To AI chip poineering company, what market does easier dimensions influence?

A chip needs shipment of dimensions of above of 1 million class to measure ability to call in cost, resemble be being connected Intel, Ying Weida, high waiting for chip tycoon is to offer standardization product to realize dimensions to change to each industry client. Although the trend of AI chip is soft hard union, but poineering company of chip of a lot of AI makes a system however now compositive business. Chip cannot produce enough battalion to close, through the system compositive project is maintained. To AI chip poineering company, what market does easy dimensions business use AI chip? Why does soft ” of “ of AI chip need arrive to plant degree?

Above all, how be prevented and drive automatically the domain often has a challenge to dispute of AI chip poineering company. Outside dividing a mobile phone, how be being prevented is setting of the clearest AI chip application, most poineering company gathers together devoted, allege all sorts of parameter are ground press traditional chip tycoon, however commercial of final be born is camera more hardware and how to prevent platform, new retail wait for software solution. If poineering company is banner without absolutely technology, odd manufacturer of traditional chip of very difficult PK is like a NPU the SoC that Haisaiji becomes NPU. And the challenge that drives automatically depends on growing cycle, and also be tycoon annulus wait, the capital of poineering company and talent actual strength whether maintain product volume to produce, this is full of very big uncertainty.

Relative to character, intelligent home house and individual intelligence equipment are better cutting enter a place. One of, this market very the fragment is changed, demand did not get generally satisfaction, have not form the tycoon player; like how be prevented secondly, this circuit is very strict to the chip power comsumption, bulk, requirement that calculates force, cost, the advantage of poineering company certain side can get developing; adequately thirdly, the amount of this circuit is quite large, every single product for example the shipment that wait measures sound box of door lock of air conditioning, freezer, intelligence, toy, intelligence to be able to achieve above of 1 million class.

If AI chip poineering company tries,all link —— such as platform of group of algorithm of model of the chip of integrated and perpendicular industry, CNN, model, terminal unit, business grinds oneself chip is unwise, the typical feature that does not accord with chip company standardizes product and dimensions to change economy namely. One of challenges that AI chip company faces are chip unit price low, offer form of standard intelligence model so (be down compositive chip and CNN algorithm) it is to balance shipment volume and battalion to close / the choice with righter profit. Chip industry all along is ” of sweep the deck of the person that “ wins, future has 2 only, 3 can change AI chip dimensions ability of commercial poineering company to survive truly come down.

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