 6 inches of SiC is produced can break up time, in order to satisfy the demand that the client increases increasingly to concentrated power semiconductor device. To make the capacity turns over times, plant of X-Fab heart city bought the 2nd to increase thermionic infuse chance, use at making circle of brilliant of 6 inches of SiC. Predict to be in 2019 seasonable first quarter production, with satisfying predicted near future demand.


The Lloyd Whetzel of plant of X-Fab heart city says: “ as SiC gain ground increasingly, we are early clear, increasing ionic infuse capacity is the key that makes a success what we go up in SiC market continuously. But the first pace that this is the total capital plan that we improve in the light of specific SiC workmanship only. This reflected X-Fab to be opposite the acceptance of SiC industry, maintain us to cast the leadership position in business in SiC. ”


Han Lei is in the brilliant circle acting factory that comes from area of our country Taiwan to also announced this year in August, the decision enlarges carborundum (SiC) produce can, resolution of board of directors opens up endowment 340 million yuan build place product line of 6 SiC, for Taiwan area the first takes the lead in enlarge adds SiC to produce can acting factory, second half of the year of predicting next year can spread out try produce. As we have learned, han Lei already built 4 SiC to make Cheng Yue produce at present can make an appointment with 1500, predict to will have SiC of instead of product line of part of round plant of 6 brilliant to make Cheng product line, first make Cheng be built, carry in order to satisfy a car, labour charges the client such as the product driving demand, because the SiC price of 6 amounts to 4000 dollars (about 120 thousand money) , estimation should yield every months only 2000 go to 3000, drive battalion to close to be expected to increase 2, 300 million yuan of above.


Homebred respect, also have player itch to try.


Show according to publishing a material, this year in May, electron of core of Shanghai look up claims, the first when they make homebred 6 inches of carborundum (SiC) MOSFET brilliant circle comes out formally. According to introducing, this company faced city of harbor science and technology to be registered formally in Shanghai on July 17, 2017 hold water; In October 2017 the first ten days of a month completes technological process, parts of an apparatus and domain design, arrived in October between December complete preliminary craft test; And begin from December 2017 flow formally piece, in short less than a variety of difficulty are overcome inside 5 months, carborundum is finished on the product line of 6 inches of craft that produces successfully in a mature quantity (SiC) the production flow of MOSFET. Test of brilliant round class makes clear as a result, each electricity parameter is achieved anticipate, laid solid foundation to finish what craft and parts of an apparatus design to optimize further.


And the Beijing nature that established 2006 Kegeda more professing is production forerunner of production of chip of Asia-Pacific area carborundum.


According to the introduction of their government website, beijing day the industrialization that Kegeda realizes carborundum crystal first in home, broke abroad’s long-term technology block and monopoly, to home batch of orgnaization of more than 60 scientific research supplies chip (include C of half insulation, electric, edge axis and slant angle) , promoted the relevant basic research such as carborundum extension, parts of an apparatus, drive south car group many 20 (include new 5 when hold water) the enterprise enters downstream extension, parts of an apparatus and module industry, complete industrial chain was formed in home, promoted the development of industry of semiconductor of our country broad forbidden band.


Vasting to be become every day is home another dedicated the company of Sino-US and joint-stock new and high technology at carborundum extension chip. According to the report of Digtimes, rely on the group of technology of top research and development that forms jointly by the mainland, beautiful, day. Since the company holds water from 2011, had formed 3 inches 4 inches and product line of 6 inches chip of extension of complete carborundum semiconductor, satisfy the demand that parts of an apparatus of 600V, 1200V, 1700V makes. The company is the first provider industry of domestic changes extension of 6 inches of carborundum more piece supplier. The company is to predict this year the end of the year is finished more 2 period the land construction of workshop, release stage by stage first half of the year in next year produce newly can. 2 period extend anticipates implementation is decuple produce can growth, amount to produce year can come true annual 300 thousand yield can target.


These domestic and international upper reaches manufacturers are driving the further progress of SiC industry.



Of downstream chip plant contend for compete for


To grasp the opportunity that is about to erupt better, downstream chip plant also raises the price of the commodities card.


It is with Ying Feiling exemple, this year in Feburary, joint-stock company of Ying Feiling science and technology and division acute company sign a carborundum (SiC) brilliant circle offers goods strategy agreement for a long time. According to Ying Feiling presiding apparitor Reinhard Ploss points out: We are opposite “ the understanding long-standing of division acute company, it is a powerful and reliable partner, good reputation is enjoyed in industry. Offer goods agreement for a long time by right of circle of this carborundum brilliant, we can enhance oneself to increase the dominant position of the domain in the strategy such as car and industrial power control, create greater value for the client thereby. ” this is to assure the Ying Feiling strong support before SiC batch shipment.


As to the Siltectra that bought a few days ago, it is a decision that Ying Feiling makes to offer SiC chip yield. According to introducing, the Cold Split that this company develops can handle crystal material effectively, can reduce material loss considerably. Ying Feiling will use technology of this Cold Split to break up carborundum (SiC) brilliant is round, make brilliant circle yields times doubler chip amount. Reinhard Ploss of Ying Feiling’s CEO also expresses: “ is bought this hand we use new material carborundum to expand superior product is combined. We are right the innovation capacity that systematic understanding and the distinctive and professional technology in respect of thin brilliant circle will reach Siltectra with Cold Split technology supplements each other. Cold Split technology conduces to us producing SiC product with quantities of more SiC brilliant circle, expand further in second birth the sources of energy, and the utilization rate that drives SiC to use car transmission system in report. ”


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