The United States is new round of technology exports control, the burgeoning technology such as AI, processor limits export

The United States external technical exit has strict restriction, reach the army and the people in for military use especially control of existence of respect of amphibious and sensitive technology, the technical block that just faces for military use won’t affect commercial company commonly, but what the United States released last night is new block of round of technology lets not sensitive commercial technology exit also face serious restriction likely. The industry of subordinate of American Department of Commerce and security bureau (BIS) published list of burgeoning technology control last night, include computation of AI, microprocessor, quanta, biology identifying, 3D to print 14 when wait inside burgeoning technologies to be restricted to export, this list is to face public consult at present, will end on December 19, be returned finally by the technology of control unknown, but the United States adopts stricter technology to export limitation to already was become finality.

The United States is new round of technology exports control, the burgeoning technology such as AI, processor limits export

Announcing burgeoning technology this to restrict list is a basis 2019 money of American year the export control in bill of national defence authorization reforms act (the requirement of ECRA) undertakes, aim to decide and build right burgeoning the control that reachs fundamental technology. What is although ECRA does not have a definition,burgeoning technology or fundamental technology, nevertheless technology of a lot of foundations is early in limitative list of the United States, what restrict this so basically is burgeoning technology, specific list is as follows:

· biology technology

· artificial intelligence (AI) and machine study technology

· position, navigation and time (PNT) technology

· microprocessor technology

Technology of · advanced computation

· data analyses a technology

· quanta information and pass feeling technology

· content sheds a technology

· adds material to make (3D is printed)

· robot

Interface of · head machine

· excellent velocity of sound

The material with advanced ·

The monitoring technology with advanced ·

At present BIS is in with respect to opinion of community of consult of control of these 14 technologies, control of the progress that basically assesses burgeoning technology of abroad of 3 respects —— , burgeoning technology affects American development and export control to whether can control a technology effectively to diffuse, american public and company can give out personal opinion at this point, consult date date of expiration is on December 19, by a definite date a month.

Although final technical limitation returns unknown, and the restriction that the United States faces burgeoning technology this is aimed at all abroad, authority is general after nevertheless this announcement is released think ground of this action more is to be aimed at China, the United States is banning China to get the way of American advanced technique in the round, what restrict previously is sensitive for military use and the army and the people amphibious technology, now this list is the burgeoning industry such as an IT science and technology, biology science and technology, big data, AI actually in adding control in the round.

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