Trade lustre electron hand in hand SugarTalk is held at Shanghai ” big player of car science and technology ” activity

—— bursts forth infinite originality crosses bound agitate consequence

On November 22, 2018 – dedicated taste the electron that promotes industry innovation newly at introducing yuan cent of parts of an apparatus sells trade lustre electron (Mouser Electronics) announces hand in hand SugarTalk of platform of communication of the science and technology below the line, will going up on November 26 hypo Temanlisaikaerdu 4 Loushen banqueting hall run the public house activity of theme of ” of big player of “ car science and technology. At the appointed time, come from related global car about a hundred professional personage of the industry will assemble in Shanghai, discuss the more possibility that the car admits jointly, chinese hand of the first racing bicycle Mr Dong Hebin also shares the spot its extremely fast athletics experience.

Current, automobile industry is experiencing major change, also will drive a car to span to environmental protection, efficiency, safety and comfortable new requirement type develops. Trade lustre electron sponsors business as the combination of this second activity, pay close attention to the development of automobile industry very much all the time, in this second activity, come from the collision of car and science and technology and confluence, it is trade lustre electron more the exceeding self-identity to consistent importunate innovation and attempt.

Market of region of Asia-Pacific of trade lustre electron and business affairs extend vice-president cropland auspicious to make the same score a lady to express: The development of “ car arrives nowadays, already had history of more than 100 years. On this hundred years turning point that receives, automobile industry catenary strengthens communication to appear between each link particularly important, in the meantime, the application of science and technology also is promoting automobile industry ceaselessly forward, bring to people drive much betterly by the experience. The semiconductor that trade lustre electron precedes as the whole world yuan cent of parts of an apparatus sells business, offer new generation product continuously all the time, be dedicated to popularizing sophisticated technology in the industry, invite car electron engineer at obtain place to need for a short while stock and inspire, in try in every time and be being improved, gather together knowledge, accumulate experience, help the development of force automobile industry better thereby. ”

Trade lustre electron has substantial product line and close client service, introduce new technology, new product actively to satisfy a design engineer and all sorts of demand that purchase personnel. Inventory of trade lustre electron has huge and new-style electron yuan parts of an apparatus, for new generation of the client design project provides support. Mouser website has a variety of advanced search tools to be able to help an user understand product inventory situation quickly not only, and the website still is being updated continuously experience with optimizing an user ceaselessly. In addition, mouser website still offers data manual, supplier information of design of specific and referenced design, applied note, technology and project use the rich material such as the tool to consult for the user.

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