Stage accumulating report plans to invest 3.36 billion dollar to establish round factory of new any crystalline substance, increase production can

On November 14, according to the report, the stage accumulates report (TSMC) already approved allocate funds about 3.36 billion dollar, use at making new brilliant circle factory, advance advanced node and professional technology to upgrade and increase relevant produce can. The capital expenditure of new approval still will be used at capital of ability of expertise of translate into of capability of will certain logistic technology, research and development to invest, and 2019 the abidance first quarter capital expenditure.

In addition, board of directors of stage accumulating cable returns approval to invest 17.32 million dollar to was used 2019 additionally the renting asset first half of the year.

The stage accumulates report

This year, stage accumulating report predicts to will make the whole world company of conductor of the 4th most, be next to SamSung, Intel and SK Hailishi.

Stage accumulating report is pushed in the lead position of technical respect tall its the average battalion of every chip closes. The market studies company IC Insights expresses, 2018, the average battalion of every chip receives stage accumulating report predicting meeting reachs 1382 dollars, the Luo Fangde that compare case (Globalfoundries) 1014 dollars tower above 36% , the 715 dollars tower above that compares couplet China electron 93% .

IC Insights expresses in another report, in the company of conductor of before 15 most with lead 2018 sale, stage accumulating report is acting plant of only circle of simple any crystalline substance.


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