Technology of semiconductor of silicon Li Jie (Hangzhou) limited company

Technology of semiconductor of silicon Li Jie (Hangzhou) limited company held water in April 2008, regard the United States as Silergy Corp. Be in China founding wholy-owned subsidiary, spread all over more than 10 countries such as the United States, England, Japan, India, Korea, Kaohsiung, new north, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Qingdao, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and area.

Technology of semiconductor of silicon Li Jie (Hangzhou) limited company

Silicon Li Jie devotes oneself to high power density efficient the research and development of power source chip, imitate chip product covers: DC/DC, AC/DC, LED illume, PMU, solid state protects switch, charge electric government, intelligent ammeter, fuel measures a watch, electrostatic protection chip and light pass feeling chip to wait. The product applies extensively at consuming the equipment of subclass of report of electron, newsletter, domain such as the computer. The client includes domestic and international manufacturer of the oldest electron product, equipment.

Technology of semiconductor of silicon Li Jie (Hangzhou) limited company

Honorary aptitude:

ØPass ISO9001:2008 quality manage systematic attestation, safe production to standardize 3 class attestation

ØRestrict 1357 domestic and international patent application, 900 invent patent accredit

ØThe country is new and high technical company

ØIntegrated circuit of the key inside national program layout designs a company

ØHigh new developed area of postdoctoral workstation Hangzhou assigns a station

ØPractice of project of national Ministry of Education teachs a center

ØRedherring 2013 year Global Top 100

ØCourse of study of science and technology of Deloitte Asia-Pacific area has growing power company most 500 strong

ØOptimal market of ” of core of China of 2014 year “ behaves a product

ØSemiconductor of the 10th China innovated 2015 product award

ØCompany of advantage of intellectual property of 2016 year country

ØZhejiang saved company of characteristic of electronic information growing sex 2017

ØZhejiang saved famous firm 2018

Silicon Li Jie with becoming a client optimal associate is a mission, grasp maintain quality consummate, client the first principle, manage a concept with all-around service, arrowy annals becomes the partner that is worth reliance most, strive to be a client to realize the lifestyle of healthy environmental protection with outstanding product.

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